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Sika FastFix All Weather Review – Is This Jointing Any Good?

In this Sika FastFix all weather review, we’ll find out if this patio grout is a mainstay for DIY-ers and professionals. With no mixing required and a weather-proof application, this stuff is ideal for all kinds of block-paved patios and driveways, but before you settle on buying a few tubs of this stuff, have a word with our team of block-paving specialists to find out whether it’s ideal for your next paving project.

Sika FastFix Review – Our Experience

Drawing on over 15 years of experience professionally installing block paved driveways and patios. Our team has developed a comprehensive knowledge of the most popular jointing compounds available, so we’re confident that we know what to look for in a good product! 

The best paving grout for any block paved driveway or patio will be easy to apply, resistant to adverse weather and durable enough to leave our customers happy and satisfied for years to come.

We’ll always consider how cost-effective these materials are and how reliable they’ll be when exposed to the wear and tear of daily life because we’ll lose valuable business if we get it wrong! 

Introducing Sika FastFix

a brush sweeping block paving

Sika are one of the oldest jointing compound manufacturers in the trade and have remained a famous brand thanks to their easy-to-apply and reliable grouts for use in block paving.

How We’ll Review This Paving Jointing Compound

As with all our reviews, we’ll put Sika FastFix all-weather paving grout under the microscope to determine whether it’s as easy-to-apply, fast-drying and hard setting as the label claims. We’ll also consider its affordability and overall performance compared to other popular block paving grouts.

How solid will block paving joints created from Sika FastFix be? And how much coverage are you likely to see from a single container?

We’ll guide you through what it’s like to work with Sika FastFix and let you know if there’s any room for improvement when maintaining a paved block patio that uses this jointing compound.

Keep reading to find out if Sika Fast-Fix has what it takes to be one of our top picks!

Product Overview

Sika Fast Fix All Weather

Benefiting from a self-setting formula, Sika FastFix patio grout is specifically designed for use in block paved driveways, footpaths and patios. It can be applied to exposed joints, even in rainy conditions, with pesticide-free weed protection and long-lasting erosion-free durability.

How Does Sika FastFix Work?

With no premixing required, Sika FastFix all-weather compound can be applied directly to the joints in block paving with a wet brush. Just be sure to clear the area of existing weeds and debris before you start filling the joints!

Thanks to its all-weather formula, Sika FastFix can even be applied during rainfall with no adverse effects. Forming solid joints between paving blocks in just 6-12 hours, with chemical-free weed protection and excellent drainage capabilities due to its porous nature.

This video shows how to apply

The Benefits Of Sika FastFix

Sika FastFix is so popular because it’s quick and easy to use! Not only does this jointing compound require no prior mixing to form tough yet flexible joints, its active resin technology means you can apply it in the rain or on the frosty ground without the risk of clumps forming or an uneven finish ruining your job! 

Sika FastFix all-weather paving grout also provides environmentally friendly weed protection without harsh chemicals, creating a solid resin bond between paving blocks that prevents weed seeds from taking root and damaging your paving blocks.

We love that Sika FastFix patio grout cures within a day, and the specially designed block paving formula is safe to use with just about any paving material, including concrete slabs, cobbles, Indian sandstone, paving blocks and flagstones! 

Resists weed growth

weeds growing through a patio

With active resin particles suspended within Sika FastFix’s formula, this block paving grout can provide great protection against weed growth by creating a natural barrier within the joints that leaves no room for stray seeds to take root.

This clever design means Sika FastFix can protect your block-paved driveway from future weed growth without harsh chemicals and pesticides. Thanks to its porous structure, your block paving can still be washed without pools of water forming as the liquid will drain through the joints themselves!  

You can apply this patio grout in any weather.

Though dry jointing sands may be cheaper than a self-setting patio grout like Sika FastFix, they can be a pain to work with, as you’ll need to ensure that your entire block paved drive is bone dry to prevent the material from clumping.

Sika FastFix all-weather patio grout removes this issue by using a resin seal and a water-bonding setting method, which allows this handy jointing compound to work just as well during rainfall and frosty conditions as it does during clear days.

Resistance to cracks and shrinkage

Sika FastFix not only cures surprisingly fast, being able to bear weight within half a day, but the strength of the resin bonds within its chemical formula prevents this jointing compound from shrinking and cracking over time.

Despite forming a rock-hard joint, we’ve found a noticeable amount of give within the block paving set with Sika FastFix. Allowing your block paved drive to hold the weight of vehicles and withstand the vibrations of heavy foot traffic without splitting or cracking like some joint fillers are known to! 


magnifying glass on small letters

Though Sika FastFix all-weather jointing compound deserves a lot of praise, we have found that its thick consistency makes it less than ideal for block paved patios with a joint width below 5mm. When compared to similar self-setting patio grouts, this product is definitely on the pricier side! 


Sika FastFix all-weather jointing compound is available in 5 colours, which is ideal for block paving as there are so many styles of patio stones and blocks to choose from! 

Sika FastFix all-weather patio grout comes in:

  • Charcoal
  • Dark Buff
  • Deep Grey 
  • Flint 
  • Stone


One 15kg tub will be suitable for a block paved drive measuring 20 square metres, which just so happens to be the average size of a two-car driveway in the UK. Though it may be initially cheaper to fill joints with loose dried sand, Sika FastFix’s hardened joints mean you won’t experience sand loss and need to re-sand your block paving regularly!

Sika FastFix Alternatives

#1. Wide Gap All Weather Paving Joint Filler

Wide Gap All Weather Paving Joint Filler

Similarly priced to Sika FastFix for a container of equal size, this wide gap joint filler doesn’t quite match up to Sika’s product. Whilst it will get the job done, we’ve found it takes longer to set, lacks a protective resin barrier and is only available in one colour! 

#2. Fusion Black All Weather Paving Grout

Fusion Black All Weather

A little pricier than the Sika’s jointing compound, this premixed Nexus paving grout is available in 4 colours, from beige to black. It’s just as weather-resistant as Sika’s product, though it can take up to 48 hours to set.

Where to Buy

One of the more popular products on the market, so you can find this patio grout stocked at just about any hardware or DIY supplier you could think of! 

We’ve found this patio grout stocked by: 

  • Amazon
  • Wickes
  • Screwfix
  • Travis Perkins
  • Toolstation
  • B&Q

Last Word 

block paving

The active resin technology not only helps the Sika FastFix all-weather jointing compound to prevent weed growth naturally, but it also helps to produce solid yet flexible joints that won’t crack under the pressure of vehicles and heavy footfall.

The solid joints Sika FastFix patio grout produces require no additional sealing to protect your block paved drive fully. The range of colours available makes it an excellent choice for almost any style of block paving, so we recommend this patio grout as a top pick!