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Limestone Paving Cost per m2

The cost to install limestone paving can fluctuate quite a bit, with the overall price of an installation being dependent on several factors. We’ve broken down the process and included some tips that could save you a little cash, so let’s dive in and get a rough estimate for limestone paving cost.

How Much Does Limestone Paving Cost?

The average cost of installing limestone paving is around £100 per m2, but limestone paving prices can be discounted as the size of the project increases. As far as contractors are concerned, working fewer, larger jobs is always more cost-effective than working several smaller ones.

Their team can remain at one site, reducing travel costs, and the company can station all of their tools and equipment in one place. The benefits that these tradespeople are afforded here will often be reflected in the overall price of the installation.

The size of the patio installation, the limestone paving supply cost, and the labour costs of laying the tiles will all affect the cost of your outdoor limestone paving project.

Installing Limestone Cost Factors

Patio drainage

Consider how any water on your patio currently drains. Are ACO drains present, or will they need to be installed? Does the area lie on a gradient that allows water to naturally drain?

Suitable drainage must be considered to avoid serious issues like subsidence, resulting in an unsafe patio and damaged paving stones, so factor this into your overall costs.

Manhole covers

If manhole covers are required, you should be aware of their costs. Standard, plastic covers will not be too expensive, but they can look unsightly. For inset covers, made to look part of the patio itself, the costs can reach around £250 per cover to install.

This video shows how to install a manhole cover on a patio.

Patio edging

There’s a range of edging options available, from cheaper pin kerbs and block borders to boot kerbs and even garden walls.

The edging will need to be installed on concrete, costing around £25-£45 per metre, with the price increasing depending on the edging material chosen. Pin kerbs typically cost around £10 per unit, whilst a garden wall installation can be an extra £100 per metre.

Jointing - how will It be pointed

In terms of pointing, a jointing compound will always be the best solution in terms of pointing. Though a sand and cement mixture will be cheaper, it’s a very messy method of pointing and can easily stain your natural limestone paving slabs. A jointing compound will provide better drainage and more uniform joints.

Cost of removing a patio or garden

A two-person team of labourers can generally excavate around 20-30 square metres of material a day. At an average day rate of about £100-£150 each, costs can quickly rise depending on the size of your project.

Waste removal

At least one skip will be required if you’re removing an existing patio. A 4 cubic yard skip costs around £120 to hire, whilst a 12-yard skip will cost around £250. Considering that you’ll need one skip for roughly every 20 metres of waste, these costs can quickly mount.

What Is Limestone Paving?

Limestone paving stones are a popular paving material made from pressurised sedimentary rock. It’s incredibly dense and hard-wearing and guards against liquid acid erosion, making it an excellent choice for patios and garden paths.

Is Limestone Good for Patios?

Outdoor Limestone pavers are available in a wide range of colours and styles and are relatively straightforward to care for with non-acidic cleaning products. Limestone is also naturally slip-proof, thanks to its textured surface, so it’s a popular choice for gardens that see substantial rain.

Who’s Installing the Patio?

The cost of installing limestone garden paving will be greatly affected by who is installing the patio. Hiring a professional tradesperson will be more expensive than installing the pavers yourself, but a professional is less likely to make costly mistakes.

Why Limestone Paving Prices Can Vary

The price per m2 to lay Limestone paving slabs is mainly affected by the stone’s quality and the machine processes that produce the pavers.

European limestone is generally more expensive than other varieties, as the natural stone is usually of higher quality. The size of the pavers can also affect limestone paving costs, as larger formats must be sourced from certain sized blocks.

Also, consider the finish of the limestone pavers, machine cut stones will be less expensive than pavers with hand-worked finishes, as the added labour costs will affect the overall Limestone cost per m2.

Limestone Paving Supply Cost

The limestone paving supply cost takes into account how the pavers are installed. Some paviours will be happy for you to source the paving stones yourself and simply have them install the pavers; in this case, you’re free to find stones at a cheaper supply cost of around £25-£30 per m2.

Other paviours will be more comfortable, including the limestone paving supply cost in their full quotation, meaning they can make a mark-up on the materials.

This may be the only way to make the project worthwhile for smaller jobs, so it should be discussed with your contractors when planning the installation.

Premium stones can cost around £60-£70 per m2, with the average supply cost in the UK being £35-£45 per m2.

Is Black Limestone More Expensive?

Black Limestone patio cost per m2 is not higher than other types of limestone; the cost of the pavers will have more to do with the quality of the stone than the colour.

When first introduced, black limestone was incredibly popular, which drove the cost up. But nowadays, the demand is equal to other varieties, so the prices are more comparable.

Popular Limestone Colours

  • Yellow
  • Kota Blue
  • Black
  • Silver Grey
  • Cream

Pro Tip: If you want the final colours to be shiny, then seal the area. Here are the Limestone sealants we recommend using.

Labour Cost – How Much To Lay Limestone Pavers?

The overall Limestone paving installation cost will take into account the supply cost of the materials and the labour costs of the hired tradespeople.

The typical day rate for a paviour in the UK is around £100-£150, for larger projects one or two extra labourers will be required at a similar rate, this can increase the labour costs to around £200-£350 per day.

Some paviours, especially those from larger companies, will prefer an overall quotation for a full installation. This provides a more reliable income estimation and allows them to better budget their costs and time.

Typical Costs to Install Limestone Paving

Area Size
Time To Install
10 square metres
£1000 – £1200
2 Days
2 Pavers
20 square metres
2-3 Days
2 Pavers
50 square metres
4-5 Days
2 Pavers
100+ square metres
8-9 Days
2 Pavers

Comparison – How Much Does The Average Patio Cost?

The average UK garden space is 14m2; let’s say that you want to pave 10 square metres of this space. Installing standard concrete paving slabs would cost around £800, including labour.

Premium natural stone pavers can bring the installation cost up to around £1300 per 10m2, with premium limestone prices falling somewhere between the two at about £1000 per 10m2.

Alternative Patio Costs

Patio Paving Stone
Price Per M2
Concrete Flagged Patio per m2
£60 – £65
Porcelain Patio per m2
£75 – £80
£75 – £80
Granite Slabs per m2
£75 – £80
Slate Patio Flags per m2
£85 – £90
Natural Stone per m2
£70 – £100

Where To Buy Patio Limestone Slabs – Stockists


With a decent range that covers both light and dark stones, Jewson’s cost of Limestone per square metre is reasonable and can be delivered to your site for free on larger orders.


Wickes carry a good range of coloured stones at both budget and premium prices. They also offer delivery directly to your site and the option to track your order

Travis Perkins

Offering a wide range of both individual limestone pavers and complete patio sets, Travis Perkins is a good choice for supplying through tradespeople as they offer a discount and free delivery to trade accounts.

How To Find & Hire A Patio Installer

We recommend to find great limestone paving specialists is the quickest way to find a qualified and reliable tradesperson in your local area. By simply entering the service that you’re looking for and your postcode into their search function, Bark will put you in contact with a range of qualified professionals near you.

DIY Patio Laying – Should You Attempt It

Though it’s entirely possible to lay limestone paving yourself, we don’t recommend attempting to do so with these flags.

Limestone is fairly heavy and difficult to work with alone, attempting an installation of these paving stones without the help of professionals can easily result in damaged materials and even physical damage to yourself.

How Do Limestone Slabs Compare?

Limestone Cost Vs Block Paving

The costs are comparable to limestone paving prices but will typically take longer to install. Block paving is better at load bearing than limestone but is a little harder to care for as the joints will need regular sanding unless the installation is sealed correctly. You find out the average price of a block paved installation here.

Vs Tarmac

Tarmac is much cheaper than limestone paving, though the finished surface will be much less visually appealing. Tarmac can typically be installed much quicker than paving, though you will need to consider sealing the surface to protect it from damage. It’s here for our guide on tarmac pricing.

Vs Patterned Concrete

Slightly cheaper, stamped concrete, typically costs around £80 per m2. It’s installed as one whole piece, so it generally doesn’t take long, though the surface must be laid on a gradient as patterned concrete has poor drainage capabilities.

Vs Resin Surfacing

This is very cost-effective, Resin surfacing prices start at around £60 per m2 to install. It’s excellent at bearing heavy loads and has good impact resistance, so it is generally used in driveway installations.

Vs Gravel

Gravel aggregate is the cheapest option and won’t require professionals to install. The main issue with gravel is the loss of material over time, meaning you’ll need to regularly top up the surface and rake the stones back into place. To get more information on gravel pricing its here.


Can I use a pressure washer on limestone?

Avoid pressure washing limestone paving to protect its surface and patina. Instead, use a non-acidic soap and sponge mop the stones when cleaning.

Does limestone scratch easily?

Porous stone scratches quite easily, though as long as you’re careful when moving items on the surface, you shouldn’t have too many problems with visible marks.

How long will limestone last?

Provided your limestone paving is properly cared for and cleaned with appropriate cleaners, a limestone paving installation can last upwards of 40 years.

Last Word

So, that should have covered all the necessary information that you’ll need to determine the cost of installing limestone paving.

Consider the labour costs the supply costs of the limestone paving, and take into account the costs of excavating any old garden materials.
Remember that larger jobs can qualify for a discount, and make sure to compare limestone paving prices across several different suppliers before settling on your chosen pavers.

Most of all, good luck with your new limestone paving installation!

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