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Slate Paving Cost per M2

This article will detail slate paving cost factors in 2024, from the essential installation cost to materials needed to install and waste removal.

How Much Does Slate Paving Cost?

The average installation cost of slate patio slabs will come to around £85-£90 per m2, though savvy customers can reduce these costs by shopping around for a reasonable price on their materials.

If you are already planning on a large installation, you may find that the average slate paving cost per m2 will often decrease. This is due to the fact that most contractors will prefer to commit to a single large-scale job as this means they can reduce their overall operational costs.

What Is Slate Paving?

Slate pavers are a form of natural stone composed primarily of quartz and muscovite.

Because this stone is formed underground by intense pressure, it’s incredibly hard-wearing, making it an excellent material for use in paving installations.

Is Slate Good for Patios? (pros and cons)

Slate has several natural properties that make it a popular choice for patio installations. It’s resistant to acids, can be laid directly onto soil, and is naturally slip-resistant, making it relatively easy to install and maintain.

This natural stone comes in a wide range of colours and can be found at varying price points between £20-£90 per m2, meaning homeowners are afforded a great deal of choice when choosing between different styles of slate. 

We will discuss prices in more detail later in this article.

Who's Installing the Patio?

You may find that the cost to lay slate paving will vary wildly between specific contactors and paviors. It’s always worth checking that independent contractors are affiliated with a trade association, as this can help you avoid cowboys who may try to overcharge for the work.

Large companies may also charge a premium, or apply a considerable mark-up to the materials in order to increase their profits, so taking the time to research your chosen installers can often save you some money in the long run.

Why Slate Prices Can Vary

As a natural stone paving material, the quality of slate pavers is often a direct result of where the stone has been sourced from. The highest quality slate has been formed underground for millions of years, so it naturally comes at a premium.

Imported Portuguese and Spanish slate is often cheaper than Welsh slate, as the pedigree of the stone affects the price, with Welsh “Bangor Blue” slate being renowned for its superior quality, sometimes reaching prices of up to £100 per m2.

The way the stone is cut can also affect the slate paving cost, with naturally split “riven” stones generally costing less than machine-cut “sawn” stones, as the additional manufacturing efforts will be reflected in the overall price.

Slate Paving Supply Cost

Your slate paving cost per m2 will take into account the supply cost of the materials and the method in which they will be installed. Some contractors will prefer to source the materials themselves, adding this cost into their overall quote. This can make smaller paving installations more worthwhile by allowing for a mark up on the materials.

If your paviour is happy for you to source your own stones and only perform the installation, you may choose to buy cheaper slate slabs at around £15-£25 per square metre.

The average supply cost of slate pavers in the UK is around £45-£85 per m2, though, for premium quality slate, you’ll be looking at spending upwards of £85-£100 per m2.

Types Of Slate For Outdoor Patios


Welsh slate is renowned for its superior quality and strength and has been used in the UK’s construction industry for centuries. Welsh slate is often riven, as this ancient stone will easily split into sheets, making it ideal for outdoor paving projects.

Welsh stones commonly feature a dark blue hue, with the occasional white vein; this unique aesthetic contributes to Welsh slate’s high-cost price of around £70-£100 per m2.


Brazilian slate is relatively new to the UK market, with its introduction intended to provide a premium grade slate to the UK at an affordable price. Brazilian slate has a smooth texture and is often machine cut to enhance this quality.

Brazilian stones come in two colours, grey and black; though the black stone will often reflect deep shades of blue when installed, these pavers cost around £20-£40 per m2.


Indian slate was the first foreign slate imported into the UK, with these stones intended to offer a cheaper alternative to the premium Welsh stones already quarried in Britain.

Most Indian stones feature a dark grey or deep blue colour and tend to have a natural riven finish. The Indian slate paving price per m2 is usually around £25-£45.

Labour Cost - How Much To Lay Slate Pavers?

When budgeting for the installation of slate paving, you should understand the variations in labour costs across different sized companies.

Contractors from larger companies will generally operate by drawing up a quotation for a complete installation; this will include labour costs and supply costs and outline a timeline for the completion of the work. 

This is preferred as it provides the contractor with more control over the project.

For a minor job, you may choose to hire individual paviours at a day rate of between £100-£150. This can be more cost-effective and will allow you to source your own materials, though you should be aware that one or two additional labourers may be required, both of which will charge a similar day rate.

Additional Cost Factors

Patio drainage

Improper drainage is one of the leading causes of damage to paving installations and the walls of your home. Before you begin any work, you should assess the area’s current drainage capabilities and consider installing ACO drains or applying a gradient to the foundation to assist in surface water drainage.

Manhole covers

Manhole covers are necessary for many paving installations, though choosing the right cover can be pretty costly. Standard covers are relatively inexpensive but can ruin the aesthetic of a natural stone installation, whilst inset covers made to match the stone pavers can cost up to £250 per cover installed.

Patio edging

Edging will be required to properly finish a patio installation, though the varied options available will differ in price. Pin kerbs and block borders are inexpensive per unit, but they will have to be set on concrete haunching, costing around £20 per metre to install. Opting for a more extravagant garden wall installation can cost as much as £200-£300 per metre.

Waste Removal

Removing an existing patio to make room for your new installation can be an expensive job in and of itself, requiring at least a single 4 cubic yard skip at the cost of around £120.

These small-sized skips will hold around 20 square metres of rubble when full, so larger projects may even require a 12 yarder, increasing your waste removal costs to £250.

Cost of removing a patio or garden

The average day rate for labourers in the UK is between £100 – £150; assuming that these contractors can remove 20-30 square metres per day, you’ll find those larger patio areas can incur sizeable costs during the removal process alone.

Jointing - How Will It Be Pointed?

Choosing the right jointing material is essential when installing a new patio. Your decision will affect how well the surface drains and how uniform the finished installation will look.

A simple mixture of sand and cement will help keep your costs down, though this method is messy and will risk staining your expensive natural stone tiles.

We recommend using a dedicated jointing compound to provide better drainage and look much more attractive between your natural stone pavers.

Typical Slate Patio Cost

This table indicates the expected price per m2 to lay slate paving stones in varied garden spaces:

Area Size
Time To Install
10 square metres
2 Days
2 Pavers
20 square metres
2-3 Days
2 Pavers
50 square metres
4-5 Days
2 Pavers
100+ square metres
8-9 Days
2 Pavers

Popular Slate Colours

  • Blue
  • Grey
  • Black
  • Purple
  • Rustic

Comparison - How Much Does The Average Patio Cost?

To fully pave the average UK garden of 10m2 with the cheapest possible material (concrete slabs), we’d expect to see a quote of around £800, but this is because it’s small. If you extended this to 60sq metres with the same flags, the price per metre would drop considerably as these flags are cheap.

The more expensive the paving material is, the more costly this process will be, with natural stone paving slabs being the most expensive at a price of around £1300 per 10m2 to install.

The average slate paving price per m2 is £85-£90, meaning a 10m2 installation should cost £850-£900 to install.

Alternative Patio Costs

Patio Paving Stone
Install Price per m2
Cost of Laying Concrete Flags
£60 – £65
Cost of Laying Limestone Slabs
£75 – £80
£75 – £80
Cost of Laying Granite Slabs
£75 – £80
Slate Patio per m2
£70 – £100
Natural Stone per m2
£70 – £100

Where To Buy Slate Slabs - Stockists

UK Stone Direct

UK Stone Direct has a range of Welsh slate paving stones in light heather and deep blue finishes; these stones are priced at between £20-£55 per m2


Wickes offers an extensive stock of slate paving stones in colours ranging from black and blue to green and plum. Their stones are reasonably priced, between £45-£85 per m2

Travis Perkins

Travis Perkins only carries a limited range of Brazilian slate slabs in silver-grey and black, though their prices are competitive at £20-£40 per m2.

How To Hire The Best Patio Installer

In our experience, the simplest way to hire a qualified local tradesperson to install your new patio is through a service like This easy-to-use platform will pair you up with a qualified professional, with only your postcode required to get started

How Do Slate Slabs Compare?

Vs Indian Stone

Your slate paving cost per m2 will generally be a little more than for Indian stone, though the highest quality Indian stone overlaps with the lower quality slate available.

Indian stone is less durable than slate and will require a specific cleaning process to avoid discolouration, so slate paving is generally easier to care for once installed.

Vs Block Paving

Block paving is generally cheaper to install than slate pavers, with the blocks themselves costing around £12 per m2 to buy. Block paving can also be completed in a similar timeframe to slate paving, though the joints may need to be re-sanded regularly if you choose to leave the installation unsealed.

Vs Porcelain

Porcelain pavers are similar to slate pavers in that they’re both expensive to source and time-consuming to install. These stones are popular as they’re non-porous and resistant to weathering, though the overall price of a porcelain paving installation can be off-putting to many homeowners.

Vs Granite

Granite is comparable in price to slate paving, and just like slate, it’s slip-resistant and incredibly durable. However, granite stones often lack the natural texture of riven slate paving slabs.

Vs Limestone

Limestone is one of the cheaper paving materials, at an average price of £75-£80 per m2 to install. Though Limestone tiles can be visually appealing, they require much more maintenance than slate, as limestone is naturally porous and can be easily damaged by acids and weathering.


Does Slate Break Easily?

Slate is incredibly strong and durable once installed, though the slabs are somewhat brittle on their own, so be careful when transporting slate to your installation.

Is Slate Paving Slippery?

Slate is naturally slip-resistant, making it an ideal material for paving outdoor areas and pools.

Does Slate Scratch Easily?

Slate will scratch quite easily if untreated, though scratches can be masked by applying mineral oil to the slabs or sealing the paved surface.

Can Slate Paving Stones be Sealed?

Yes, slate can be sealed and doing so will help protect the stones from scratches and staining during their lifetime.

Last Word

This should be all of the information you will need to determine the slate paving cost of your particular project.

At an average cost of £80-£95 per m2, slate paving is more expensive than some common materials like concrete or block paving. Still, it can be considerably cheaper than some high-end natural stone paving materials like porcelain.

It’s an excellent choice for outdoor areas and installations around water features, as it’s naturally slip-resistant and incredibly hard-wearing. Slate is also non-porous, so it’s resistant to weathering and staining, allowing this stone to stay clean and fresh for upwards of 30 years.

Remember to check several suppliers and choose an installation plan that suits the size of your project. With all of these things in mind, you should be able to enjoy your new slate paving for many years to come.

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