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Is It Hard To Lay Crazy Paving?

Suppose you want an unusual design or something to add personality to your garden. In that case, you may opt for crazy paving, but is it hard to lay crazy paving, and are there many differences to other patio designs?

Laying crazy paving is a straightforward process for any qualified installer, with specific tips and techniques you should abide by. This page explains the costs involved with professional crazy paving installation.

Is It Easy To Do Crazy Paving?

If you’re a professional laying crazy paving, it is relatively simple to do. Before you start any project, you must ensure you have all the tools needed to undertake the task.

An essential job is cutting and laying out the stones perfectly so that they’ll match and fit together when laying them. You also need to ensure they are not too tight and loose, which can cause problems.

What is the best base for crazy paving?

With crazy paving, you must have a stable foundation, and there’s nothing better than a layer of sand gravel for a base.

This base ensures that it doesn’t move over time and is sturdy when laying the stones on top of it. Also, if you have any low-lying areas, you can build up the sand and gravel to ensure their level with the rest of the paving.

5 Tips For Laying Crazy Paving Like A Pro 

Below are five great tips you may want to try when laying your next crazy paving:

Clear area

You don’t need to be Einstein to work out that you need to remove any stones, weeds or grass before you start this job. The area you’re working on needs to be as straightforward as possible, and you can use a garden fork to break the soil up and a shovel to dig out any large rocks that may cause an issue.

Compact surface

To ensure the surface is level, you must use a compactor. This allows you to lay an even patio as the soil below the sand or gravel is nice and flat and helps create a sturdy base. This will prevent any movement in the long term.

Dry run

Don’t just start laying down your paving stones in any old order. It would help to have a dry run before laying them down. By doing this, you can see which way they should go and what’s the better order, and if there are any problems, you can make adjustments before laying them down permanently.

Edging liquid

If you want to ensure that your stones last long and aren’t damaged by water and moisture, we advise applying edging liquid around the stone before placing it.

You can use a brush or a spray bottle, and you have to put a little bit on the top of the stone and the side. You then have to put the stone into the base layer, and this will create a strong foundation when laying down your crazy paving stones.

Work from the outside edges inward.

It would help if you always worked from outward to inward. You always want to ensure you have lots of room for grout inside your project.

As you start to lay down the outer layer, you need to make sure that the stones fit snugly together, and as the project gets smaller, you can fill in any gaps you may have missed until you have completed the design.

Once you’re happy with it, you can use the grout to fill any remaining spaces and complete the look of your project. Some readers ask whether you can put gravel between crazy paving? So, we put together a handy guide.

Lastly, you may want to seal the paving for further protection; this guide explains whether sealing crazy paving is recommended.