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Spear and Jackson Spray and Leave Review - Is it Any Good?

In this Spear and Jackson Spray and Leave review, we’ll take you through what you need to know about this outdoor cleaning solution.

Jeyes Fluid Review

What is Jeyes Fluid used for? All kinds of things – but in this review, we’re focusing on an off-shoot of the well-known brand, Jeyes Fluid, for cleaning patios (also known as Patio Power). As experienced pavers and paving cleaners, we know that the original Jeyes Fluid does a great job cleaning up all kinds of messes.

We found Jeyes Fluid to follow in the original’s footsteps. It’s quick to work, tough on green mould, and while it will likely need a bit of elbow grease for the really tough stuff, the results are pretty quick to appear.

Our Review of Spray and Leave Paving Cleaner

Spear and Jackson’s Spray and Leave cleaner is designed for you to simply spray across your patio, block paving, wooden decking and roofing and leave to work its magic – hence the name. Its potent formula sinks pretty deep, meaning it does a pretty good job of lifting moss, mould, lichen, algae, you name it.

The product’s designed for most outdoor surfaces, and that’s a feature we like a lot – though, in some ways, it’s a jack of all trades and a master of few. A definite bonus is that you won’t need to do any pressure washing of your wood decking or garden ornaments afterwards.

Yes, you read right – you can pretty much spray down anything you like with Spear and Jackson’s cleaning solution – within reason. As always, read the instructions!

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Another big plus to using this cleaning solution on your block paving, concrete slabs etc., is the fact it does a decent job at stopping green algae, moss and other nasties from coming back.

The resistance is relatively easy to spot after a couple of months. Some customer reviews vary on this, however, so take your own experience with an open mind.

In this review, we’ll show you:

  • Just how good Spear and Jackson’s cleaning product is
  • Whether you need a garden sprayer or pressure washers
  • How Spray and Leave patio cleaner compares to others on the market
  • Whether or not it’s good value
  • Where you can buy the cleaner from

If you’re ready to say goodbye to nuisance green mould and algae from your patio slabs, read on for our lowdown.

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In one five-litre bottle of product, you’ll get around 25 litres worth of cleaner – it’s one of many patio detergents you’ll need to dilute. With this, you should get coverage of up to 250 square metres depending on porosity.

Naturally, more porous slabs and stones such as Indian sandstone will take a bit more cleaning, and even then, we’d generally suggest using a concentrated formulate with that type of stone in mind.

Removes moss and algae

Spear and Jackson’s product works hard at getting rid of both surface dirt as well as stopping nastier stuff in its tracks. As an all-around mould, lichen, algae remover, it’ll soak down deep and will help to kill the parts that are likely to come back.

Most experts and users will tell you that this cleaner can get much of the nastier stuff off almost every surface imaginable, providing it’s outside. For the tougher growths, you might need to come back and give things a second spray. However, unlike many others, Spray and Leave does an excellent job holding back perennial nasties.

Can it be used on natural stone?

There is certainly no reason why you can’t use this on natural stone paving – the fact you can keep your pressure washer to one side is a bonus – but, as always, as a chemical formula, there’s a slight risk it might do some damage. That, and more importantly, it’s not formulated to specifically clean natural stones or super-porous slabs, so you might be better off using a specialist concentrated cleaner for sandstone and others.

How long to see results?

Based on the Spray and Leave average, you will likely start seeing results on tough stains and green growth within four to five days. That’s not much to ask if your paving slabs are caked in the stuff.

The main selling point is that it will breed great results over the months to come. Some reviews advise that you’ll get protection for up to six months, while others claim up to a year of protection.

It all depends on the type of paving stones you have in your garden and how bad the green damage is – the Spray and Leave cleaner is one you can rely on to remove moss from your outdoor space much of the time, but shelf life may vary depending on your circumstances.

Do you need a pressure washer?

There’s no need to break out a pressure washer or give your paving slabs a jet wash after you spray this on – hence Spray and Leave. There is definitely a market for patio cleaning solutions that clean deep without a pressure washer now, and while Spray and Leave seems to be one of the more expensive in this line, it does still get a patio clean without you needing to plug in any fancy equipment.

What you may find is that you might need to scrub down a little bit to get rid of some of the tougher stains and algae growth – or to apply again. In any case, a jet wash, watering can or spray really isn’t necessary with this.


As there are active chemical ingredients, you will need to make sure that you exercise safety. Therefore, always ensure that you put on heavy-duty gloves and, where possible, wear safety goggles, too. You’ll also want to make sure you keep your kids and pets out of the way until the product is dry and, like many spray & leave cleaning products, don’t use near aquatic life.

You generally won’t need to worry about garden furniture, terracotta plant pots, and the like. That’s because this cleaner is developed partly for use on outdoor furniture, meaning if anything, it should help to clean it all up!

Other uses

Does Spear and Jackson Spray and Leave kill weeds? Not as such – it’s great on moss, mould, algae and lichen, but for weeds, you’re probably going to do best investing in their specialist weed killer.

You can use this algae remover pretty much everywhere outside to great results, even on uPVC windows, on fencing panels, and up on the roof. It removes green mould wherever you spray it – it’s just a case of giving it a few days to work.

Value for money

Spray and Leave cleaner is designed to cater to all bases, and it’ll tackle uncoated surfaces, roofing, uPVC and more. The fact that you’ll likely be able to get nasty mould, moss and dirt from garden sheds, patio furniture and garden statues alike is a sign of fantastic value. It does exactly what it says on the bottle and is great if you want one product to do several jobs.

Spear & Jackson's S&L Stockists

You will be able to find Spear and Jackson Spray and Leave at a variety of stockists – both online and offline. Here are a few you might want to take a closer look at:

  • Amazon
  • Homebase
  • Scotts of Stow
  • Zoro

Spray and Leave Alternatives

Patio Magic

This is another solid garden cleaner that’s likely to cover all bases. Like Spray and Leave, you can clean hard surfaces without a pressure washer, and it won’t need much scrubbing. However, this is a more environmentally friendly paver cleaner as it is biodegradable, and it also tends to be more affordable. You’ll find our Patio Magic review here, and it’s for sale at most DIY shops, too.


Jeyes Patio Cleaner does a great job if your patio suffers from nuisance green mould and algae, and will even take care of most bacteria for you, too. Like Spray and Leave, you can use it to kill moss in a few days, and it’s excellent for cleaning patios without breaking out a pressure washer. This solution tends to be cheaper than Spray and Leave, though you’ll get much less coverage.

KARCHER Patio + Deck Pressure Washer Cleaner

Karcher’s patio and deck pressure washer cleaner is ideally used with Karcher sprayers, meaning if you’re using a watering can or any other kind, it’s not likely to help you and your patio. However, like other cleaners specifically designed for specific tools, this product makes light work of some heavy jobs. There’s not much to tell between this and the type Spray and Leave gives you – beyond the functionality.

Jarder Spray & Leave Cleaner

Jarder Spray and Leave cleaner is highly concentrated, offering a similar coverage area to Spear and Jackson’s version, and can also be used on all kinds of surfaces. It also provides a barrier against moss, algae, green mould and more. As a non acid-based cleaner, it is likely safer than Spear and Jackson’s – and it’s much cheaper in bulk, too.

Should You Buy Spray And Leave?

Spear & Jackson

Spray and Leave sinks down deep into nuisance growths, meaning all you should really need is a stiff broom to get rid of the worst stuff afterwards. However, we’d always advise you to look for a specialist cleaning solution for natural stone paving.

Is it worth getting as a good all-around outdoor cleaner that will clean terracotta pots and garden furniture?

Definitely – but for the best results, it pays to be picky about the formula. Spear and Jackson Spray and Leave reviews, however, tend to be glowing – take a look through and give it a go.