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Is Pulling Weeds A Waste Of Time?

There are countless ways to tackle weed growth, from chemical solutions to DIY recipes. Killing these pests isn’t the hard part! But what if you’re not keen on dousing your garden with harsh chemicals? You may wonder, is pulling weeds a waste of time?

Alongside our bigger jobs laying patios, drives and paving installations, we pride ourselves on tidying up the gardens of the North-East. With 15 years experience in the trade, we’ve learned an awful lot about removing weeds, and sometimes the simplest solution is best! 

Pulling weeds isn’t always a waste of time, especially if the affected area is small, as the key to permanently dealing with these pests is to remove their root systems but a more time-efficient method is to use the best weed killer designed for paving and gardens. Pulling weeds up can be a perfectly effective way to do this, though it’s not always the quickest method.

Pulling Weeds vs Spraying

It might seem time-consuming and old-fashioned but provided that you fully remove the roots, pulling weeds can be incredibly effective.

Choosing this method will also help protect the surrounding plants and animals in your garden, giving you instant results, especially compared to the long waiting times associated with commercial weed killers and homemade solutions. 

On the other hand, spraying weeds is much less work, and this method is much better at removing large infestations across bigger spaces. It’s also a lot easier to pull up dead weeds, so a combination of spraying and pulling is sometimes best!  You can find out if white vinegar is a good weed killer by spraying with this useful guide.

How Long Should You Wait To Pull Weeds After Spraying?

You’ll need to wait at least 24 hours before pulling any weeds sprayed with weed-killer, though some brands and formulas recommend a waiting time of 48 hours or longer. 

For the quickest results, spray weeds during a dry spell, as rainfall can wash away any weed-killer you’ve applied. Once the plants have begun to wilt, dry or turn a darker colour, you’ll know that they’re ready to be pulled up.

How To Pull Weeds Fast

The biggest drawback of pulling weeds is how long it can take, though choosing the right conditions, tools and methods, and you’ll find it’s not quite as time-consuming as you’d think! 

Choose the right time. 

Pulling up weeds from soft, wet soil is much easier than trying to remove them from a solid, dry patch of earth. Opting to start your weeding job after a bit of rainfall will help to speed up the process and reduce the likelihood of pulling any muscles whilst fighting with their roots! 

Protect your hands 

Wearing a pair of gardening gloves with a bit of grip on the palm will prevent your hands from receiving cuts and scratches as you get to work. Doing this will also keep your hands warm in colder conditions, giving you a better grip and reducing the chance of cramps or numbness.

Use the right tools 

Using a hand-trowel to loosen up the dirt will help speed up weed removal. You can also find mechanical claws designed to grab weeds from their roots or flat-bladed tools for use in paved areas.

Knee protection

Back pain is all too likely when bending down to pull weeds, so it’s a good idea to use padded knee pads. This will allow you to comfortably kneel whilst working, reducing the strain on both your knees and your back! 


Does pulling weeds help grass grow?

Pulling weeds will help the surrounding grass to grow as it will no longer be competing for the same nutrients and water. This weeding method is also much kinder to your grass than spraying as you won’t introduce chemicals into your soil or affect its delicate pH balance.

Is pulling weeds good exercise?

Pulling weeds can be reasonably good exercise, working the muscles in your arms and legs alongside raising your heartbeat a decent amount; just be wary of pulling any muscles!

How many calories do I burn pulling weeds?

According to the AARP, a 175lb person can burn as much as 180 calories per half hour whilst pulling weeds.

Can you make weed killer?

Yes you can and if you want to know, how do you make homemade weed killer, then visit our step by step guide.

Last Word 

So, it turns out that pulling weeds isn’t a waste of time at all! If you’re up for the workout, this method can help protect your grass, permanently remove weeds. Best of all, it won’t take too long with the right tools.

Remember to pick a time when the soil is a little damp, and make sure to wear protective gloves and knee pads. If your weed problem is particularly bad, don’t be afraid to combine pulling and spraying to get the job done right!