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Resiblock Sealer Review – Is This Sealing Solution Any Good?

Resiblock Limited is a UK-based paving sealer company that began selling its quality and innovative products in the 1990s. They are currently Europe’s leading specialist in high-quality block paving sealers. Resiblock sealant products have been used in applications as far and wide as Disneyland in Hong Kong, the London O2 Arena, and Heathrow Airport.

Resiblock is well-known for its environmental focus as well as a wide range of products. They develop paving sealers, jointing sand protectors, colour enhancers and more. Read our Resiblock sealer review below to find out more about their fantastic line.

About Resiblock 

Resiblock has been a leading sealant company for nearly three decades now, having set up in 1993 in Essex, UK.  

They are owned by the US company Sika, who you may also recognise as a leading name in sealing paving. However, they still continue to market some of the best home products under their own label for driveways, patios, decks, garden paving, and kitchen floors.

Resiblock coverage is regarded as some of the longest-lasting, which is why their seal block paving supplies can cost more than your average. However, professional sealers and pavers widely agree that Resiblock products are great value for money.

an image of the resiblock logo

Resiblock’s Quality & Reputation

Resiblock is easily one of the ‘megastars’ of construction supply. The company has provided incredible sealing and colour enhancement solutions to projects small and large worldwide. From big-scale sports stadiums to private paving and driveway slabs, a Resiblock product is absolutely a mark of quality.

Professional jobs require professional products and end results, which is where Resiblock and Sika come in. Their products generally offer a shelf life of around five years at home. However, their tarmac restoration, public paving products and more will often endure more due to foot traffic.

Resiblock’s reputation has led them to create a registration service. Contractors can sign up as registered suppliers of the brand to claim discounts and even advertising boosts. Keep reading this thread, as we will go into more detail on this process further down.

Resiblock’s Environmental Policy 

One of the key reasons that Resiblock has managed to gain such popularity – and maintain its prestigious reputation- is that the company genuinely cares about the environment. They specialise in water-based products for home use and commercial purposes. 

Moreover, they have led company initiatives in going green in-house, too. Resiblock has significantly reduced its use of paper and packing materials. The team also focuses on recycling whatever they can, including ink cartridges.

Over the years, Resiblock has significantly reduced the number of VOCs ( Volatile Organic Compounds) found in their products. The brand is also motivated to minimise solvents as much as possible. You will also find that most of their supplies arrive in recyclable bottles. In 2020, Resiblock also moved to simplify its packaging across its range.

In the construction, paving renovation and cleaning spheres, Resiblock leads the way for eco-friendliness. They are a brand that strives to deliver outstanding results with minimal environmental damage.

Resiblock Paving Sealer Products 

#1. Resiblock Superior  Wet Look / Gloss

The Resiblock Superior Gloss sealer gets the job done and creates an effortlessly shiny finish for block paved driveways. This 25-litre bottle offers a protective formula that fights back against weeds, oil stains, general marking and more.

Resiblock Superior Gloss 25lt

One coat of Resiblock wet look can last up to five years. It can also be used on general paving blocks and some slabs beyond the driveway and won’t remove any jointing sand during sealing. This is the ‘original’ Resiblock sealer, and the company advises no other brand in Europe guarantees oil stain protection.

#2. Resiblock Superior Natural Matt

Much like the wet look sealer, Resiblock Superior Matt protects your block paving from oil, diesel, food and drink stains that can occur over the years. It can also help to stave off insect populations and ant hills from developing.

Resiblock Superior Natural Matt Block Paving Sealant 5Lt

The key difference, of course, lies in the finish. This block paving sealer provides a more natural look than the Superior Wet. Resiblock Matt is ideal if you want to promote the natural look of stone without the added glaze.

It is also a colour enhancer and will require two coats to lock in tone and depth.

#3. Resiblock Trade All-Purpose Paving Sealant 25lt

The Resiblock (25 litres) All-Purpose Paving Sealant is a professional-grade solution for contractors and construction projects.

It is a low-odour, solvent-free solution that supports bond sand and which easily seals the surface of concrete and clay block paving. This water-based sealer will only require one coat for complete protection.

Resiblock 25lt Trade All Purpose Paving Sealant

This product is also one of several Resiblock sealers that can be comfortably used inside and out. Many professionals choose this product to cover the whole of a location – i.e., home, driveway and patio. It helps to protect block paving against weeds and stains, making it easier to remove oil from the surface.

#4. Resiblock Natural Stone Sealer Colour Enhancer, 5lt

The Resiblock Natural Stone Sealer Colour Enhancer is manufactured to provide deep colour impregnation across most natural stone styles. There is no need for a second coat, and a single seal will last up to five years per application.

This sealer also helps to keep blocks free from unwanted growth. It is particularly praised for its anti-algae protection, making the paving surface easier to clean and maintain. You may also see it listed as a Resiblock Indian sandstone sealer colour enhancer.

Resiblock Natural Stone Sealer Colour Enhancer, 5lt

As with many other Resiblock sealers, this driveway and patio standard is also resistant against oil stains, liquids and more. This product soaking deeper into natural stone than most sealers brings richer tones and colours to your slabs.

#5. Resiblock Indian Sandstone Sealer (Invisible)

This Resiblock sandstone sealer in five litres is one of several produced with sensitive stone in mind. It is especially good for Indian Sandstone, as it helps to protect sensitive slabs and blocks from the sun. Coupled with UV resistance, this paving sealer soaks deep to stop dirt from clogging your block pores.

This is one of Resiblock’s landmark sealers, thanks to its invisible layer of surface protection. The key difference between this paving sealer and the above is, of course, the colour enhancement.

Resiblock Invisible Natural Stone Indian Sandstone Sealer 1 x 5 litres

This surface sealant works in a similar fashion; however, its main focus is on blocking dirt. The invisible coverage also means this sealer will not remove the look of your natural stone.

Resiblock Indian sandstone sealer reviews are generally very positive from homeowner and professional perspectives.

#6. Resiblock Oil Remover 5 lt

This specialist oil remover is fairly self-explanatory. It is specifically formulated to lift up troublesome car spills and can be applied with a brush. After a careful brush over, simply use a light pressure washer to remove any remaining marks.

Resiblock Oil Remover 5 lt

This is reviewed well as an excellent product for lifting old car stains and spills. Before paving is sealed, professionals recommend using this product to avoid ‘locking in’ any unsightly marks.

This product works hand in hand with Resiblock sealers to prevent staining from coming back time and again.

#7. Resiblock ER (efflorescence Remover) 5lt

White salts known as efflorescence can be a nightmare for concrete pavers. This product helps to lift off the toughest of salt pre-sealing. It is ideal for artificial block paved solutions. However, the company advises it is not developed for natural stone.

Resiblock ER (efflorescence Remover) 5lt

A five-litre can of ER will provide up to 30 square metres of block coverage should you require it. It has received positive reviews for its ease of use and fast-acting coverage.

This product effectively removes the need for using heavy chemicals and extensively brushing your concrete.

What About Resiblock 22?

Resiblock 22 is a professional jointing sand stabiliser. It can both stabilise kiln dried sand and prevent it from eroding through cleaning and regular wear. In addition, it will help to prevent water and dirt from sinking deep into slabs and joints.

This product is not for home use, nor is it applicable with natural stone. You won’t even find Resiblock 22 on Amazon.

Therefore, you will need to buy this professional product from Resiblock 22 suppliers such as Resapol, Everbuild and Resiblock directly. It is worth browsing the ‘shopping’ section of Google when you search for more resources.

How Long Does Resiblock Last?

On the whole, you may expect Resiblock products to last up to five years (providing you use them correctly). However, there is, unfortunately, no guarantee as to how long each of their sealers will last you over time. Reviews from professional users and homeowners state that the results are long-lasting on the whole.

cs-b cs-a

Always make sure to check the bottle, marketing and user reviews before you buy to avoid disappointment.

How To Become Resiblock Registered 

Many professional pavers and construction experts choose to register with Resiblock for discounts and bulk deals. In addition, professionals who become Resiblock registered will also receive contractor listings via Resiblock’s online directory.

Resiblock is trusted by contractors and homeowners alike. Therefore, it’s recommended you register with the brand if you regularly use their paving sealer products and if you would like to benefit from the association.

Click here to find out more and to fill out your details with Resiblock directly.

Resiblock Stockists 

If you have an Amazon account, finding much of the Resiblock sealers range online is simple. However, as established, a handful of products from the manufacturer are only available elsewhere.

Most of the products listed above have Amazon availability, and we have linked to the online store directly. However, it is also worth checking for authorised Resiblock suppliers with your postcode via the manufacturer website. There, you’ll be able to search for nearby stores with available stock.

Other popular Resiblock sealer stockists include:

  • B&Q
  • Jewsons
  • Buildbase
  • Beesley & Fildes
  • Allfix

You’ll find stock of most Resiblock Superior 25l, colour enhancers and home paving sealers via the above. However, you may still need to find a contractor outlet for Resiblock 22, as mentioned above.


What’s the best Resiblick sealer for Indian Sandstone?

The Resiblock Indian Sandstone Sealer is a great product that has been specifically manufactured to seal more delicate stone so is ideal for this purpose

What’s the best for block paving?

It depends on whether you want a gloss or matt finish; both options by Resiblock on our list will seal block paving perfectly. The Superior, which gives a shiny finish, also guarantees protection against oil stains.

Is Resiblock worth the price?

Definitely, you get what you pay for and the companies products are top-notch, which is backed up by the fantastic reviews they receive from both homeowners and professional’s online

Last Word

From Resiblock Ultra Matt to everyday Resiblock Colour Enhancer, you can trust this brand to cover your paving needs and demands.

Resiblock is also a name that most pavers and professional sealers will instantly recognise. Their long line of products can help bring out rich colours in natural stone and protect even the most porous paving.

The brand is well-regarded by professionals thanks to its products’ long-lasting resilience. A Resiblock seal will generally last at least five years with careful maintenance. A quick Google will also tell you that the brand is committed to helping pavers and contractors find leads up and down the UK.

As always, it is still a good idea to check out Resiblock reviews from verified buyers if you are unsure. A Resiblock trade review, too, will offer you a professional perspective on their contractors’ line.

It is easy to purchase block sealer and patio seal products under the Resiblock line from their website directly. However, you may find them cheaper at local stockists near your location or even via Amazon. We agree with many pavers that Resiblock is one of the top names for sealed paving the world over – their surface sealers more than do the job and are well worth the higher price.

However, make sure to take into account the different types of paving sealer available. Some sealers are for professional use, while others are for smaller, home applications. Some require just one coat, while others need a second coat. Create an online account at Resiblock, login, and start benefitting from their regular deals for loyal customers.