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Best Low Maintenance Driveway? – Hassle-Free Surfacing Ideas

Low maintenance driveways make life easy – in this guide, we’ll show you what is the best maintenance free driveway.

Whether you go for concrete or individual blocks, all driveway materials need care and attention; however, some are easier to look after than others – providing they’re installed correctly. We know which will give you the biggest headaches thanks to our years of installing, cleaning, and maintaining all kinds of driveway surfaces.

If you want to spend less time cleaning your new driveway and more time enjoying it, here are some ideas you’ll want to look into

See 5 Great Low Maintenance Driveway Ideas

Resin Driveways

Providing you make sure to keep your resin driveway clean and swept occasionally, this material will resist all kinds of nasty moss, weeds and algae growth.

You’ll only really need an occasional jet wash or hose clean to keep resin bound driveways looking great and doing their best. As always, make sure you hire a specialist in resin driveways for the best results.

Resin is a hard-wearing driveway material choice that’s also fantastic for drainage. Providing your resin bonded, porous surface has an appropriate type of base and sub base underneath, you’re very unlikely to experience puddles or flooding.

Resin’s one of the best driveway covering options for sheer curb appeal from the get-go, and the best part is, it requires very little maintenance to keep it that way. This type of driveway will need vigilance more than time-consuming scrubbing and scraping.

Imprinted Concrete Driveway

Pattern imprinted concrete driveways are super low on maintenance because they lay as single slabs.

Unlike traditional concrete driveway slabs, where you might be at risk of weeds and other green nasties growing up through the joints, with pattern imprint, you’re only likely to see them appear in control joints. Therefore, there’s less need for you to worry about spraying your driveway or grabbing the trowel every five minutes.

Providing you seal your imprint concrete, you should only really need to pressure wash the surface once in a while – maybe even five or six times a year. Sweep off your paving occasionally with a nice, stiff brush, and you can pretty much leave your driveway surface to persist on its own.

Decorative concrete driveways with pattern imprints are also really eye-catching – which means you get the dual benefit of a great-looking surface without the need for constant attention.


Gravel is not generally considered low maintenance, but it can be if installed correctly and properly laid. It’s much cheaper to install compared to any other materials and as it’s permeable, you won’t require planning permission.

Make sure you use a high-quality weed membrane before laying the gravel to prevent weed growth and consider gravel mats as these will prevent gravel migration and keep the stones in place.

This short video shows how to use weed membrane

Natural rainfall should be enough to keep your gravel driveway clean and as long as you don’t have overhanging trees, you should be able to lift loose debris easily. Weeds may sprout from windblown seedlings, but just pull them up as and when you see them.

Best of all, gravel will not incur expensive repairs. If it does start to look a bit tired or bald spots are occurring, you can just order a few new bags (it’s really cheap) and refresh the top surface.

Block Paving

Block paving driveway options typically get lots of attention as they are super flexible and very appealing to the eye. In some cases, they can get a bad reputation for weed growth; however, providing your driveway is properly installed, jointed, and sealed, you can expect block paving driveways to last for years to come with very little intervention.

Compared to an asphalt driveway or concrete pavers (in some cases), repairing a block paved driveway is much less painful. It may simply be a case that you take a broken block out of the driveway surface, replace and re-joint.

If you seal your driveway surface properly, there should be even less reason for this to arise. This is a key reason many homeowners prefer to pay more for block paving over asphalt driveways and gravel driveways.


Tarmac driveways are not always people’s first choice for looks alone. However, it’s one of the best driveway options for sheer durability, particularly as it will withstand temperature changes and is never difficult to clean.

Compared to other types of driveways, if anything does go wrong with tarmac, it’s often just a case of replacing the occasional stones. There’s often no need to seal the whole driveway if it’s tarmac based, and while ongoing maintenance may increase if you experience snowy weather, tarmac is pretty undemanding.

Of course, like asphalt driveways, tarmac surfaces don’t always appeal to everyone visually – and understandably so. Therefore, your tradeoff is that, for the money, you get a robust, cheap to install, undemanding surface – if the aesthetic appeal is low on your list of priorities, tarmac is worth a look.

Why Do People Choose Low Maintenance Driveway Finishes?

Everyone wants a great-looking driveway for their home, but some of the best aesthetics need a lot of care. Do you necessarily have the time, money and patience to look after a gravel driveway, or natural stone driveways, for example?

Most people tend to invest in the best driveway surface for their needs first – but it’s still easy to make the mistake of installing a drive that’s a pain to keep up to.

By and large, UK homeowners with busy lives want a driveway they can use from day to day and only worry about cleaning or brushing every so often. Repairing, re-jointing and relaying a driveway surface takes a lot of time and often a lot of money if you have to call out experts every few months.

Low maintenance requirements don’t always mean you have to sacrifice aesthetics, either. Some of the best driveway surface looks we’ve seen have needed little more than a quick installation and the occasional gentle brush and wash down.

Low maintenance drive types are no longer the ugliest or cheapest-looking options on the market.

Last Word

Concrete, brick, asphalt, gravel driveways – they all have their pros and cons. However, the driveway surface materials we’ve listed in this guide will need less work, time and effort to look after in the long run.

There are plenty of driveway types out there that might appeal to you (asphalt, grass paving, gravel, etc.) – but pick a low maintenance driveway surface and you won’t have to waste time scrubbing, scraping, or even repairing over time to come.

Trust us – investing that little bit more in less demanding surface remains a very smart move indeed.

Moreover, choices such as imprinted concrete look spectacular despite the low care demands. Please take a closer look at the above materials and check out our other guides for more information.