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Installing concrete block paving in Newcastle, Durham, Sunderland, Northumberland, Middlesbrough and across the North East

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North East Paving & Gardens are recomended installers of quality block paving and block paved pathways in Newcastle, Northumberland, Durham, Sunderland, and Middlesbrough Teesside region. We are happy to provide full free written quotations and any advice we can. If you wont like to chat further about your north east block paving needs, click here

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Quality Block, Brick and Pathway Contractors in Newcastle and through out the North East

Here at North East Gardens  our fitters have been installing beautiful block paved area’s in the north of England for nearly 20 years, Although paving designs and styles may have changed, the need for first class workmanship and happy customers hasn’t. You may wonder why Driveways and block style paving are in two different sections on our site, well the answer comes down to Blocks although heavily used in the installation of Driveways, they offer so much more. Due so amazing brick paving designs, blocks don’t have to just end where your driveway finishes, they can continue creating unique pathways and on into patio’s. Creating amazing hard landscaping around your property that other driveway product such as Tarmac and concrete wouldn’t. Paving block prices have somehow remained nearly the same for nearly 15 years due to the fact block suppliers have had to become more and more competitive driving prices down and not up as they were when this great driveway option was first brought out. Big players like Marshalls block paving have even had to fall into line to make sure that they are not missing out, although still one of the dearest they offer great styles and patterns. Price alone makes concrete blocks a great option.

We have paving designs whatever your project.

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As seen above these paving bricks come in a range of styles which makes them ideal for gardens and paths as well as driveways. The costs vary depending on which bricks you choose and “how fancy” you want the finished paving design to be. Cheap paving used to mean no no but now with the great deal available blocks can be purchased very reasonably priced which means the savings can be passed to you. For more on our North East Garden Paving installations its here Simple to maintain blocks are a hard landscaping option that will leave you with very little maintenance. Being honest with our customers we are happy to explain that yes, it may need a clean every now and then, but the worst thing that can happen to blocks it the odd bit of growth which can be easily brushed away. Compare this to products like Tarmac which will fade to grey or Pattern concrete which needs fully re-coloured or worse still can crack then its sound advice to say Concrete Block Brick or Clay paving is a long term sound investment.

If your looking for anything to do with paving cleaning repairs or maintenance it’s here.

Costs & Prices

There is no set price for your garden simply because each project is individual and really needs to be looked at. For this purpose alone we are happy to offer a free no obligation estimate, which involves measuring up, doing you a drawing, understanding your design and wishes and supplying a full written quotation. Quotes are held for 12 months so you can come back anytime. But this is the key thing to remember, how many bad driveways have you seen? Drives that have sunk or moved? Lots we are guessing. This is because like most manual trades the cheapest quote is not always the best. Think about it, companies like ours are quoting every day and work with a huge recommend and referral list. Our average waiting time is 2-4 weeks because we always have work. This is a good thing and how it should be, anybody who’s the cheapest and can start straight away you have to wonder why they have no work and there prices and costs for your paving are so low.

With Extra’s like Steps, Manholes and Kerbs, Projects Never Looked So Good!

As discussed earlier on this page, why choose blocks over things like Tarmac, or Patterned Concrete, well the extras are undoubtedly a huge factor, No more ugly steel manhole cover, no more step that looks out of place. All block brick paving products come with matching extra’s which visually make your area jump from nice to amazing. Don’t take our word for it, have a walk around where you live and compare driveways or paths, against homes that use block kerbs and matching steps added to that manholes go from eyesores to nearly invisible while still allowing full access. But this is where you need to be careful, as all pavers claim they can do it all and yes most should know how to lay blocks and paths, but dealing with steps, kerbs, manholes and drainage especially is where they lack expertise. We are not saying we are the only ones who know, of course not. But the simple fact is, out of the hundreds of driveways we fix each year domestic and commercial problems nearly always stem from shoddy work around drains and manholes. These area’s of your project are the time consuming and skilled parts of the job that need a bit of care and not to be rushed.

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Block Paved Manhole Cover manhole.jpg
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Kerbs and Kerbline marshalls kerbline.jpg
Block Sealerblock paving sealer

North East Paving & Gardens cover the Newcastle, Sunderland, Northumberland, and Durham Area’s.

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Just Some of the Block Patterns & Styles Open To You

Brindle Blocks – Super popular in Newcastle and Sunderland

driveway optionBrindle Brick paving is easily the most popular paving sold in our region and through out the Uk today, With the mix of more than one colour is offers up something different in terms of pattern to a one colour paved area. Also looking great with red or charcoal borders, this particular colour and paving design seems always to be in demand. Last of all choosing brindle blocks wont be any more expensive than any other colours.

Tegula Block – Looks great on some of our bigger Northumberland drives

tegula block paving.jpgAgain like brindle, this is a common request when it comes to paving designs, all slightly dearer in terms of costs it doesn’t seem to put to many people off. Visually superb the tegula paving offers superb style and is a pleasure to lay for contractors and companies like us. Coming with 10 year warranty’s you can see instantly why the paving manufacturers have huge confidence in this style of block or cobble

Beamish Cobble – Made not far from Durham but huge across the region

beamish-thumb4.jpgNot really blocks so why have we included it? Well the main reason is the Beamish Cobbles are the areas biggest selling stone for driveways patio’s and paths. Although its looks so much more expensive, North East Paving and Gardens buy so much of these cobbles that we have managed to obtain a price that is not far away at all from blocks. So the result is when explained nearly 35% of all our paving enquiry’s upgrade to the Beamish Cobble for a much discounted price! Happy Days! For more on our Beamish Cobble discounts contact us here. North East Paving & Gardens are Paving Contractors in Newcastle and cover all area’s of the North East including Sunderland, Durham, and Northumberland. We have over 30 years experience in paving throught the Tyne and Wear and surrounding area’s.

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