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Brett Paving and Landscaping

About Brett Paving Supplies:

Brett Landscaping and Building have established its name in the industry for over 100 years. Their products comply with the British and European quality standards are their products are CE marked. With that, they are able to offer highly durable, effective and versatile products and services.

Brett Landscaping and Building are part of the Brett Group which is one of the UK’s leading providers of construction and landscaping materials. They cater to both commercial and domestic applications which include driveways, natural stone patio’s and concrete garden paving to create the perfect patio for you.

The projects where their products were used were successful and have good feedbacks which range from major commercial clients to paving for domestic gardens and drives. They work closely with established builders, and professional paving installers and these partners are highly trained, skilled and experienced in the field.

They provide an extensive range of sustainable hard landscaping solutions which include: blocks, flag paving stones, permeable paving and natural stone paving options.

What They Do:

They offer a wide range of carefully selected natural stone paving products that will suit your preferences and your budget. They have a range from hand split Sandstone to polished Quartzite. Each option will help you obtain that classy, sophisticated but warm and cosy environment for your patio. Natural stone include ranges of: Elite Stone, Style Stone, Creative Stone and lastly, the Smart Stone.

Garden Paving

Brett offers a wide range accessories and designs, whether you prefer a traditional rustic or modern contemporary, they have all the things that you might need. The Garden Paving styles they offer the following styles: Varano, Lugano, Westminster, Bronte, Rochester Brick, Canterbury, Texitone ECO, Chaucer, Stamford, Quorndon, Broadway Economy, Stepping Stones and Circular Features. Brett also offers garden walling to complement your garden pavement.

Block Paving

Block paving will suit any part of the outdoor of your house. The choices Brett offers are: Lugano, Aura, Alpha Antique, Classico, Regatta, Beta, Delta, Omega, Alpha TRIO, Beta TRIO and Regatta TRIO.

Permeable Paving

Permeable paving is a special type of block paving with quite larger gaps in between blocks. Surface water will be drained between these blocks into a specially designed sub-base. Sustainable Drainage Systems have been a legal requirement for pavements since October 2008. Alpha Flow and Omega Flow are the two types of permeable paving.

Kerbs And Edging

Kerbs and edging are good ways to compliment your paving; they create attractive borders as well. There are two types of edging which are; garden edging and driveway edging.

Tobermore Paving

About Tobermore Paving Supplies

Tobermore is a European Quality Awardee that was established in the 1900’s; they are dedicated to excellence in the manufacture and supply of paving and walling products. They built their lasting relationship with their clients by surpassing what is expected from them. They have 145 staff employed as of the moment and have built a reputation of excellence alongside their workers to meet their customer’s needs.

Tobermore is a UK based company known for its paving and walling manufacture specialisation. They supply a wide range of landscaping materials such as block paving, paving flags, kerbs and edging products both for commercial and residential utilisation for their customer in the UK and Ireland.

They specialise in paving and driveway products and services. This company offers wide range of choices in style, colours and patterns.

What They Do:

Block Paving

The advantages of block paving are endless, and Tobermore knows that. They have versatile and heavy duty products and application. They can offer you detailed streetscape designs and sympathetic conservation schemes. They offer block paving such as: Tegula, Tegula Setts and circles, Roma, Shannon, Manhattan, Sienna, Sienna Setts and Circles, Pedesta and retro.

Permeable Paving

Tobermore offers an extensive range of Hydropave Permeable Paving Products which allows you to create spectacular hard landscaping features with environmentally friendly products. The different choices for permeable paving are: Hydropave Tegula, Hydropave Shannon and Hydropave Sienna.

Paving Flags

Tobermore produces one of the extensive ranges of paving flags and slabs. They offer standard smooth finish paving flags to the high quality Mayfair flags which contains granite aggregates. In which they have: Kensington Flags, Historic Flags, Mayfair Flags, Textured Flags, Riven Flags and Standard Flags.

Kerbs, Edging And Channels

Essential requirements in commercial and domestic applications in order to retain paving, create paths and create bedding areas are kerbs, channels and other types of edging. Their variety offers Kerbstone, Kerbsett, Kerb Large (KL), Tegula Kerb Large (TKL) and Country Kerb and Edge.

Walling And Masonry

To complement their wide range of paving products, they also offer the following walling and masonry: Lansdowne, Kingston, Country Stone and Garden Stone.

Retaining Walls

Secura is a mortar free retaining wall system which is cost-effective and easy to install. Secura Grand is generally used for larger landscaping schemes while Secura Lite and Major are the most suited for domestic situations and are ideal DIY walling products.

Eco Paving And Walling

They offer numerous ranges of environment friendly products that will suit your preferences and budget.

Natural Stone

Tobermore offers the Pietra natural stone range which includes granite setts, flags and kerbs and sandstone flags which giving their clients the chance to opportunity to use natural stones.


Steps also add aesthetics to any patio or pavement and still needs design to compliment your paving, these include: Mayfair Step Flags, Textured Step Flags and Step Risers.


Their accessories include: jointing sand, maintenance products, recess covers, landscape lighting and decorative stone.

Paving Superstore

About the Paving Superstore:

Paving Superstore is a company that offers a wide range of garden paving products in the UK. They cater to their client online presenting famous and reputable brands. They offer numerous of colours and styles to choose from that will suit your taste, lifestyle and budget. They also offer quality driveway paving, walling, cladding, coping and edging, and they also have paving accessories

Majority of the products they are selling can be found on their website; however from time to time, some popular products may sell out and will have longer usual waiting times.

What They Do:

They highlight the brands they are selling to guarantee you the quality of the products they offer. This is most especially valuable for those looking for natural stones because many unknown sources of natural stones are not suitable for use in the UK as the paving is too soft and porous and will not be able to withstand temperature changes in the country. All the major brands they represent made sure of quality control to ensure clients of purchases.

Paving Superstore offer major brands of paving and all their manufacturers are members of ETI (Ethical Trading Initiative) which ensures the following: freely chosen employment, no child labour, no discrimination, living wages are well paid, employees are treated fairly with respect, safe and hygienic working environment is provided and working hours are sufficient.

Natural Paving

Company History:

Natural Paving was established in 2004 and is slowly making its way up to its popularity. They identified a gap in the market for high quality, ethically sourced natural stone to the market, particularly in the domestic landscaping area. They were one of the companies who took an early lead in this field and soon began supplying Builders Merchants and Contractors UK wide.

They are the number one company in the supply of natural stone to the UK landscaping industry. They have expanded manufacture and supply to Scotland, America and Germany.

Natural Paving Products in the UK is the leading independent supplier of high quality, ethically sourced natural stone landscaping products. They offer wide range of products from flagstone to block paving, walling, kerbs, edgings and accessories.

They are a company not only worried with profits but also a manufacturer and supplier company concerned in improving the working conditions of stone workers in INDIA.

They have their own quarries, distribution and transportation system with an extensive sale and marketing team. They have fully CE marked products and an active member of Ethical Trade Initiative (ETI).

What They Do:


They have four paving collections which consist of thirty-four different paving flagstone. Taken form the land, the colours that the stones have are beautifully natural. These four collections are: Premistone compromised of sophisticated shades and textures. Cragstone is the traditional with a soft and aged finish. Classicstone is the timeless and traditional hand cut. Finally, the Finestone which is a classic option and is budget friendly.

Block Paving

Their natural stone block provides an attractive and long term solution for your driveway, this is nature’s alternative to concrete block paving. NPP options contain the Fossestone which is a modern collection of block paving. These Fossestone include: Orchard Sandstone, Forest Sandstone, Cinder Sandstone, Burnt Magenta Sandstone, York Mix Sandstone, Birch Granite, Rustic Quartz Quartzite and Midnight Blue Limestone.

Walling And Copings

Their wallings and copings include the following options: Cottagestone, Kirkstallstone and Drystone.


To complement and complete your paving needs, they also offer natural accessories such as: step kits and pool copings, kerbs and edgings, stepping stones, cobbles and setts.


About Pavestone:

Pavestone was established in 2003 by Kevin Fowler who recognised a potential market opportunity to substitute sales of traditional concrete paving with imported natural stone paving. They are an active member of the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI), an alliance of companies and organisations campaigning to improve working conditions in global supply chains.

Pavestone has paving and walling products that will suit all budgets and design styles. Whether you prefer a traditional English garden landscape with a hand dressed natural stone patio or a bright and bold contemporary garden, they can offer you all the things that you need.

Pavestone patio paving, walling, driveway, block paving and complementary landscaping products are available nationally through a large number of selected builders’ merchant and landscaping centre stockists.

What They Do:

Natural Stone Paving

Pavestone selects natural stone paving from around the world, these stones include: Modena Silk Regal, Piazza, Saffron, Tudor Antique, Classic Indian Sandstone, Slate, Limestone, Tudor Cobbles, Stone Setts and Stone Pavers.

Natural Stone Circles

Their patterns and designs include: Sandstone Circles, Feature Circles and Slate Circles.

Natural Stone Walling

To compliment your pavement, these are the options for walling: Cottage Walling, Dry Stone Walling, Slate Stack and Stone Copings.

Natural Stone Block Paving

Whether your home is contemporary or traditional, natural stone block paving offers the ultimate paving solutions for your driveway that will last a lifetime. This includes: New England and Kadapha Block Paving.

Natural Stone Pool Copings

To maximise the landscape that you desire, Pavestone also offers natural stone pool copings and pool paving.

Natural Stone Internal Flooring

Natural stone is slowly becoming the first choice of flooring for homeowners for their living rooms. It provides an effortlessly comfortable, stylish, dramatically beautiful yet enchantingly restful and easy to maintain.


About Stonemarket:

Stonemarket is at the cutting edge of hard landscaping product development. Their design team keeps up with the demands of the modern world.

What They Do:

Brick Walling

Cottage garden brick is included in this category; it gives the appearance of reclaimed and handmade walling bricks. These durable kiln-fired clay bricks are fully frost resistant and can even be used below ground level.

Coping Stones And Caps

They have choices such as: Peaked Copings, Pyramid Pier Caps and Rio Textured Copings

Natural Stone Walling

They offer two options: Vintage walling for the traditionalist type and the avant-garde if you are a more contemporary person.

Reconstituted Palisades

The Rio Palisades is a collection of reconstituted stone paving, walling and accessories with attractive granite effect textures and inspiring contemporary colour options. The walling option enables you to add a third dimension to Rio garden and driveway paving. The have three colours which are: sand, shell and storm and can be used in different ways: can be used to form low planters and retaining walls or as decorative standing stones.

Reconstituted Walling

The Coltstone walling is an authentic reproduction of the dry stone garden walling. This perfectly creates a traditional walling and has Pyramid pier caps and peaked copings to complete its design. The Carluke walling comes in three different finishes: split, pitched and rumbled with a choice of either buff or buff black. The Yorkstone rough hewn garden walling is wide enough to create a stable double-sided structure with single block thickness. Finally, the Rio garden walling appears contemporary with colours of silver, grey and carbon.

Slate Walling

The cut slate walling is roughly block shaped British slate with up to four sides sawn and the remainder split giving a clean and contemporary finish. While the Natural Slate walling is split flat pieces of Indigenous British Slate in random sizes and mixed shades of blue, grey and plum.

Veneer Walling

Veneer garden walling is simply applied to new or existing masonry to provide a sophisticated and durable finish.


About Kilsaran:

Kilsaran Concrete Products was founded in 1964 by the late Patrick McKeown, they established their road surfacing division in 1967 and had their first Dublin premises in 1981. In 1990, they purchased their spollen concretes and in 2006 they opened their bagged products plant. In 2008, they constructed and opened their paving showroom and in 2011; their UK office was opened.

Kilasaran is a guaranteed Irish company and has roughly 290 staff in Ireland, each or which is passionate in helping you make the most out of your living space. Their services range from the sale of their products to installation and support.

What They Do:


The ground surface of Shelbourne gives this range a sophisticated feel and eye-catching look. A choice of colours and sizes means that the Shelbourne range can work in any landscape design.

Newgrange Flag

With a subtle textured finish brought about by shot-blasting and a large choice of colours and sizes the Newgrange paving flag range is a favourite for those looking to create an elegant and contemporary look

Belvedere By Diarmuid Gavin

With a riven surface and irregular edges, the Belvedere paving flag range is full of old world charm. Coming in a pack of four distinct sizes, the range perfectly recreates the feel of an old abbey, cathedral or court


The ground surface of Killeen gives this range of paving flags a sophisticated feel and eye-catching look. Killeen comes in a 4-size mix and a choice of colours.

Classic Flags

The original patio paving flags, are as popular today as they have always been. Easy to install with a large selection of colours and sizes makes this range a potential favourite.


Perfect for patios, Cashel paving flags have a surface effect that replicates the rustic appeal of natural stone.

Textured Flag

New lightly textured flag range comes in six colours suitable for patios and pathways.


The smooth surface finish and subtle bevelled edge of the Corrib range makes it an ideal choice for driveway paving. With a large colour palette to choose from there is sure to be a perfect match for your home.

Newgrange Block

The distinctive look of Newgrange paving lies in its fine shot-blasted finish. The light textured feel combined with inspiring colours makes this range stand out from the crowd


With its edges and surface gently worn by their exclusive antiquing process, the Mellifont paving range is ideal when creating a rustic and ‘old world’ look on your driveway or patio.


A contemporary range coming in a large selection of colours and sizes, Lismore paving blocks are a popular choice for driveways and patios. Sharp lines and a smooth surface finish make it a stylish addition to anything.


The coarse surface texture of the Tara range offers superb skid resistance in addition to a great look.


A paving design classic, Slane will never go out of fashion. The popularity of this paving block range lies in its ease of installation, large choice of colours and in its shape.


Inish is a landscape designer’s dream block with smooth lines and sharp edges it brings a cutting edge design to life. Also available in an aged (rumbled) look, Inish is one of their most popular block paving.


The embossed surface of the Boyne range will ensure your garden has a unique look. Boyne works equally well in a period or modern setting.


The ground surface of Killeen gives this range of paving flags a sophisticated feel and eye-catching look. Killeen comes in a 4-size mix and a choice of colours.