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What Is The Best Equipment For Leveling Ground?

If you’re undergoing a project in your garden, you don’t want to use poor tools, especially as the cost to level a sloping garden isn’t cheap you don’t want to get it wrong, and you may have asked yourself, what is the best equipment for levelling ground? In our opinion, the best equipment for levelling ground is a soil levelling rake because it’s easy to use and helps distribute the soil evenly for any small garden. You can get a whacker or a compactor if you have an extensive garden or a more significant project.

Tools To Level Ground For Pavers

Below are some of the most common tools used by pavers to level the ground:

Soil levelling rake

One of the most straightforward tools to use is a soil levelling rake. You can use this with your foot, distribute the soil evenly, and eliminate any large bumps and stones that may still be there. You can read our guide on does adding soil on top of grass level it which is where again, a rake would come in useful.

Measuring tape 

Everyone should have one of these in the house, a good old-fashioned measuring tape. This allows pavers to measure the ground surface and look to see how flat the ground is and if there are any uneven areas they need to adjust for.

Levelling board

You may not have heard of it before, but a levelling board is helpful. It helps the paver check and adjust the slope of the ground and the height of the different areas so that the pavers are laid evenly, which enables a smooth final result.


As everyone knows, a shovel helps dig out any areas that are higher or lower than the surrounding area, which means that the same depth can be created to create an even surface.

Whacker / compactor

A whacker or compacter is usually used for larger projects but helps compact the soil and other materials, which prevents shifting. This allows the pavers to be laid at consistent depths, creating an even finish.


A string is used as a visual guide to help the paver determine that the pavers have all been laid at the same depth and in a straight line.


Sand is used to create an even surface where all the pavers can sit, and they’re used to fill in any gaps in between.

Weed fabric 

Weed fabric is something we think everyone should have. It prevents weeds and algae from growing through the pavers and serves as a barrier to stop them from coming through in the future.

Laser level 

The laser level is more sophisticated and is used to provide an accurate reading and measure the height of each paver.


You can’t beat the wheelbarrow. This trusty equipment helps carry materials from work vans to the garden and saves workers a lot of time and labour as pavers can be heavy.

5 Safety Tips For Operating Ground Leveling Equipment

Below are five safety tips we would always recommend when levelling a sloped garden and using heavy equipment:

  1. Protective gear – You should always wear a helmet, steel-toed cap boots, and safety glasses because you never know what could spray or fall onto you.
  2. Inspect Area – Before using heavy machinery or other tools, you should always check to ensure there are no leftover stones or objects that could cause damage to you or the machine.
  3. Learn the Machine – Ensure you are familiar with the controls and functions of the machine before you start using it, as we don’t want any silly accidents. 
  4. Be Aware – Don’t be naive; ensure you know your surroundings and that no bystanders are near you when you’re operating. 
  5. No Jerk Movements – When using the machinery, make sure that you are slow and steady, as any sudden movements could cause damage or overturn the machine.