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Patio Magic Review - Is This Cleaning Solution Any Good?

This is our review of Patio Magic outdoor surface cleaner.

As experienced paving and patio experts, we have cleaned and sealed 1000’s of garden surfaces and driveways. Removing all weeds, moss, algae, and the occasional oil stain is essential before sealing.

Brintons Patio Magic 5L

We are always looking for any chemical solutions that make cleaning paved areas a breeze. We tested Brintons Patio Magic cleaner extensively, and as with all products we use, we write up our thoughts.

With patio cleaners, especially, not all solutions will suit all paving surfaces. We will get into the nitty-gritty below, but here is the upshot of our Patio Magic review.

  • Patio Magic works damn hard for the price.
  • We found it gives good results in under 48 hours, but it performs even better after 3-4 days.
  • It is particularly ruthless on moss and algae and should spruce any drive or patio suffering from these.
  • It’s not comprehensive enough for a paved area to be “seal ready”. For this, you’d need a powerwash.
  • As an all-purpose weed killer and growth eliminator, its performance is pretty impressive.
  • It surprisingly worked wonders on patios suffering green discolouration
  • It struggled with the black spots. These are tough to shift anyhow, so that’s no big shock at this price point.
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We never tested on surfaces like decking, but we had great results on patios, driveways and large gravel areas infested with weeds. If you want a super-strength exterior surface cleaner that has excellent coverage, I recommend Patio Magic. It’s a DIY’ers dream.

Made by Brinton, Patio Magic is an all-purpose cleaner formulated for outdoor use. Specifically, it’s a concentrated formula used for patios, driveways, concrete, even wood decking and sheds. It’s famous for being easy to sprinkle and leave to dry – there’s no need for a pressure washer.

It’s also organic to an extent, meaning it’s one of the safer treatments for general dirt, green algae and more besides. It’s available in a five-litre bottle as standard, and that should give you coverage of up to 170 square metres with ease. It’ll kill off unwanted organic growth – weeds, lichen, mildew, moss, the works.

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Patio magic ingredients

Patio Magic is entirely biodegradable. That means it’s free from coarse chemicals, bleach and acid – great news if you have pets or kids around and want to keep them safe. You’ll need to dilute before use, but otherwise, everything in the bottle is good to go.

The main ingredients in this all-around cleaner include general alcohol, ethoxylated, C9-C11 and benzalkonium chloride. Scary words, perhaps, but a less harsh combination for hard surfaces all over the garden.

As a non-acidic application, it’s a much milder abrasive than your average patio cleaning product; however, its makeup means you won’t need to undergo pressure washing once it’s dry. Just use a low-pressure garden sprayer and leave it to do its business.

It’s still abrasive to an extent, mind, so you’re going to want to protect your skin and clothing – and keep pets and kids clear.

As it’s not formulated for any particular type of patio slabs, you may need more than one treatment to get the worst stains or get the best results. However, there’s a good tradeoff with the lack of a jet wash, so it ticks most of the right boxes.

Easy to use paving cleaner

Patio Magic is well known for being very easy to use on most stone and paving areas. For the most basic or cheapest of concrete and everyday patio slabs, you’re likely to get on famously with this cleaner. It’ll apparently work well on patio decking, too, so there’s no need to go looking for different products.

That said, the more delicate the paving, the less brilliant the results are likely to be. Polished stone, York stone and other natural surfaces react better to specialist patio cleaning products that deeply penetrate their pores.

A little goes a long way

Impressively, Patio Magic covers hard surfaces up to 3.5 by 7 square metres per diluted litre. Considering you’ll need to mix the cleaner 1:6 with water, that’s a lot of coverage in a fairly generous bottle. As mentioned, it’s a five-litre product, so for a small patio, you get good mileage for your money.

Add to that the fact that it will help remove dirt from your garden shed, glazed pots, and garden ornaments – it’s a fantastic all-purpose cleaner.

Can also be used to clean garden furniture

Patio Magic is also easy to use on garden furniture and fixes of wood, plastic, and even glass. Therefore, if your garden bench is developing green mould or your greenhouse is looking shabby, simply fill up your sprayer and let it get to work.

As it’s not a specialist cleaner, PM may not give you as good results as you might expect from, say, a glass cleaner specifically developed for that purpose. It’s a jack of all trades.

Fantastic patio algae remover

Patio algae can be an absolute nightmare, and thankfully, this product does prevent the re-growth of some of the most destructive natural growths in the garden.

Once you’ve treated areas in need of algae removal, you’ll need to leave the product to do its job over a few days. Generally, three will be enough. It’s slow-acting, but everyday users claim it’s worth it.

Can be used as a pre-paint fungicidal wash

Patio Magic is anti-bacterial; it’s also great for killing off nasties before you go ahead and paint. If you’re sick of seeing green mould and algae busting through your paint jobs, then this cleaner may well give you the support you’re looking for.

Kills weeds

Weeds, of course, are perhaps the most common natural nasties in any garden or on any driveway. But does patio magic kill weeds? Yes, to an extent.

After using Patio Magic, you’ll likely find that treated areas are better protected against perennials and re-occurring weed cultures.

However, using this product frequently might not beat back the value of sealing your outdoor surfaces and paving correctly or using specialist weed killers for patios and driveways.

Patio Magic Alternatives

Algon Cleaner

Algon’s paver cleaner is just as affordable as Patio Magic, and similarly, it’s an organic mix. It’s available in 2.5-litre bottles, but you’ll need a separate cleaner for wood and furniture.

Spear And Jackson S And L

There’s not much competition between PM and Spear and Jackson’s Spray and Leave, with this cleaner also providing excellent all-around cleaning support. Right now, it may even be more affordable than Brinton’s products.


Jeyes Fluid is affordable and is always reliable, and it’s likely to clean deeper than some alternatives. However, as a type of bleach, it’s likely to be less safe for your garden and your pets.

Pro-Kleen Green Mould And Algae Moss Killer

Pro-Kleen is an excellent brand we highly recommend, and while there’s not much to tell between this product and Patio Magic, it effectively gets rid of moss and algae and will prevent re growth. However, it’s highly abrasive – and you’ll need to keep it away from aquatic life.

How to Use Patio Magic Cleaner

As always, follow the instructions on the bottle before you get started – but here are some general patio magic instructions to see you on your way.

  • Clear your patio or paving to be cleaned (sweep debris, dirt and leaves aside)
  • Make sure it’s completely dry – wait for a dry day, too (rain within five hours is a no-no)
  • Strap on the goggles and mask, and cover your clothes (safety first)
  • Make sure to dilute Patio Magic one part to six parts of water
  • Gently sprinkle across the area with a garden sprayer (a watering can works, too)
  • Leave to dry over a few hours – no need to wash down afterwards

How Long Does it Take for Patio Magic to Work?

It generally takes two to three days to start breaking down algae, mould, weeds and more. While that’s quite slow-acting, it continues working deeply over the weeks to come. Therefore, patience is a virtue – if you want quicker, longer-lasting results, try something a little more specialised.

Where Can You Buy

Patio magic stockists

  • B&Q
  • Wilko
  • Amazon
  • Homebase
  • Wickes
  • Argos
  • Tesco
  • Morrisons
  • Robert Dyas

It’s not the deep cleaning specialist cleaner you’d expect a professional to use on natural stone, but it’s a good, all-around option. For the very best solutions see our patio cleaner reviews page.


Is Patio Magic safe around pets?

Patio Magic is safer than most cleaners as it’s zero-bleach and non-acidic. At the same time, it’s still abrasive – keep pets away from the cleaning area until it’s thoroughly dried – at worst, rinse their paws immediately if they walk in it.

Does patio magic remove black spotting?

In our opinion, it doesn’t do as good a job with lichen staining as specialist removers. If this is your main problem, find out what is the best black spot remover in this buyers guide.

How do I stop my patio from going green?

The best way to stop any patio from going green is to simply maintain it – clean it regularly with a specialist product, sweep with a stiff brush, and gently use your power washer every once in a while.