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Pricing Your Resin Driveway in 2024

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New Resin Driveway Cost

Thinking about upgrading your driveway? 

Let’s discuss resin driveways, which are durable, stylish, and low-maintenance. But everyone’s mind is on the cost. We’ve got you covered with all the details you need about how much it might cost.

How Much Does a Resin Driveway Cost?

In 2024, the cost of a resin driveway in the UK is predominantly determined by its dimensions, the choice between resin bound or bonded systems, and the type of aggregate selected.

The average cost is typically £90 per square metre. For a medium-sized driveway, sufficient for two cars and averaging 50m², the total cost would generally be between £4,000 and £4,500.

Now, let’s get down to what everyone cares about the average resin driveway cost. We understand that budgeting is a big deal, so we’ve broken down the expenses for you, making it straightforward to figure out what you’ll be investing in your driveway makeover.

Stay tuned for a clear breakdown of the costs per square metre, ensuring you have all the necessary information to make an intelligent decision.

Resin driveways blend top-quality resin with your choice of aggregates like gravel, marble, or even recycled plastic, creating a durable, attractive surface.

This isn’t just about making your driveway look good; it’s about adding value that lasts with minimal upkeep. Plus, they’re weed-resistant and super easy to clean.

Cost Factors: What Determines Your Resin Driveways Price?

Wondering how the resin driveway cost breaks down? Here we break down the factors of installation and other materials,

Resin Bound Driveways Vs Resin Bonded Driveways

The resin bound driveway is the one you want when installing driveways, it’s SUDS compliant and the aggregates are coated in polyurethane resin (not epoxy) and less likely to crack, crumble or come loose. It’s permeable so little to no puddling.

Resin-bonded surfaces will set you back less but are not permeable. Resin bonded surfaces can’t be SUD’s compliant.  People looking to install a new driveway often pay the extra for a better drive surface and avoid planning permission.

Your Current Driveway Surface

The number one factor with resin driveway costs is what current surface you have. If you have already have a concrete driveway or existing tarmac, it’s possible to just lay the resin driveway on top.

However, if not or it is badly damaged, the company will need to remove the existing surface and prepare the sub-base, which unsurprisingly takes longer and costs significantly more in labour.

What Are Typical Labour Costs for Resin Driveway Installation?

This is a tricky one as it depends on who you hire and how long the job takes.

The average price for labour is £150-£250 per day, so if a 50m2 resin drive takes two days to install, you’d be looking at £300-£500.

However, if you choose a large aggregate or need drainage, this will increase the length of the job and you could pay double that.

Areas: The Driveway Size & Shape

Obviously, quality resin driveway costs will increase the more extensive the area, as you will need more aggregate and it will take longer to lay the new driveway, which will increase labour costs.

Waste And Skips

Removing the existing driveway surface is an expense. Skip hire varies depending on whereabouts in the country you live (It’s more expensive in the south and London) but for an 8-yard skip, expect to pay anything from £160-£370. A 12-yard skip is considerably higher at around £250-£440 per week

Drainage: Dealing with Water

If your new resin driveway installation is over a porous surface like tarmac, the rainwater will just drain straight through.

However, a non-porous surface like concrete, needs sustainable urban drainage systems installed, and again it affects the price, this will increase your resin bonded driveway cost. This is even more important when installing a resin patio to avoid flooding.

Material: The Gravel / Aggregate Size

Another factor is the size of the loose gravel used in a resin driveway. Aggregate is available from 3mm-10mm, with 6mm being recommended for driveway installation. Choosing a smaller stone for your aggregate will keep your resin bound surface cost affordable because it does not require much depth.

This is unlike larger stones, which are more expensive initially and take longer to install as their required depth is three times their size which needs to be dug out prior to installation. Therefore increasing the price.

How Long Does a Resin Driveway Take to Install?

Installing a resin driveway is surprisingly swift and minimally disruptive. Typically, the actual resin application takes just one day.

However, the total project duration includes an additional 1-2 days beforehand for removing any existing driveway and preparing a new sub-base, if necessary.

It’s advisable to wait another day before using the driveway to ensure the resin sets perfectly. Thus, from start to finish, your driveway transformation can be completed in as little as 3-4 days.

Resin Driveway Overall Cost Calculator

Below is a quick visual of how the final costs are broken down for a newly laid resin driveway. Other things can influence the costs but not as much as these four. 

Waste Removal

Typical Resin Driveway Installation Cost UK

As we’ve mentioned, a resin driveway cost will vary depending on several factors. The table below will give you some idea of a resin bound driveway cost.

Installation Description
Average Size in m2
Car Space
Days to Install
Final Costs
Small Resin Driveway Cost
Average Sized Resin Driveway Cost
Large Resin Driveway Cost

Additional Costs To Expect

These are the parts of the resin driveway project that nobody thinks about but can skyrocket the price. If you hear £50 or £70 a square metre, take it with a pinch of salt until the final price is calculated.

Additional Costs
Time to Install
Single Step
A matching step created with boot kerbs and blocks
3 hours
Double Step
See Above
5 hours
Aco Drain
Drainage installation to catch rainwater flowing towards house
1 hour per linear metres
£80 per L/M
Pin Kerb
Pin kerbs are installed in any area that needs retainment.
1 hour per 3 linear metres
£25 per linear metre
Boot Kerb Cost
Boot kerbs allow for high raised borders
30 Minutes per linear metre
£40 Per linear metre
Installing Inset Manhole Cover Trays
Manhole covers are swapped for inset trays and blended with the resins
3 hours
£250 Each

Does a Resin Driveway Need Planning Permission?

Because resin bound surfaces are permeable unlike a resin bonded or a concrete driveway, there is no need to apply for planning. However, a bonded resin drive isn’t, so you would need to contact your local council in that instance and this would increase your driveway resin cost by at least £20

Choosing Between UV Stable and Non-UV Resin Surface

The original colour will fade, whereas non exposed areas like under the bins or plant pots will remain the same, leaving your resin driveway looking patchy.

This can be avoided if you use an aliphatic resin that is UV resistant when installing a resin driveway.

a yellow driveway with charcoal border

The supply costs and performance of UV resin versus non UV resin do vary. 

We would always recommend using UV stable resin for your new driveway because an aromatic resin or non UV stable resin will break down and discolour over time when exposed to UV light.

How to Find Reliable Resin Driveway Installers?

We recommend for resin surfacing companies. is a free website where you can find a professional resin driveway installer. Local and reliable trades all with customer reviews and ratings submitted by other users just like yourself!

Resin Driveway Alternatives

We wrote a mini-guide on the best material for a driveway here. For the actual prices of these driveway materials, we’ve listed the guides below.

Installing a resin driveway is an excellent choice as they require very little upkeep and maintenance throughout their lifespan; if you have opted for decorative edging, and we recommend that you do, your driveway will remain flawless for decades. 

With a resin driveway the natural drainage system is eco-friendly and means no stepping in puddles when you open the front door and another bonus is no weeds.

How much does resin bound driveway cost? It depends on the project, what surface you already have, how long it will take if you need skip hire, and what edge you use, but the average resin driveway cost is £90 per square metre.

Stone resin driveways can be more than paving or concrete, but the benefits and longevity make it a cost-effective option for many homeowners. 

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