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Professional Paving Services in Sunderland

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Sunderland Driveways
Looking for a custom driveway design? Call on our Sunderland installers and experts to get that ideal approach set up and running.
Sunderland Patios
You can’t beat a good garden patio, and our expert fitters are here to help transform the look of your garden entertainment space.
Sunderland Garden Design
Garden design and build projects become a doddle when you have a fantastic team of paving experts on side to help out. Get in touch to find out how we can transform that outdoor space for you.
Sunderland Landscaping
Fancy taking your garden to the next level? Our experts have years of experience in designing and creating spectacular landscaped gardens of all shapes and sizes.
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About Our Sunderland Paving Company

Are you looking for paving experts and patio specialists who can help transform the look of your garden or driveway? We have over 30 years of dedicated experience in bringing paving, pathways, and even landscaped lawns to life. We are paving installers in Sunderland that homeowners and families have come to trust with a huge range of modern projects!

We’re involved with every stage of the garden design process. We specialise in paving, but we’ve built up a fantastic portfolio of garden and patio transformation work that really makes a difference. Why not reach out to our Sunderland pavers now to find out more about what we could bring to your property?

More Sunderland Garden Services

Decking Installation

Looking to enhance the look and feel of a Sunderland garden? It could all start with the right decking. It’s a wonderful modern standard that we can fit to create modern, classical, or even completely unique looks. What better way to entertain in your garden during warmer months than on a well-built, affordable decking system? Make sure to reach out to the best local fitters to get your garden decking up and moving.

Composite Decking

Are you keen on the latest in composite decking trends? These stylish wooden decking options look just as striking as standard decks, but don’t need nearly half as much care and maintenance. What’s more, you can set up composite decking in a wide and vibrant range of colours and styles! Want to know more? Just reach to our team and we’ll give you the full lowdown.

Fencing Services

Great garden fencing doesn’t just look good, it serves as a crucial perimeter for your home and garden! That’s why our team always strives to set up hard-wearing, versatile, and visually stunning fences and systems for all our Sunderland customers. In fact, we have more than 20 years of experience between us – meaning you have complete peace of mind no matter the style of fence you choose to set up. Choose a solid, sturdy, and stylish fence that’s easy to maintain and always reliable.

Garden Fence Repairs

Is your Sunderland garden fence starting to wobble or splinter apart? You might not need a completely new fence at all – so why not get it repaired? Our team is ready to help bring even the oldest of fencing back to life with a little care and attention, as well as with the help of years of dedicated care. We can repair fences speedily and affordably, meaning you might not even need to swap them out at all!

Driveway Cleaning & Sealing

Driveways, over time, have a habit of getting a bit gnarly and overgrown with weeds. To really keep it in tip top condition, you are going to need to clean and reseal it with the best tools in the trade. Let us help! We will help to return durability and strength to your paving approach, and what’s more, we will solidly seal down your slabs to prevent weeds from coming back.

Patio Cleaning & Sealing

Does your garden patio need more than just a quick wash down? Maybe it’s time to seal things off. This means we can help to restore not only the look of your patio as it was when first laid, but also to reinforce it for the years to come. Reduce wear, tear and more with a complete clean and reseal from a leading team in the local trade.

Resin Driveways

Installing a resin driveway is a great solution as they are used in public tarmacking due to how traffic resistance they are. They do not wear and tear easily and will retain their appearance for years to come no matter how many cars pull up on the drive. With an experienced team they are also quick to lay and set.

Imprinted Concrete

This eye catching concrete does offer something truly unique but with the same stability and robustness of other driveway materials. It can help transform the look of your home in a matter of hours and the maintenance costs are extremely low. An additional benefit is that it fights back weeds and any other grime that may be growing between the cracks.

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