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How To Remove Cement From Driveways – 6 Damage Proof Ways to Clean

Cement is a notoriously difficult substance to remove from driveways and other paved surfaces. Many people are unaware of the best methods for removing it and use ineffective or harmful chemicals.

This blog post will outline how to remove cement from driveway surfaces.

With over 15 years of experience in the world of landscaping, we’ve been called in to fix a fair amount of problems and see our fair share of spills! DIY-ing is a tempting and often rewarding job for any homeowner, but things don’t always go to plan.

Cement can be a real pain to remove if you don’t know the tricks of the trade when it comes to tackling driveway stains. Thankfully, cement removal doesn’t always have to be a massive job; below, we’ll cover how to remove dry concrete from a driveway and how to remove dried cement from brick, pavers and other surfaces.

Keep reading to learn how to get that concrete off your driveway without any fuss!

Determine the Type of Cement That Was Used

First, you must work out what type of concrete was used. There are several kinds of strong acid concrete cleaners that only work with certain types of concrete mixtures. Limestone-based concrete can be removed with sulphuric acid; phosphoric acid will clean leftover concrete from masonry.

Determine which type has been used in your case before deciding on the solution for cleaning your driveway stains.

Safety First

Safety always comes first when using any kind of acid or chemical cleaners. As any good contractor will tell you, rubber gloves and protective clothing are a must. Most hardware stores will happily guide you on which protective measures are appropriate for the solution you’re working with.

Ensure you’re in a well-ventilated space and have no exposed skin when working with acid or other harmful chemicals. No job is worth risking your health to complete.

6 Ways To Get Rid of Dried Cement on Your Driveway

So, now that you’ve decided on the type of cleaner you’re using and have made sure to wear protective clothing to get the work done, it’s time to go over the different methods for cleaning concrete spills and removing mortar from the driveway.

Wire Brush

The humble wire brush should be your first port of call when tackling any tricky concrete stain. A scrub brush, and a little elbow grease, should remove a good amount of concrete or mortar before resorting to more extreme measures.

Hot water and a wire brush can often shift weaker mortar solutions, and even if you can’t remove the entire stain, this will allow you to use less harmful acid cleaner when it comes to finishing the job.

Muriatic Acid

Muriatic acid is a weaker form of hydrochloric acid, though it’s still a powerful chemical that should be handled cautiously. Pour some clean water into a bucket and then add a small amount of this acid to dilute the solution.

Apply the mixture directly to the affected area, using a stiff brush or scrub brush to work the cleaner into the surface. This acid also works well to remove rust stains from a concrete or asphalt driveway; always be careful when handling acids and wear rubber gloves and protective equipment.

Can Muriatic Acid be Used on a Concrete Driveway?

This product can be incredibly effective at cleaning concrete driveways, provided that you dilute the substance and rinse the area clean with a garden hose after use. However, you should be cautious using this chemical on asphalt sealer, as it can damage the finish and even worsen the stains.

Pressure Washer

Using a power washer can be an effective way to get rid of cement stains from paving and give your driveway some curb appeal. It’s best to use a pressure washer on a sealed driveway or paved area to protect the surface beneath and any joints in the paving installation.

Aim the pressure washer nozzle at a 45-degree angle and jet wash the concrete stains away from any buildings or vehicles. A jet wash can also be used to remove tire marks and dirt from your entire driveway, though you may need to loosen the stains with a stiff broom first.

This video shows how to clean your driveway with a pressure washer


Vinegar will not remove concrete itself from a surface, but it will provide a chemical reaction that dissolves the cement in the mixture. This makes the concrete stain easier to remove with another process, such as scrubbing or using a jet wash.

Combining vinegar with baking soda can produce a very effective cleaning agent that can remove fertilizer stains, clean mould and even remove dried paint from your concrete driveway or pavement.

Lime Film Remover

This product can be found at your local builders’ merchants and used as a concrete remover and patio cleaner when mixed with water. Fill a bucket with your garden hose and add a small amount of LFR. We recommend half a litre of LFR to every 5 litres of water.

Wet the small area you wish to clean and be careful not to expose any bare skin to the cleaner. Scrub the area and leave the solution to work for around 5 minutes. Rinse the patio cleaner from the concrete driveway and sweep away any remaining dirt or debris.

Laundry Detergent

If you’re wondering how to remove cement from brick pavers, household laundry detergent can be a surprisingly effective method. Clean your pavement, or other affected areas, and add a little water to the detergent to form a thick paste.

Apply the mixture to the washed brick or concrete driveway and then scrub the area to remove the stains. Repeat this procedure until all concrete is removed from the pavement and rinse the area clean with water.


How Do You Remove Hardened Cement from Concrete Driveways?

Muriatic acid is probably the most effective way to remove hardened cement from a concrete driveway, but it should only be used as a last resort.

You should try to remove the stain with a wire brush, or jet wash, before moving on to stronger cleaning products. If the stain doesn’t budge, most builders merchants should stock brick acid or other more potent cleaning agents that should do the job.

Does Vinegar Remove Concrete Stains?

Vinegar and baking soda can work to break down the cement within a concrete stain, making the substance easier to remove with another process such as scrubbing or pressure washing. It’s also a great way to remove stains left by lawn fertilizer, paint and rust from metal.

Last Word

So, you have a cement-covered driveway? If so, take precautions first. Safety is your number one priority when using muriatic acid to remove the cement. Be sure that it’s not too cold outside because this can reduce its effectiveness, and remember that it should never be combined with bleach or other chemicals as it can produce dangerous toxic fumes.

You’ll need a wire brush for cleaning off any residue left behind by the product after use, but keep in mind that pressure washers may not work well on concrete surfaces due to their high water content, which could cause pitting of the surface over time.

Thankfully as we’ve discussed above, there are many methods available for removing cement from driveways safely and If you are unsure, consider consulting an expert!