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small garden design

As soon as we arrive at any project we always like to engage with consumer as much as possible, as we feel it’s very important to gather as much information about the usage of the garden as possible. We need to consider what will it be used for is it something that’s just o kick your shoes off and enjoy or will your garden be host to many parties and outdoor activity with the family.To see our full page on Garden Design click hereA lot of people will look at a small area and be put off the idea of using big objects in it such as patio furniture and large plant pots, but if the space is used correctly then the garden will start to take shape.

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Small Gardens just need designed!

 Transforming a small garden is very similar to a small bathroom. Simply by adding bigger tiles in the bathroom the room will not feel as small therefore give the illusion of a bigger bathroom. The same method can be used in your garden with large objects and skilled craftsmanship. Changing the colours around the garden can also help with not only the garden size but also it allows you to add your own style.When planning the garden it’s important to remember the first rule which is the space required once that’s correct the rest of the garden will slowly take shape. You will be very surprised at how little space you used to have to how much space is then created for extra usage. This can all be achieved by simply changing the lay of the land and moving it round. This then creates a blank canvas to work from. You can start to add the larger decorative features you could never have or create a perfect seated area to relax on. Adding larger plant pots can always be an advantage as they can be used to hide any dull parts of the garden that you may find not cost effective to alter. Some lager plant pots can help with adding extra privacy in areas of the garden and are perfect to store compost.

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