Beamish Cobbles Driveway Paving Installed in Newcastle Upon Tyne.

Beamish Cobbles Driveway Paving Installed in Newcastle Upon Tyne.

Cobbled Driveway Using Beamish Cobbles in Brindle

Project: [Beamish Cobble Driveway] Location: [Gosforth, Newcastle Upon Tyne]

Beamish Cobbles are the No 1 choice for North East driveways!

When this customer first set out getting driveway prices she didn’t have the first clue what Beamish Cobbleswere! But she did know what she wanted. She wanted the same cobbled driveway paving as she had seen at neighbours which turned out to be Beamish Cobbles!

The Beamish Cobble the neighbour had were Harvest, where as our customer chose Brindle, The Beamish range comes in 4 different colours, Stone, Brindle, Burnt Ochre and Harvest. For a brochure contact us here.

These driveway cobbles are made by a company called Thomas Armstrong based in Beamish, near Stanley County Durham, Beamish hence the name!

These Armstrong cobbles are rapidly becoming the first choice for homeowners and their driveways in the North East.


Because as many driveway paving companies in the North East will tell you, they are the best. Reasonably priced, always available, come with plenty of matching extras, super durable and long lasting colour. It is slightley dearer than say block paving in Newcastle although well worth the extra.

Beamish Cobbles may not be a brand name yet, but you will struggle to walk around any estate in Newcastle, Sunderland or Durham without seeing this beautiful cobble paving.

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