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Wet and Forget Review - Is This Cleaning Solution Any Good?

In this Wet and Forget review we’ll take you through whether or not this paving cleaning product is worth your time and money.

Wet and Forget reviews have generally been positive over the years and have used some of their specialist spray on tough mould, mildew, algae and more, the results are pretty impressive.

Wet and Forget

We found Wet and Forget Outdoor Cleaner to do a lot of the hard work without the need for harsh chemicals, and the fact there’s no need to wash down the spray afterwards is a big help.

It’s specifically designed for mould, lichen and algae, too – and in a short time, it gets up even the gnarliest of natural nasties.

What is Wet and Forget?

Wet and Forget is a cleaning solution designed for almost any outside surface – patios, paving, clay, roofing, tarmac and more. It’s designed for cleaning outdoor surfaces and getting rid of green algae, black lichen and persistent green mould.

Table of Contents

It’s famous for doing exactly what it says on the bottle. As it’s a kinder, biodegradable cleaning agent, you can load up your garden sprayer with the product, apply to wood decking, painted surfaces and patio slabs, and just let it to soak in. Brush off any loose nasties afterwards without needing a power washer or any elbow grease.

In this review, we’ll look at:

  • Why Wet and Forget cleaner is great value
  • What the ideal mixing ratio is
  • The tools you’ll need to get it to work
  • Why you might need a bleach-free cleaner
  • What alternatives are available on the market

Unsure if Wet and Forget outdoor cleaner is right for you? Keep reading and we’ll take you through what you need to know.

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Wet and forget ingrediants

Unlike many other cleaning products that require pressure washing afterwards, What makes Wet and Forget safe is that it is completely non-caustic, non-acidic, and is free from bleach. It’s specially designed to be kinder and safer to use around your garden, and while it does contain active ingredients that are classed as biocides, it is still safer than the average.

When there’s no active ingredient in concrete and natural stone cleaners such as bleach or ammonia, the results really can vary. After all, chemical products exist because they are both fast-acting and get up the worst of stains and growths without a second treatment. Wet and Forget products are impressive as they effectively remove annoying growths without the need for chemical solution splashing all over your patio. However, be prepared to give it a second go.


Patio Magic is well known for being very easy to use on most stone and paving areas. For the most basic or cheapest of concrete and everyday patio slabs, you’re likely to get on famously with this cleaner. It’ll apparently work well on patio decking, too, so there’s no need to go looking for different products.

That said, the more delicate the paving, the less brilliant the results are likely to be. Polished stone, York stone and other natural surfaces react better to specialist patio cleaning products that deeply penetrate their pores.

A little goes a long way

Five litres of Wet & Forget should give you up to 300 square metres of coverage, depending on whether or not you’re spraying across porous stone. For concrete patio and paving slabs, you get a lot of coverage. The solution generally makes up 30 litres of cleaner, and that’s after you dilute.

You should make sure to mix one part Wet and Forget Moss Remover with five parts water in your garden spray bottle for the best results. This product works – according to the brand – on any surfaces that are likely to see rain.

A cleaner that's easy to use

One of the most significant selling points of the Wet and Forget Moss Killer is that it’s extremely easy to use. Simply dilute and spray, and allow it to do its work. You won’t have to wait more than a few days for it to start working its magic.

You may need to go in for a second cover for tougher stains and growths, but Wet & Forget generally advise this won’t be required. Reviews vary a little on this, but they do tend to agree that the product works amazingly well for how easy it goes on.

This short video by the company shows how easy Wet and Forget is to use

Bleach free

Again, a big selling point is that Wet and Forget Mould Remover is entirely free from bleach or ammonia. While chemicals are often best for getting rid of tough dirt and natural nasties, Wet and Forget seems to be one of the better biodegradable solutions. It’s kinder on pets and will still get black mould up and moving.

That said, keep in mind that when you use Wet and Forget spray, it’s still likely to irritate skin – so it’s probably best to keep kids and pets off sprayed surfaces until they are dry.

Removes algae, lichen and moss

This particular Wet and Forget sprayer is designed to get rid of lichen, mould, algae and moss – you just need to give it a little bit of time to really work its magic. Once you apply Wet & Forget to your surface, it’ll start soaking down deep and will eventually loosen up those perennial nasties for you just sweep off.

Generally, for really ground-in dirt and extremely porous stone, we recommend a specialist cleaning solution. Indian Sandstone and polished stone will likely do better with a formula dedicated to their deeper pores. Otherwise, you might be applying coat after coat.

Do you need a pressure washer?

No. Once you’ve applied Wet & Forget, you can do exactly what it says – just walk away. There’s no need for you to grab the garden hose or to jet wash your paving once it’s soaking into your patio.

Again, you might get better results from chemical cleaners for tougher stuff like particularly bad mildew or persistent black spot from lichen. However, Wet and Forget reviews online tend to be pretty positive on the whole.

What outdoor surfaces can it be used for?

Wet & Forget is non-caustic and non-acidic, meaning it is safe to use on most outdoor stones. You can use it on your patio surface, your block paving, even on your roof – and give it a few days, and you should start to see algae, mildew, moss and more start to lift up.

It’s definitely one of the most versatile patio and concrete cleaners on the market today, and while it works well at getting various patio nasties off your plate, it’s a jack of all trades and a master of none. A good choice if you have lots of surface types and mould/moss to deal with, but for deeper, specialist cleaning, go with something specially formulated.

Where to Buy Wet and Forget

Wet & Forget tends to be available in a few specialist stores, and you can also buy it online from the manufacturer- here are a few stockists:

  • Wet & Forget (Direct)
  • Amazon
  • HSD
  • Costco

Wet and Forget Alternatives

Doff Super Strength

Doff’s Super Strength is highly concentrated and is probably one of the cheapest cleaners on the market right now. The good news is, like Wet and Forget, there’s no rinsing required, and it’ll only take a couple of days to start showing results. There’s no need to get down and scrub with Doff, either.

Patio Magic

Our review of Patio Magic shows it’s a great catch-all cleaner that can take care of mould and other nasties, and it’s one of the most popular products by review score alone online. Like Wet and Forget, it’s biodegradable, and it also works well at killing fungus off before you paint. It gets excellent reviews and a bonus with this product is that you can use it inside and outside as you wish.

Jeyes 4-in-1

Jeyes 4 in 1 Cleaner takes the best of classic formula and allows you to spray down your patio without the need for a pressure washer. It has the extra benefit of being extremely affordable, and what’s more, the results tend to appear quicker (as there are some chemicals).

KARCHER Pressure Washer Cleaner

Karcher’s pressure washer cleaner is, as you’d expect, formulated for Karcher equipment. However, it’s incredibly well-priced and will easily cover everything from patio paving to wooden decks and even patio furniture. It’s ready to use and only takes mild diluting to mix.

Should You Wet & Forget?

What makes Wet and Forget work for us? It’s the fact that it gets pretty admirable results from most stone and paving without the need for abrasive chemicals. What’s more, it is a great solution for your roof, path, and driveway – just be prepared to spray it on a few times to get great results.

Reviews from buyers tend to agree that it’s one of the best biodegradable cleaning solutions out there, and yes, it’ll get up nasty moss and lichen, providing you give it a while to work (which can vary depending on the state of your paving).

Should You Wet & Forget?

We’d recommend Wet and Forget if you are looking for something safe and straightforward that requires little in the way of effort.

However, for natural stone, polished surfaces and extra-porous paving, it’s well worth looking into cleaners formulated for those particular types.

This solution likely won’t do them any harm as it is so mild – but it probably won’t get the worst stains up, either. So – is it worth the money?

Probably, if your priority is ease of use, and you have a lot of different ground to cover. Take a look at what other buyer reviews have to say, and put the jet washer to one side.