Top 3 Alternative Garden Ideas from the North East

Alternative Garden Ideas


Autumn is here, and with autumn comes the urge to work on those home improvement projects that have been rocking in the back of your mind for some time. Autumn happens to be the perfect time of year to accomplish those projects that are in the garden- from full restorations, creating a new space, or simply improving on the garden you have now. There are some areas that with some simple and easy improvement can fully update a tired garden and bring new life to your outdoor space. We here at North East Paving can make it all a reality for you! Take our favorite, top three garden edging ideas for example- they should get your mind in the right place for new projects this autumn!

Replacing that tired cement slab of a patio is one place to start. Your choices in paving for patios are extensive, and some are quite embellished. Ideas on what colors, styles and types are everywhere around you. If you’ve been to the Sunderland Museum and Winter Gardens, you can get a feel for what more naturalized yet modern looks can be. Mixing local quarried materials with cuts and lines that are clean, you can easily get the same timeless and beautiful look as at the gardens there, for example. Clean yet beautiful patios and walking areas make living with nature and enjoying the outside of your own home easier, cleaner, and more manageable. Properly constructed, you can enjoy the function of a well-designed patio for a lifetime.

Sometimes the wilds of Northumberland offer plenty of inspiration when it comes to creating a stellar ornamental garden that everyone envies. Steeped in natural, ancient woodlands, many gardeners can take plenty of cues from places in the area for their shady, hard to plant spots in their own spaces. This wild look can be tamed by creating streamlined and attractive bed areas constructed with sleepers, or natural yet expertly fit together stone. Paths can be laid out with spaced paving stones, as the grass and natural flora grow in-between them. You don’t need a large area to recreate beautiful woodlands with a path meandering through. The same look and feel can be made in a small Newcastle city garden with the same ancient and wild impact.

Here at North East Paving, we also recognise that many clients are looking to incorporate a kitchen garden element with their beautiful natural ornamental landscapes. We are experts at making seamless and beautiful areas in the garden that not only feed your family delicious and fresh foods, but that also fit in perfectly with the rest of the space. Good design is essential here, and we know what we’re doing! From well-placed garden patio walling that can separate and create outdoor rooms- such as a space for an edible kitchen garden or a place for the children to try their own hands at their own little raised garden, we can make it happen. This time of year is the perfect time to construct and form your edible beds for next spring’s seeds. Make the area as beautiful as it will be productive!

We hope you enjoy our ideas. We offer excellence in design and execution and can make all of your dreams, small or large, into a reality.


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