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What Oil Do You Use For Concrete Breakers?

As pneumatic tools, all concrete breakers and jackhammers require some degree of internal lubrication to allow their pile drivers and drill bits to move freely during operation. But, popping the wrong type of lubricant into these machines can quickly become a costly mistake, so what oil do you use for concrete breakers?

SAE 15W/40 motor oil should be used to lubricate most concrete breakers and jackhammers. However, We always advise you to check the manufacturer’s guidelines for your specific device, as some models will require oil or grease with slightly different viscosity. 

We’ve been removing and replacing concrete surfaces for over a decade at this point, and by far, the most reliable method we’ve found to split up concrete slabs for disposal is to use a concrete breaker. You can see our list of list of heavy duty concrete breakers, they’re simple to operate, easy to get hold of and incredibly versatile, but they have some specific maintenance requirements! 

The Best Oil For A Concrete Breaker 

Whilst SAE 15W/40 motor oil is the most commonly used (and perhaps best) lubricant for concrete breakers. Several manufacturers produce or recommend similar lubricants designed for use with their own branded machines.

Oils used for lubrication generally carry either an SAE or ISO grading to indicate the substance’s viscosity. 

  • SAE grades range from 0-50
  • ISO grades range from 2-1500

Both scales indicate a higher viscosity the larger that number becomes. Suitable oils for use in breakers will generally carry an SAE rating of 30-40 or an ISO rating of 100-150, though occasionally, brands will recommend a lower viscosity grade of SAE 20 (ISO 46). You should always see what size concrete breaker you need for the job, as this will affect the oil required as well.

Makita oil type 

Makita brand demolition hammers, specifically their HM1301 model, require the company’s own specialised lubricating oil to function correctly and reduce untimely component wear. 

This oil can be found online by searching for Makita oil supply 181118-7 and carries a viscosity rating of SAE 15W/40.  

Vevor oil type 

If you’re using a Vevor concrete breaker, the company advises that you use an ISO 46 grade hydraulic oil to lubricate their systems. 

This oil carries a slightly lower viscosity rating than the industry standard at SAE 20, though both SAE 30 and SAE 40 oils can also be used safely.

Hitachi oil type 

The Hitachi company themselves recommend their customers use non-detergent motor oil with a viscosity rating of SAE 30 when lubricating any Hitachi brand concrete breakers or jackhammers. 

Hitachi 955009 Macoma Oil should be your preferred choice, though Hitachi 46HN hydraulic oil is also suitable for use with most Hitachi-made concrete breakers.

Breaker Oil Prices 

Here’s what you can expect to spend on some of the more common breaker oil varieties, including prices by oil type and the average costs of the most popular brand-specific oils:

  • SAE 15W/40 1L – £5-£10 
  • SAE 30 1L – £5-£10
  • SAE 20 1L – £5-£10
  • ISO 46 1L – £10-£15
  • ISO 100 1L – £10-£20
  • ISO 150 1L – £10-£20
  • Makita Oil Supply 181118-7 – £15-£20
  • Hitachi 955009 Macoma Oil 34Oz – £20-£25
  • Hitachi 46HN – £20-£25

Last Word 

With that, you should understand the specific types of lubricating oil needed to keep your concrete breaker or jackhammer running safely and smoothly. 

Most models will require an oil with a viscosity grading of SAE 15W/40 or ISO 100-150, though it’s always worth checking with each manufacturer to see which grade they recommend.

To be safe, it’s usually worth using oil produced by the same brand that manufactures your concrete breaker, as in some cases, using a cheaper oil could void your warranty. People often ask us, can anyone use a concrete breaker and although anyone can, you need to remember to check your oil levels once every 2 hours during use to ensure your jackhammer isn’t at risk of running dry!