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How Much Does Patio Cleaning Cost in the UK?

Cleaning a patio with a jet wash can have great results when done correctly, but if you do it wrong, you’ll end up with a streaky and patchy mess. Here, we share the average patio cleaning cost per square meter so you know how much professional cleaners would charge.

How Much To Jet Wash A Patio?

Although patio cleaning prices will vary from business to business and be higher the further South you live, you can expect to pay around £5 per metre for patio cleaning.

Suppose you’d prefer hourly, around £20 – £25 per hour for professional power washing. Remember that this isn’t just the person’s time you’re paying for. This includes their skills, machinery (jet wash) and transport. (fuel, etc.)

Cost Factors: Why Is Patio Pressure Washing So Expensive?

Understanding the factors that influence the cost of patio cleaning can help homeowners make informed decisions when hiring professionals.

These additional costs can vary widely, from the size of the patio to its condition and even who supplies the water for the cleaning process.

These additional costs can vary widely, from the size of the patio to its condition and even who supplies the water for the cleaning process.

Size of the Patio

The cost of patio cleaning hinges on its size; larger patios require more time, labour, and materials, increasing expenses. However, the upkeep of your outdoor space is invaluable. Smaller patios are less pricey to maintain and clean.

Labour Cost and Materials Required

Labor and materials significantly influence patio cleaning costs. Costs increase if the area needs clearing of furniture or debris. Homeowners can lower expenses by pre-clearing the patio. Specialised cleaning solutions may raise prices but ensure a more durable clean.

Condition of the Patio Slabs

The current condition of your patio is another crucial factor that can influence the cost of cleaning. The price will likely be lower if your patio is well-maintained and only requires light cleaning.

However, a patio that needs heavy cleaning and has years of ingrained dirt will require a more intensive cleaning process, which will be more expensive.

Tough Stains Cost More (Oil and Food)

Oil and food stains on your patio can be particularly stubborn to remove and often require unique cleaning solutions or techniques. If your patio has these types of stains, you should expect to pay a separate cost for their removal.

These food and oil stains can be particularly stubborn and may require multiple treatments to remove them. To prevent these stains from occurring, try to clean up any spills as soon as they happen.

Your Location

In the UK, the cost of patio cleaning and other home improvement services varies by location, often 25% to 50% more expensive in the South, especially in London and the South East, due to the higher cost of living and demand. 

These areas’ elevated property and wage costs contribute to increased service prices. The South East’s abundance of homes with patios and peak season demand further elevates prices.

Water Supply

While it’s generally assumed that the homeowner will supply the water for patio cleaning, this is only sometimes the case.

Some cleaning services bring their water, which can be reflected in the cost.

a paved patio and wall being cleaned with pressure washer

This might seem like a minor detail, but they use a lot of water, which can significantly affect the overall cost of the service.

Discussing this with your chosen service provider before the cleaning begins is always best. By doing so, you can avoid surprises when the bill arrives and ensure you’re fully informed about all aspects of the service.

How Much Do Local Patio Cleaning Companies Cost?

Patio Size (m²)
Initial Cost (£)
Discount Applied
Final Cost (£)

This table demonstrates how the cost per square meter decreases as the patio size increases, with significant discounts making larger projects more economical. 

Most companies have a minimum charge for any pressure-washed patio. Even a small patio.

Should I Clean My Patio Myself or Hire Cleaners?

While it may be tempting to take on the task of patio cleaning yourself to save money, it’s essential to consider the potential pitfalls of this approach.

The process can be more challenging than it initially appears.

man using a power washer with eye protection

Without the right experience and equipment, you may have to pay twice: once for your efforts and again for a professional service to correct any mistakes.

The Challenge of DIY Patio Cleaning

One of the main challenges of DIY patio cleaning is difficulty assessing your progress. When cleaning using a pressure washer or garden hose, it can be hard to see how well you’re doing.

Once the stones dry, you might notice streaky or patchy areas you’ve missed. This is a common issue for homeowners who attempt to clean their patios and driveways themselves, and it often means having to redo the work, doubling the time and effort you initially planned to spend.

Experience with Cleaning Paving Slabs

Professional patio cleaning providers have the experience to avoid these common pitfalls. They know how to clean effectively and efficiently, often using a systematic approach to ensure each stone is thoroughly cleaned.

This experience allows them to avoid DIY attempts’ streaky or patchy results. They also know how to handle different stains and can advise on maintaining your patio after cleaning it.

The Benefit of Professional Equipment

Another advantage of hiring a professional patio cleaning service is the quality of their equipment. Most professional services have access to high-powered petrol machines and rotary head attachments.

These tools provide a more profound and thorough cleaning than most homeowners can achieve with consumer-grade equipment such as a stiff brush.

While the upfront patio cleaning cost may be higher, the superior results and time saved often make professional cleaning a worthwhile investment.

How Can I Save Money on Patio Cleaning?

To minimise patio cleaning expenses, consider these eight cost-saving strategies:

  • Perform regular cleaning and patio maintenance.
  • Use manual scrubbing techniques on heavy stains.
  • Regularly remove lichen spores.
  • Make homemade cleaning solutions for weed and moss growth.
  • Seek out professional service bundles.
  • Take advantage of seasonal discounts.
  • Clear patio furniture and debris yourself.
  • Compare the total cost from different providers.
  • Utilise eco-friendly cleaning methods for cost-efficiency.

Do Jet Washing Prices Change with the Seasons?

Patio cleaning costs vary seasonally, often peaking in spring as homeowners prepare their patios for summer, leading to higher demand and possibly increased prices. 

In autumn and winter, demand dips, which may affect costs. Weather also impacts service availability and pricing, making spring cleaning popular yet potentially pricier due to demand.

Does the Material of My Patio Affect Cleaning Costs?

Yes, the material of your patio significantly affects cleaning costs. Concrete, block paving, and natural stone require different cleaning methods and products, influencing the project’s complexity and price.

Specialised treatments for specific materials can lead to higher costs due to the need for particular expertise and equipment. Also, for block paving, you will need a return visit to replace the kiln-dried sand, or on a flagged patio, it may need repointing.

What Are Some Effective DIY Patio Cleaning Tips and Tricks?

As we’ve mentioned, a resin driveway cost will vary depending on several factors. The table below will give you some idea of a resin bound driveway cost.

Boost your patio’s look through power washing by following these essential tips:

  1. Know Your Patio Slabs: Know your patio material to use the correct pressure settings: high pressure for concrete patios (~2000-3000 PSI) and low for wooden decks (~500-600 PSI). Start low and adjust as needed.
  2. Choose The Right Cleaning Solution: Pick a cleaner suitable for your patio material and avoid harsh chemicals. Test the cleaner on a small area first.
  3. Be Systematic: Power wash methodically from one end to the other, working in sections for a thorough, uniform clean.
  4. Protect Surroundings: Cover plants and remove patio items to protect them from the jet washer.
  5. Rinse Well: Rinse your patio thoroughly, pressure washing to eliminate residual cleaner and prevent damage to exterior surfaces. Use a low-pressure setting for rinsing.

What Should I Expect When Hiring a Patio Cleaning Service?

When hiring a pressure washing service, the necessary steps include defining your needs and evaluating the service’s methods and experience. 

Ensure value by comparing quotes and checking reviews.

professional using a power lance

For a straightforward experience, is recommended for its ease of use and a vast network of vetted professionals in the UK. 

You can post a patio cleaning job, and it provides quick access to reviews to help you choose confidently.

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