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How Much Does an Imprinted Concrete Driveway Cost per M2?

If you fancy a new driveway, then stamped concrete is not a material most people know about. It’s a great option, and below we cover imprinted concrete driveway cost per m2 and what you can expect.

How Much Is Imprinted Concrete?

Patterned imprinted concrete costs on average costs around £70 per square metre; in this guide, we will look at what these costs are made up of, how to maintain your pattern imprinted concrete driveway and how it performs compared to other driveway materials.

Patterned imprinted concrete is a popular choice for homeowners looking for an affordable driveway surface. There is a matching pattern imprinted concrete for every style of natural paving, like setts and other paving.

And each one in that list comes with many layout options, including herringbone designs to basket weave patterns which can be made more interesting by using borders around it, adding a central feature or using different colours.

This makes it a versatile alternative to natural stone, but how much do concrete imprinted driveways cost?

What We Will Cover in this post 

  • Is Stamped Concrete Any Good?
  • Will You Need Planning Permission for Imprinted Concrete
  • Pattern Imprinted Concrete Cost per Square Metre
  • Labour Cost for Imprinted Concrete Driveways
  • How Drainage Can Add to the Cost
  • How Do Imprinted Concrete Driveway Prices Compare
  • Imprinted Concrete Maintenance Cost
  • How To Find a Great Pattern Imprinted Concrete Contractor

Exactly What Is Stamped Concrete?


Patterned concrete is a growing trend that offers homeowners an attractive way to maximise kerb appeal on their driveways. Instead of laying individual blocks to achieve the finished surface on a CBP driveway, it involves pouring the mixture onto a ‘sub-base of stones before stamping a design into the wet concrete.

It’s a great alternative to brick paving and compared to a block driveway cost; it’s relatively cheap, requires little maintenance and can look amazing if installed correctly.

Is Patterned Concrete Worth the Money?

A decorative stamped concrete driveway is the perfect way to make your home stand out from the crowd. The combination of clean lines, colour accents and pattern combinations will really enhance kerb appeal for you while also being relatively low maintenance.

It has a few drawbacks, the main one being cracking, but this is less noticeable in imprinted concrete, so it is definitely worth the cost for budget-conscious home improvement projects.

Will You Need Planning Permission for an Impressed Concrete Driveway?

If you use permeable or porous surfacing (which will allow surface water runoff), or your driveway is 5m2 or less, then there’s no need for permission from your local authority and there would be no cost involved.

The rainwater on a non-porous surface like pattern imprinted concrete needs to be directed towards lawns and borders instead of roads or existing mains drains near homes. This is usually achieved using a combination of drainage channels, including French drains, land drains, Aco drains and soakaways.

Of course, each project is different. Your chosen contractor will advise you on whether your new pattern imprinted concrete driveway requires planning permission, for example, installing a dropped kerb.

Printed Concrete Driveway Cost Factors

Is your Existing Drainage Sufficient?

The law says that you cannot run rainwater from your newly installed driveway into the storm drains in order to avoid flooding.

There are three ways of dealing with this problem:

  1. let the water run into a lawn or flowerbeds if levels allow
  2. Use an Aco drain (a channelised bed-type pipe meant specifically for capturing runoff), or soakaway
  3. Use permeable concrete – recent technology means you can now get porous concrete, although it will be more expensive than the standard pattern imprinted concrete cost

Labour Costs - Price Per Metre to Lay Imprinted Concrete

For a specialist, installing a patterned imprinted concrete drive can take around 5-7 days.

The job will include excavating the current driveway and ground beneath it before laying a new sub-base layer pouring the concrete on top and imprinting the desired design or texture into the damp concrete.

You can expect to pay anything from £100 to 250 pounds per day. However, if there is a large project, the cost may increase depending upon how many people work on-site at one time or over multiple days; it could add up quickly.

Hidden Extras That May Increase the Price

Building walls relocating underground pipes, tree removal, widening your driveway entrance and new gates all add up as extras to pattern imprinted concrete driveways prices.

These will typically be priced up separately from the installation cost, but some companies may include drainage as part of the cost per square metre price.

Pattened Concrete Driveway Installation Cost

Below we cover the average stamped concrete driveway cost and an additional costs that come with any driveway installation. Please bear in mind these are typical costs, and you can expect the cost to increase the further south you live.

Imprinted Concrete Driveway Cost Per Square Metre

The table below will give you an idea of a stamped concrete driveways cost

Installation Description
Average Size in m2
Car Space
Days to Install
Material Costs
Labour Costs
Final Costs
Small Driveway Cost
Average Sized Driveway Cost
Large Driveway Cost

Additional Costs To Expect When Installing Stamped Concrete

This table has the extra costs associated with imprinted concrete driveways 

Additional Costs
What’s Involved
Time to Install
Single Step Cost
A matching step created with boot kerbs and blocks
Specialist corner kerbs installed and step created
3 hours
Double Step Cost
See Above
See Above
5 hours
Aco Drain Cost
Drainage installation to catch water flowing towards house
A channel is created in front of brickwork or garage to protect from water
1 hour per linear metres
£80 per L/M
Pin Kerb Cost
Pin kerbs are installed in any area that needs retainment.
A specialist pin kerb is set in concrete.
1 hour per 3 linear metres
£25 per linear metre
Boot Kerb Cost
Boot kerbs allow for high raised borders
Boot kerbs designed to match the the driveway are set in concrete
30 Minutes per linear metre
£40 Per linear metre
Manhole Cover Cost
Manhole covers are swapped for inset trays and blended with the paving
Removal of manhole and specialist tray inserted and paved.
3 hours
£250 Each

How Do Imprinted Concrete Driveway Prices Compare

Block driveway Vs imprinted concrete cost

You need to use the best materials for a good quality driveway, and they don’t come cheap. For this reason, it’s no surprise that CBP driveways are more expensive than imprinted concrete. However, keep in mind the more decorative the pattern and if you want coloured concrete, the cost will rise in accordance and your final new driveway cost may be more than you think.

Block driveway Vs imprinted concrete cost

Gravel is the cheapest option for a new driveway; however, they require more maintenance than imprinted concrete driveways and can be prone to weeds. the average cost of using gravel for a driveway is approx £55 per square metre compared to around £70 per m2 for pattern imprinted concrete

Vs Tarmac

Pattern imprinted concrete driveways cost more than tarmac per square metre mainly because they take longer to complete. A standard tarmac drive can be done in a couple of days max, whereas an imprinted driveway usually takes at least three or four days, so labour costs will be much more.

Pros And Cons Of Pattern Imprinted Concrete

Pattern imprinted concrete is a great way to add the appearance of natural paving products and textured stone without having to pay an arm and a leg for them. You can get patterns in Ashlar stone, cobblestone, brick or slate with prices much lower than their natural counterparts!

Pattern imprinted concrete driveways are low maintenance and do not allow weeds to grow through.

The speed at which pattern imprinted concrete can be installed as opposed to other types such as setts, cobbles or concrete block paving which means less disruption to your property and lower labour costs

The disadvantages of PIC driveways are few and most can be avoided during the installation of your brand new driveway.


A thicker slab of concrete is less likely to crack than a thinner one. For most domestic driveways, the recommended thickness for new projects is 100 mm with up to 200mm if vans are used on top of it.

Because a concrete surface tends to crack when it shrinks, cuts should be made partially through the concrete during installation at strategic points. These cuts are referred to as crack control joints.

Cracks are inevitable in any structure that has movement or weight distribution. The crack control joints become the weakest point and any movement will result in cracks under the surface where they can’t be seen. Contractors cannot prevent cracks from happening, but they may be able to control where they appear.

The slip membrane is a must-have if you want your concrete surface to last and be less likely to crack.

A polythene sheet is placed between the sand course and concrete and allows its movement, which will remove stress which can cause cracks. Not all contractors use them as they can impede drainage, but your chosen installer will give you expert advice on whether a slip membrane is required.

Imprinted Concrete Maintenance

Cleaning concrete driveways is simple: Just sweep and hose it every now and then to avoid dirt buildup, using a stiff yard broom and some diluted household detergent.

For stubborn stains, you can use a pressure washer, although you need to make sure not to set the pressure too high because this could damage the surface.

Sealing can prevent stains but removing a spill immediately is always the best idea.

Imprinted concrete sealer

Imprinted concrete surfaces are a sleek and cost-effective way to make your outdoor space its best. This type of driveway will last for years. We recommend resealing about once per 3-5 years to protect the decorative finish and prevent stains.

It’s best to use an acrylic sealer with pattern imprinted concrete rather than a water or solvent-based option; they can be bought online and cost around £40 upwards for 5 litres.

How To Find A Great Pattern Imprinted Concrete Contractor

We know how a professionally installed, imprinted concrete driveway can increase the value of almost any home and make it more appealing to the eye. Done incorrectly though? Well, that’s why you should always get at least three quotes before making this investment!

We recommend using for choosing installers for your pic driveway; they have a register of professionals in the driveway industry backed up by 5-star reviews, making it easy to find local companies you can trust.

Imprinted Concrete Alternatives


Is imprinted concrete cheaper than paving?

Usually yes, although it will not last as long as block paving

How long does imprinted concrete last?

You don’t get the longevity with patterned concrete driveways that you do with tarmac or cobblestones; they usually last around 10 years, but they are affordable, so replacing your worn-out driveway won’t break the bank.

Can you lay imprinted concrete in the rain?

Laying PIC in the rain or cold weather can cause it to lose its strength, making it prone to dusting and scaling. The appearance of the finished product may also be compromised.

Are imprinted concrete driveways slippery?

They are not overly slippery; however, if you have applied sealant, this can become very slippery in icy conditions.

The Last Word

A well-maintained concrete driveway can add significant kerb appeal to your home.

It’s one of the first things people notice and can even add value to your property.

Suppose you are considering upgrading your drive and have decided concrete is the way to go. In that case, we hope this guide has given you an indication of a patterned concrete driveways cost and its benefits compared to concrete paving or other options.

Not only does patterned concrete cost less than natural stone alternatives, but it’s also easily maintained and, if installed correctly, should last for years. 

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