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Artificial lawns for the perfect garden without the work!

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Working alongside our partners, we are able to supply and install the very best artificial grass lawns in Newcastle, Sunderland and across the North East.

If you enjoy regularly cutting the grass then this product is probably not for you! But if like many you crave a low maintenance garden then artificial grass north east home owners is your soloution. North East Gardens are proud to recommend Easigrass and can arrange quotations and installs across Newcastle, Durham, Sunderland, Northumberland and Teesside area’s.

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Fake Grass can change any North East Garden

Artificial grass lawns give you the perfect lawn, with out the hardwork, allowing you to relax and enjoy with out dragging the lawnmower round. Artificial Synthetic turf should be considered for any garden. For more on garden design or anything regarding North East Landscaping contact us, we will be happy to take a look at your project.

Recent projects

Recent Artificial Grass in Newcastle Upon Tyne


Mr and Mrs J were had recently retired and wanted a garden that was low in maintenance but still looked fantastic – So they called Easigrass.  They wanted something that was safe and inviting for their and active dog too.

After visiting our showroom, they eventually chose Easi Knightsbridge because of its shorter 32mm pile and of how heard-wearing it is under the paws of an active pup! They also loved the different colours in the Easi Knightsbridge and how realistic it looked in different lights.

Easigrass installed the lawn in 1 day and without the E family even being there! We bring everything we need in the vans and it should be of no inconvenience to you whatsoever.

Just think, we could have it done before you even get home from work!

Recent Artificial Lawn Grass in Sunderland


Mr and Mrs H had been doing their online research on fake turf when they were in the market to sell his house. Their garden at the moment was a lovely design and very impressive but due to the location and environment the garden got very little light and they struggled to get a nice lawn.

He wanted to inject some colour and life into the garden making it appealing to families for their children to play on – He chose Easi-Kensington for that exact reason. It is hard wearing for kids and it great for pet owners as well as having a beautiful deep green colour to it. This means whoever buys his house the false turf will be perfect for any eventuality.

To give the best chance of a sale by appealing to families of all ages they wanted to get the lawn done with fake grass. The couple decided to go with Easi Kensington with its beautiful deep green colour and hard-wearing pile.

As you can see, the grass compliments the landscaping perfectly and it is a great investment while they look to sell their house

Artificial Grass Installation in Middlesbrough


The L Family from Middlesbrough contacted us and asked one of our surveyors to pop out and give them some ideas renovating their already lovely garden. However, it was a very unusual garden and it was tough to get the grass to grow and there were lots of intricate and small paths. It was a challenge, to say the least! Trying to incorporate all the original design with the newer designs – but we didn’t shy away!

They chose our Easi Knightsbridge for the deep olive colour as they thought it matched their original lawn best and they loved how realistic the pile looked with the imitation dead grass in it.

Our fitters set about with the job and used all their skill-sets to ensure the job was 100% correct, as you can see from the photo. The L Family were over the moon with the results and also had the peace of mind of our 8 year guarantee.

Fake Grass Garden in Darlington


Mr. D was really interested in covering his garden with artificial grass after his mother in law had it done. They realised how brilliant it was to have a lawn that need such little maintenance and they had always struggled to grow a nice lawn with them having very active children and dogs.

Because they wanted a soft touch grass for their children they ended up choosing Easi Chelsea which is thick and luxurious and great for young children and great for them as they grow too.

Mr D. wanted to inject some much needed colour into their already nice design but it lacked the punch of green grass. The Easi Chelsea has created a fantastic and enviable garden that always looks well-manicured and is perfect for their busy family lifestyle – the kids and the dogs love it too!

No mud, no Mess, no mowing!

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