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Yorkstone Paving Cost Per Square Metre

It’s no secret that installing Yorkstone paving in the garden is expensive. We’ll delve into the reasons why further down, but other important factors may also influence your Yorkstone paving cost per square metre.

How Much Does Yorkstone Paving Cost Per M2?

Yorkstone paving costs between £100-£150 per square metre, not including delivery and VAT. This factors in labour costs, drainage, etc., around 50% of the total costs.

We’ve been involved with numerous Yorkstone paving installations over the years and learned that project size and labour are the most significant factors, but what else can see Yorkshire stone prices rise and are there ways to save money on the price of Yorkstone paving?

Let’s find out

What Is Yorkstone Paving?

Used for paving since medieval times, Yorkstone, or York Stone Paving as it is sometimes known, comes from the quarries in (surprise) Yorkshire.

A variety of Sandstone, it contains minerals unique to the county, including mina, clay, quartz and iron oxide resulting in its distinctive colour tones and making it one of the most premium paving options.

Is Yorkstone Good for Patios?

Yorkstone is fantastic for patio installations; it adds timeless beauty and character to any outdoor space and is exceptionally durable and permeable, making it an environmentally friendly option.

Why Yorkstone Prices Can Vary

York Stone prices vary so much because of several factors, including quality, thickness, finish and colours, whilst reclaimed hand-selected Yorkstone slab prices are determined by grade:

  • Low Grade – Although these are the cheapest option, they are still incredible quality. Sometimes known as “Mill Flags” because they are sourced from Northern Mills. They are usually between 40 – 70mm thick and are perfect for patios, paths and driveways
    Expect to pay approx £60 – £70 per m2
  • Medium Grade – These Yorkstone slabs have a riven finish and are the same thickness as lower grade options. However, their range of subtle colours and unique textures make them a popular choice for patios and paved areas.
    Expect to pay £75 – £90 per square metre
  • High Grade – Also known as cathedral grade reclaimed Yorkstone paving, this stone comes in random sizes, usually from old buildings and churches. Cathedral grade paving prices are expensive because of their rustic character and history and because this landscaping material is getting more difficult for customers to source.
    Expect to pay £85+ for cathedral-grade Yorkstone per m2.

Who's Installing the Patio?

Of course, another significant factor in your project cost is who will be laying the flagstones. You can save money by laying Yorks stone pathways, driveways and patios yourself or alternatively, you can contact a construction company for your landscaping project.

As we’ve mentioned, Yorkstone is expensive, so installing it is not a job for your area’s local handyman. You could opt for a large national company, but they will have bigger overheads and probably cost more; your best option is to go for a specialist patio installer. Talk to friends and family for recommendations, do your research and check out their portfolio of previous work.

Always get several quotes but don’t let the price sway you too much; expertise, insurance, reliability and trust are more important.

Type Of Yorkstone Finishes

Sawn Yorkstone:

Britain’s most common finish for external paving and garden projects. Cutting the flagstones with a high-speed diamond-tipped blade. This style is perfect for customers with a contemporary modern garden.

These can be purchased in packs and prices will depend on the quality, thickness and colours; remember to also take into account delivery costs.

Riven Yorkstone,

Riven York stone is ideal if you want to create a natural, authentic look in your garden. Sourced from Yorkshire quarries, these beautiful slabs are then given a textured finish.

The irregular edges whilst adding character make them more challenging to lay and you may have more wastage. This type of Yorkstone can also not be butt jointed so remember to leave a gap between the stone flags of around 10mm

Reclaimed Yorkstone

Cathedral-grade reclaimed Yorkstone paving isn’t cheap. It is typically around 2-3 inches in thickness and this much sought-after, durable reclaimed stone is sourced from old churches, public buildings, mills and factories.

No arguments about quality here, as cathedral-grade York stone has undoubtedly stood the test of time; some reclaimed Yorkstone paving has been around for thousands of years, so it will certainly add character.

However, for a large landscaping project, the price of these hand-selected stones could be astronomical once again, depending on quality, age, thickness and colours.

Yorkstone Paving Supply Cost

Depending on where you buy your Yorkstone paving will determine the cost. Some companies will include both supply and fitting in a quote, or you can purchase packs of the flagstones and then arrange for a patio installer or even do the work yourself.

Newly sawn Yorkstone slabs can be purchased for between £40-£60 per square metre, but as we’ve touched on, reclaimed stones can and, in many cases, cost a lot more.

Labour Cost - How Much To Lay Yorkstone Pavers?

Labour costs can quickly add up with the average daily rate in the UK now ranging from about £120 – £250 per day.

Larger companies usually prefer to give an overall quotation for the complete installation and we always recommend getting 2-3 quotes for comparison.

Additional Cost Factors

Not all patio installations are the same, so let’s look at some issues which may see costs escalate.

Patio drainage

One of the best things about Yorkstone is it’s permeable. This means that creating additional drainage isn’t necessary and is one cost you don’t need to worry about when installing Yorkstone patios

Manhole covers

Inserting a new utility cover on your patio will incur an extra cost. Standard ones can be picked up cheaply online; however, they are not particularly pleasing to look at. One that is inset seamlessly into your patio design can cost up to £300 to buy and install.

Patio edging

Nothing finishes a new patio off better than some neat edging, but unsurprisingly, what you choose can significantly increase the cost. Tumbled Yorkstone setts set off a driveway or patio perfectly and cost between £70-£100 to surround a 12m2 area.

Waste removal

If you need to remove any waste or a previous installation, you may require a skip. Skip costs vary massively across the UK depending on where you live, the size and how long you want to hire it for.

Expect to pay at least a couple of hundred pounds for a week in the North and up to double that in the vicinity of London.

Cost of removing a patio or garden

If you are situating your new Yorkstone patio on an existing lawn or have a previous installation to remove labour costs will increase. This, of course, depends on how long the removal takes. Removing turf may take only a few hours while removing concrete could take days.

Jointing - how will It be pointed

Yorkstone cannot be butt jointed, so you will need to decide what to use between the gaps to prevent weeds and damage to the slabs. You can expect to pay between £20 – £70 for between 10-20 kg of a decent joining compound. Alternatively, you can cut costs using a traditional cement mortar mix.

Typical Yorkstone Patio Cost

Below you will find an approximate guide to the cost to lay a Yorkstone patio

Patio Paving Stone
Install Price per m2
Concrete Flags
£60 – £65
£75 – £80
£75 – £85
Granite Patio
£75 – £85
£85 – £90
£80 – £100

What Colour Is Yorkstone Paving?

Yorkstone paving only comes in two colours, buff and grey. However, the denseness of the minerals, especially the iron oxides, can dramatically alter the shades and tones of this stone

Comparison - How Much Does The Average Patio Cost?

Depending on what you use to create your patio, costs can vary. A 10m2 concrete patio can cost as little as £300 if you install it yourself; however, with labour, this size terrace would be around £800-£1000. The equivalent in Yorkstone could cost anything from around £1200 to £1600.

Alternative Patio Costs

Patio Paving Stone
Install Price per m2
Concrete Flags
£60 – £65
£75 – £80
£75 – £85
Granite Patio
£75 – £85
£85 – £90
£80 – £100

Stockists: Find Yorkstone Suppliers Near You

There are plenty of companies in Yorkshire selling York stone paving straight from the quarries. However, some larger DIY stores also sell packs of Yorkstone slabs.


Marshalls supply a range of paving options for both commercial and domestic use and their Scoutmoor Yorkstone paving features in many cities and towns across the UK including Trafalgar Square. It comes in shades of blue-grey to brown and is available in 3 different finishes. Buying direct from the supplier means you can request bespoke quotations.


Wickes does sell Marshalls Heritage Riven Yorkstone patio pavers. These durable yellow-coloured pavers come in a pack costing £705 and cover approximately 8.91m2. However, you do get free UK delivery with orders over £85 at the time of writing

B & Q.

During our research, we noticed B and Q’s natural paving range does not include any authentic Yorkstone products. However, they sell lookalike options made from reconstituted stone, which, although they may not have superior quality, are much cheaper.

Travis Perkins

Travis Perkins also sells the Marshalls heritage range. Each paver is 600x600x38mm and they are available in four colours:

  • Yorkstone
  • Old Yorkstone
  • Calder Brown
  • Weathered Yorkstone.

These packs cover approximately 7.91m2 and cost just over £800 per pack, including VAT.

How To Hire The Best Patio Installer

Yorkstone is expensive so the last thing you want is someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing installing it. Do your research and ask friends and family for recommendations. We’ve found to be an excellent resource for finding professional paving experts. Just remember to get a few quotes so you can compare prices.

How Do Yorkstone Slabs Compare?

We’ve mentioned some features of using Yorkstone patio pavers in your landscaping projects but how do they compare to some other popular paving options?

Let’s find out!

Vs Sandstone

Sandstone formed over 300 million years ago. Some of the components include

  • Clay,
  • Mica,
  • Quartz
  • Silica
  • Feldspar,
  • Iron oxides.

Yorkstone comes from quarries in Yorkshire and since medieval times, has been used in the construction of many towns and cities in the UK. It is one of the highest quality Sandstones which is reflected in the price.

Vs Block Paving

Block paving is certainly a cheaper option than York stone, especially for large driveways and extensive patios. However, it doesn’t create as natural a look.

Block paving comes in a vast range of colours, though and when sealed, it requires little maintenance plus, at around a third of the Yorkstone price, it’s great for those on a budget.

Vs Porcelain

Another fairly pricey option: Porcelain slabs are comparable to Yorkstone cost, with premium quality ones coming in at around £70-£100 per m2.

Porcelain is non-permeable, meaning these pavers don’t need to be sealed (drainage will be a consideration, though) and are weather resistant. However, whether they will still be around in a few hundred years is debatable as they can be prone to damage and cracks.

Vs Slate

Slate patios are elegant, easy to keep clean and provide a touch of luxury to any garden area. They are costly though as, like Yorkstone, the removal process is difficult and expensive. You can expect to pay a similar price, although some slate installations can cost upwards of £100 per square metre.

Vs Limestone

Highly durable with a smooth, even surface, Limestone is a cheaper alternative to Yorkstone, with decent quality pavers at around £50 -£70 per square metre. This is because Limestone is much easier to carve and work with than Yorkstone.


Is Yorkstone paving permeable

As a natural sandstone Yorkstone paving is permeable. That means the stone will absorb water instead of it remaining in puddles on the surface making it perfect for most landscaping projects.

Should Yorkstone be sealed?

It is recommended that you seal Yorkstone Paving to prevent damage and discolouration. This will keep the flagstones in your yard more aesthetically pleasing for longer.

Is Yorkstone slippery?

York stone can, like any paving, become slippery if leaves are left and mildew and algae are allowed to build up.

Is Yorkstone natural stone?

Yes, York stone is a natural stone that has been used for construction purposes and paving in Britain for hundreds of years. It can often be found in city centres and old rustic buildings like churches and is one of the most durable and attractive landscaping materials.

Last Word

So now you can see how and why Yorkstone paving prices vary so much. Much depends on the quality of the flagstones, along with other factors such as the age of the stone, what colour it is and how thick it is.

Reclaimed Yorkstone paving can be especially costly, cathedral grade paving oozes quality and adds character to any garden space, but the random sizes can make these hand-selected flagstones challenging to install.

Expect to pay anything from around £60 per square metre for a pack of new sawn flags with reclaimed stone costing more at anything from £70 to upwards of £150 per m2 depending on the paving quality.

Then there are the other considerations relevant to any garden project such as the size of the patio, drainage and good access for delivery.

We reckon to create a 12m2 Yorkstone patio at an average of £85 per m2 will cost around £1020 plus VAT at 20%

About The Author

John, owner of Easigrass North East for seven years, has lived and breathed landscaping. He evolved from running a leading paving and landscaping business to influencing the industry through online publishing. His real-world experience and hands-on background inform his genuine, insightful guidance for others navigating this space.

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The former owner of Easigrass North East, a significant landscaping player known for leading successful paving and garden companies, is now sharing his expert insights.

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