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Jeyes Fluid Review - Is This Cleaning Solution Any Good?

In this Jeyes Fluid review, we’ll take a look at how effective the product is in scrubbing up an everyday stone.

Jeyes Fluid Review

What is Jeyes Fluid used for? All kinds of things – but in this review, we’re focusing on an off-shoot of the well-known brand, Jeyes Fluid, for cleaning patios (also known as Patio Power). As experienced pavers and paving cleaners, we know that the original Jeyes Fluid does a great job cleaning up all kinds of messes.

We found Jeyes Fluid to follow in the original’s footsteps. It’s quick to work, tough on green mould, and while it will likely need a bit of elbow grease for the really tough stuff, the results are pretty quick to appear.

Jeyes 4 in 1 Cleaner Review

Jeyes Fluid is a 4 in 1 solution, helping to get up nuisance mould and algae, remove moss and even kill 99.9% of bacteria. As a general outdoor cleaner, you can use this product on dirty patios, decking, driveways and even tarmac. It’ll also help to slow down any natural nasties from growing back too.

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Used in conjunction with a jet wash, this is a great cleaning product that should dry off in just a few hours and start to get persistent mould and growths off your paths, patios and driveway in around three days. Your hard surfaces may still need a bit of a scrub to get down into the deeper stains, but you can’t fault the results.

In this full review on Jeyes 4 in 1 / Patio Power, we’ll show you:

  • What Jeyes cleaner actually does
  • How much coverage you’ll get
  • Whether or not it’s a good algae remover and multipurpose outdoor cleaner
  • Whether or not it’s great value
  • How does it compare to other cleaning solutions

Before you go ahead and learn how to clean a patio with Jeyes Fluid, read on for the full lowdown on their specialist patio and paving cleaner.

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One two-litre bottle of Jeyes cleaning fluid will take care of 90 square metres of paving or patio. You’ll save more money on the four-litre bottle, however, which, as you’d expect, gives you up to 180 square metres of diluted cover.

Given that you can pretty much care for all of your outdoor space with a quick spray of this single cleaning solution, that level of coverage is pretty helpful. If you’ve got a small area to cover, you’ll naturally get even more out of the stuff

Pressure washer and garden sprayer compatible

One of the best features of Jeyes’ outdoor cleaner is that you can mix it into a garden sprayer or pressure washer and apply it straight away. That’s going to save your back if you’re expecting to get down low with a watering can.

Many people recommend – in their reviews – actually spraying down your outside space before using the fluid for best results (before drying). Your own experience may vary here – but the garden sprayer compatibility is a big selling point. Just remember to wash out your sprayer afterwards.

Removes stains

You can rely on Jeyes Fluid outdoor cleaner to get some of the worst stains up from your paving and patio, though you might need to scrub a bit to get the worst of the top soiling off.

Jeyes recommends using around four or five parts water to one part product to attack ‘normal’ growth, which will likely apply to tough stains. It’ll take a few days for you to start seeing natural staining start to shift – at most.

Natural stone

Jeyes’ patio product is formulated for all kinds of outdoor stone, covering concrete, polished and natural stone. It’s powerful enough to sink deep into the most porous of surfaces.

Of course, with more sensitive stones, make sure to apply again if you can’t get the worst stains out on first contact. If you prefer, we highly recommend a natural stone cleaner – but see no problems applying Jeyes to any hard surface outside.

Removes moss and algae

Moss, mildew and algae are persistent pains and need more than a quick bottle of patio dirt remover to really die off. Jeyes’ patio product is excellent at soaking down deep into natural nastiness and even preventing it from coming back.

Of course, depending on the scale of your algae, moss or mould problem, you may need to wet, rinse and apply again to see lasting results. However, more minor stains and growths should lift pretty quickly.

How long to see results?

Jeyes recommends that you start seeing a difference in your garden paving within one to three days of application. In practice, that’s on the mark – just make sure you follow the instructions correctly and don’t apply when wet.

You may have to scrub to really get into the worst stains, but that’s to be expected to a degree.

Value for money

At £10 to £12 per bottle depending on the amount you buy, Jeyes patio fluid remains some of the best value product you’ll find for the coverage. It’s also a reputable brand, meaning you’re not risking your garden.

For our money, these are some of the best prices you’ll pay for a strong patio slab cleaner right now. Coverage aside, its efficiency and its multi-surface attack more than make it worth the price.

Other uses

As mentioned briefly above, this cleaner doesn’t just lift dirt and grime but also kills 99.9% of germs.

What makes this particular patio cleaning solution so popular is that it is a 4 in 1 product. You can use it on more than just patio stone alone – it works on driveways, garden paths and natural stone, too.

There are other Jeyes products that clean garden furniture, outdoor drains, plant pots, outdoor tools and more – however, we’d recommend you just use the cleaner on the hard surfaces.

How to use Jeyes Fluid on Patio

Make sure to wear gloves and eye protection to start, and dilute your Jeyes with water. Do also keep children out of the way and pets either in the house or pet housing if they’re outside with you. Do also keep clear of aquatic life and plants while spraying.

You’ll need around nine parts water to one part fluid for lighter staining and growth. You can use around four parts water to one part fluid for deeper staining. You can mix and use it in a garden sprayer or pressure washer.

When cleaning patios with Jeyes Fluid, cover the whole of your surface and leave it to dry. Then, either brush or scrub the nastiness that’s left – if it’s a tough job, then you’re going to need another application. There’s no need to rinse the spray off, which is helpful.

This short video from Jeyes shows how to use on patios

Where can I buy jeyes fluid?

Jeyes Fluid outdoor cleaner in its basic form is just about everywhere, but the Jeyes Patio Power or 4 in 1 patio cleaning solution is available to buy at suppliers such as:

  • B&Q
  • Amazon
  • Wilko
  • Ocado
  • Screwfix
  • Robert Dyas

Jeyes Fluid Alternatives

Patio Magic! Concentrate: Ideal for Patios, Paths and Driveways

Our review shows this product tends to be a good all-rounder that picks up plenty of great reviews. The concentrated version kills weeds as well as lichen, making it a viable alternative to Jeyes Fluid. It’s great on most surfaces outside, and it’s also biodegradable. It can take longer to work on tough stuff compared to Jeyes, however.

SmartSeal Patio Clean Xtreme

SmartSeal’s Patio Clean Xtreme is much more expensive than Jeyes, but you do purchase a superb concentrate that’s formulated with porous stone in mind. It’s also developed to get rid of horrible black spot, which Jeyes Fluid moss killer is not so good at. This product also works incredibly quickly and is very well-reviewed.

Pro-Kleen Patio & Driveway Cleaner

Pro-Kleen’s Patio & Driveway Cleaner is one of our all-time top picks for cleaning up driveways, and it tends to be very helpful with less porous stone. It’s straightforward to use with a bucket or watering can, and while it’s more expensive than the Jeyes option, it gets fantastic reviews and gives you results within hours of application – just don’t apply in wet weather!

Spear and Jackson Spray and Leave

Spear and Jackson’s Spray and Leave is definitely on par with Jeyes in the simple fact that you don’t need to do anything once it’s sprayed and dried. However, you can use their product on various surfaces such as roofing, decking and even some uPVC windows. It’s more expensive than Jeyes by a few pounds, but like the product we’ve reviewed here, it’ll also help to stop nasty growths coming back.

Should You Buy Jeyes Fluid?

Anyone who’s had to clean or scrub a garden or outdoor surface before will know that, when diluted, Jeyes Fluid is tough stuff. For this review, we’ve solely looked at their patio solution, and for the most part, it’s a market leader.

Should You Buy Jeyes Fluid?

It’s dead easy to use with a pressure washer, it’s suitable for porous stone, and you don’t have to get it off with clean water afterwards – as long as no rain is forecast, you can just spray and go.

The instructions are straightforward to follow, and just as you’d expect, there are several Jeyes Fluid uses crammed into one bottle, too. Reviews from everyday users are pretty glowing, too – take a closer look at the Amazon page for further information.

We hope you’ve found our review helpful – as you can see, there are other products on par with Jeyes, but if you’ve already got a pressure washer and want to save cash on genuinely deep-soaking cleaner, it’s a safe bet.