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Azpects Easy Joint Review – Is This Paving Jointing Any Good?

Easy Joint Paving & Patio Grout is one of the most popular brush-in grouting compounds available on the UK market, but what sets it apart from the other products available? Let’s find out in this Easy Joint review.

What Qualifies Us to Write This Easy Joint Paving Review?

With over 15 years of experience providing professional landscaping installations across the North East, our company has trialled its fair share of jointing, pointing and grouting compounds.

We’ve found that while most products are serviceable, they do have their own quirks. Mostly, we’ve come to understand that what makes a good product is a compound that can guarantee we leave the job site with a happy customer.

That means a paving jointing compound that’s suitable for the installation, weather-resistant, of reliable quality and likely to last many years. When it’s our reputation on the line and our customer’s garden at stake, we must make sure that their money doesn’t go to waste. So, we’ve made it our priority to know which products work.

Introducing Easy Joint

As the name suggests, it’s easy to apply and unlikely to crack, so every customer can be assured that their patio joints will last.

How we’ll review this paving jointing compound

We’re not interested in fake reviews or negative reviews, so unlike other azpects Easy Joint reviews, we’ll fairly compare the Easy Joint compound to its competitors and provide instructions on applying the compound to your paving or patio joints.

We’ll discuss Easy Joint’s benefits over comparable products and the relative cost of Easy Joint as a jointing compound.

By the end of this review, we hope you’ll see just why we rate this product so highly and how to revive your old patio with easy grout.

Keep reading to understand the benefits of the Easy Joint jointing compound; we should first look into what exactly the product does.

Product Overview

Supreme Landscaping Products Jointing Compound Stone Grey Easy Joint 12.5 Kilo Patio Mortar

Easy Joint, by Azpects Ltd, is a paving jointing compound that provides solid, weather-resistant joints for your patio or outside paving. As tradespeople, we know that any worthwhile product boasts a simple application process.

How does Easy Joint work?

Simply apply a bit of Easy Joint to a wet patio and brush the compound into the joints to provide a solid seal around the flagstones in your paving. The permeable qualities of this Azpects Ltd product mean your paving installation will be as weather-resistant as it is durable.

The benefits of Easy Joint

The benefits of using Easy Joint come primarily from its ability to self-cure. Because this jointing compound reacts with water to provide a solid seal within the joints of your patio, the maintenance required after installation is much less than that of a dry sand jointing material.

Once the jointing compound has set, the surface of your paving will be able to withstand rain and even the odd blast from a pressure washer. Easy Joint allows for water drainage through the joints without risking the same erosion as dry sand.

Easy Joint allows for an easier cleaning process than other jointing materials and eliminates the need for regular re-sanding throughout its lifetime.

Easy application to wet patio joints

To apply Easy Joint to your paving project, you’ll first need to clear the area of any loose debris. This step is the same for most products and step-by-step instructions can be found by consulting a Youtube video.

Many jointing materials require a completely dry working surface; Easy Joint eliminates this consideration thanks to its self-curing properties and water permeable finish. It can even be applied in cold temperatures with no setting issues.

Simply wet your paving and use a soft brush to sweep the compound into your joints. Continue to wash the joints as you apply the patio grout and compact the joints as you go.

A patio grout that can last a lifetime

Most self-curing jointing compounds require mixing before application; this can result in wasted product if your calculations are even a little off.

Azpects Ltd has eliminated this risk as their jointing compound is ready to use straight from the tub. Simply apply the patio grout to the gaps and water the joints to activate the paving jointing compound.

This feature also extends Easy Joint’s shelf life. If you’ve managed to finish your project with unused tubs, you can safely store the excess for use in any future projects.

A range of colours

Aside from the technical aspects of Azpects Ltd and their Easy Joint compound, there are also aesthetic benefits to this paving jointing compound.

It’s often hard to match a jointing compound to the colour of your paving slabs. We’ve experienced this ourselves, set on a certain style of slabs, only to find that they don’t quite suit the colour of the jointing material we’ve chosen.

Many types of paving jointing compounds are tied to their colour due to the materials used in manufacturing. But, thanks to Easy Joint’s ready to use formula, Azpects Ltd have created a wide range of Easy Joint colours to match almost any slabs on the market.

You can find EasyJoint paving grout in

  • Buff,
  • Stone grey
  • Mushroom,
  • Basalt
  • Jet black finishes

So Easy Joint colours can complement almost any paving installation.

Easy Joint Alternatives

Of course, there are alternatives available to point, grout and joint your paving, each with pros and cons.

#1. DOMINATOR Polymeric Sand

Polymeric sand provides a solid seal between paving slabs thanks to fine sand and a cement free formula.

40 Pound, Charcoal Gray Joint Stabilizing for Pavers, DOMINATOR Polymeric Sand with Revolutionary Ceramic Flex Technology for Joints up to 4”, Professional Grade Results

It sweeps into joints easily and is easy to rinse away, therefore reducing your labour time. It also has a new easy pour handle which offers more control and precision.

#2. Kiln Dried Sand

Commonly used in block paving installations, kiln-dried sand is a flexible jointing material that does not rely on a binding agent to provide a seal.

Kiln Dried Sand

This product may need to be sealed after installation to provide added protection against weeds and erosion. A bag of this product is a lot cheaper than an active jointing compound, though the installation process requires more work.

#3. Fast Fix

The popular Sika Fast Fix all-weather jointing compound is a common alternative to Easy Joint as it’s slightly cheaper by the tub.

Fast Fix

Fast Fix is popular for its price, but it does come with a few setbacks when compared to Azpects Easy Joint. This product cannot be applied in wet conditions and the colouring options available are fairly limited.

How to Buy

Easy Joint can be found at most landscaping company stockists, and DIY stores, available in boxes of 12.5kg for cash or credit. If customers prefer to have Easy Joint delivered directly to the job site, large orders are available for delivery.

Most stockists sell Easy Joint grout under the building chemicals or jointing compound categories, and to any customer reading this article, we’d like to offer our affiliate link to use when purchasing, delivery is available.

Final Thoughts

red brush sweeping paving

When it does come to cleaning, the durability provided by this Azpects product means your joints can withstand a pressure washer and a stiff brush, unlike other jointing materials you may come across. With a range of colours available to match many concrete, brick and natural stone slabs, Easy Joint provides versatility in both aesthetics and functionality, making it our go-to choice of grout.

Its easy installation process, requiring only a brush and some water, makes for a painless and quick job compared to other dry and cement-based jointing products. These elements combine to allow you to rest easy, knowing your easy grout patio will last through the years. We hope the instructions in this article have provided a little more insight than other Easy Joint reviews.