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Everbuild Geo-Fix Review – Is This Paving Jointing Any Good?

You may have heard about Geo-Fix jointing compound or considered picking it up on your patio or block paved drive, but before you splash your cash, see our Geo-Fix Review.

Let our team walk you through what it’s like to work with and maintain a block paving installation that makes use of this stuff to help you find out if Geo-Fix patio jointing is, in fact, the right product for you.

Our Experience To Write This Geo-Fix Paving Review?

All kinds of homeowners have hired us to install professional patio and block paving installations for over 15 years, working with every style of paver you could imagine in the baking heat and during the persistent British rain, so we know which paving compounds are needed for almost every situation.

paving with stones

During this time, we’ve learned how important it is to find the right jointing compounds for use with specific paving materials, those that offer the best value for money, and those that are the easiest to apply and maintain! 

This knowledge and our use of it have kept us in business for all these years, so you can rest assured that our recommendations hold some weight! 

Introducing Geo-Fix

Geo-Fix by Everbuild is a popular and reliable brush-in jointing compound designed to block paved drives and patios with a 5mm or more joint width.

Its cement-free formula makes it the ideal grout for installations containing natural stones, paving blocks and cobbles as it won’t stain your expensive materials, and Geo-Fix jointing compound enjoys a fast curing time, which we’ve found can be walked and driven on the same day it’s been applied! 

How We’ll Review This Paving Jointing Compound

We’ll put all of Everbuild’s claims about Geo-Fix jointing compound to the test to determine whether this product is as easy-to-apply, non-staining and fast-curing as the label proclaims. 

Does this patio grout offer any weed and moss protection? What are its drainage capabilities like?

We’ll look at how easy Geo-Fix jointing compound is to apply to all kinds of block paving, which styles of paver are best suited for use with this product and, of course, whether Geo-Fix patio grout is worth the money!

Keep reading to find out if Geo-Fix paving joint compound will cure all your paving jointing problems! 

Product Overview

Geo-Fix All Weather Paving Joint Compound

With a premixed formula, Geo-Fix jointing compound can be brushed directly between the stones on garden patios and blocks in block paved drives with joints over 5mm wide and 25mm deep.

Geo-Fix patio grout uses a self-curing setting agent that effortlessly sets into rock-hard joints with excellent drainage capabilities and built-in weed protection.  

How Does Geo-Fix Work?

Geo-Fix patio grout can be sprinkled onto and brushed into the joints in your block paving with no added chemicals or faff. You’ll need to remove any existing weeds and ensure that your paving is completely dry before you start! 

Once applied to your paving and compacted into the joints with a pointing tool, any excess Geofix can be brushed away safely as it contains no active pesticides. Within 24 hours, your paved patio will be safe to hold weight and be exposed to water from rainfall or cleaning. 

The Benefits Of Using Geo-Fix

As Geo-Fix jointing compound is both premixed and self-curing, it’s straightforward to apply even to larger paving installations, with far fewer maintenance considerations than kiln-dried jointing sand, as the hardened joints won’t suffer from sand-loss and weather-based erosion.

Joints formed from Geo-Fix jointing compound can be washed and exposed to rainfall once set, as their permeable structure allows for surface water to drain beneath your paving through the joints themselves safely.

We’re big fans of Geo-Fix patio grout’s cement-free formula, which allows for any excess material to be wiped or brushed from your paving stones with no risk of staining, and we’ve found that joints set with this compound resist weed growth thanks to a natural barrier present in the cured joints.

Permeable for Patio Drainage

block paving with drainage

Improper drainage in patios can cause subsidence and structural damage, let alone the risk of standing water on your paved drive becoming a slip hazard and the ideal environment for oil, gunk and other nasties to fester and pose serious health risks! 

Paving set with Geo-Fix paving grout will rarely, if ever, suffer from these issues, as the porous structure of the resulting joints allows for water to drain away into the aggregate beneath your paving. Just make sure Geo-Fix patio grout remains dry until set!  

If you have suitable drainage channels installed beneath your paved patio, you’re free to wash the stones without worrying about water pooling on the surface. You won’t need to panic when the rainstorms begin to roll in! 

It is easy to use

No matter how clever a jointing compound is, it’s no use if it takes a science degree and half of your day to apply the thing to your patio or drive! 

We love that Geo-Fix paving compound requires no added chemicals and can be applied directly out of the container, and we have found that as long as you remember to keep your paving dry before getting to work, it’s super easy to brush and compact this compound into joints provided they’re at least 5mm wide.

Also, with a rapid curing time of just 3 hours, you won’t be waiting around all day to use your block paved patio or drive, and you’ll only need to find a short window of dry weather to get the job done! 

Different Colours

Perhaps not the first thing you’d think of when choosing the ideal jointing compound, the colour of the stuff will impact your curb appeal. We think it’s one of the more important considerations to make! 

Geo-Fix paving joint compound comes in various colours, designed to complement almost every kind of paving stone you could think of. We’ve found that their colours ranging from black to light grey, perfectly accent a variety of paving materials, from bog-standard concrete slabs to Indian sandstone and natural slate tiles! 

Geo-Fix jointing compound can be found in:

  • Anthracite 
  • Graphite 
  • Stone 
  • Slate 
  • Mid grey
  • Grey
  • Buff


The main issue with using Geo-Fix paving compound is that it must be kept completely dry until it’s had at least 3 hours to cure, which can be tricky given the British weather!


In a block paved drive with 5mm wide and 25mm deep joints, one 20kg container of Geo-Fix jointing compound should cover around 20 square metres of space or a block paved patio that measures around 5m x 5m. 

Geo-Fix Alternatives

Bostik’s Patio Grout

Bostik’s jointing compound is more expensive than Geo-Fix paving compound by weight, though it’s suitable for block paved drives of comparable size with a joint width of at least 5mm.

Bostik’s Patio Grout

This jointing compound is only available in a few colours, and we’ve found that it takes longer than Geo-Fix to cure, with a minimum drying time of 10 hours.

Easy Joint Paving Compound

Easy-Joint comes in 5 colours and can be used in all weather conditions thanks to its water-bonding formula, though it is more expensive than Geo-Fix paving compound by weight.

Easy Joint Paving Compound

It can also be used in compact block paving installations with joints as narrow as 3mm wide! 

Where to Buy

Geo-Fix jointing compound is widely available in the UK, though we’ve found that it’s noticeably absent in the stock lists of several large suppliers like ScrewFix and Travis Perkins.

We’ve found Geo-Fix paving grout stocked by:

  • eFix
  • Build & Plum Materials Online
  • Sealants and Tools Direct
  • TW Wholesale
  • ManoMano
  • OnBuy

Last Word 

paving bricks

One 20kg tub provides enough coverage for the average 20 square metre UK patio, and the maintenance needs for block paving set with Geo-Fix jointing compound are relatively low thanks to its excellent drainage capabilities and hardened joints that won’t suffer from natural erosion. 

The wide range of colours available makes Geo-Fix patio grout an excellent choice for most paver styles. However, its inability to be applied during wet weather means you’ll need to keep an eye on the forecast. Still, aside from this, we’d say that Geo-Fix patio grout is undoubtedly worth looking out for!