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Driveway Cleaning Prices in 2024

Keeping a driveway clean is paramount for its curb appeal and functionality. Pressure washing is a standard method, but driveway cleaning prices fluctuate based on factors like driveway size, level of dirt, and location.

How Much Does Driveway Cleaning Cost?

The average cost of pressure washing driveways in the UK is around £3-£5 per square metre, though the actual driveway cleaning cost range can be as varied as £1.50-£10 per square metre.

Popular trades directories Checkatrade and My Job Quote report that UK homeowners commonly spend between £250-£350 on a single professional power washing driveway job once all contributing factors are taken into account.

To understand the costs properly, you want to get a few personalised quotes. A power wash quickly removes tough stains, built-up acidic grime, loose debris and even weeds and moss, making it ideal for driveways that aren’t gravel. However, costs can vary significantly.

For instance, a more extensive, heavily stained driveway would require more time and resources, resulting in a higher price than a smaller, relatively clean driveway.

Driveway Cleaning Prices Per Square Metre

To gain a more specific understanding of your driveway power washing cost, we’ve taken the average jet wash driveway price per square metre and applied it to 3 commonly found sizes of drive.

By Square Metre

Small Driveway
25sq/ m
2-3 hours
Medium Size Driveway
4-5 hours
Large Driveway
8-9 hours

By Car Size

Single Car Driveway
25sq/ m
2-3 hours
Double Car Driveway
4-5 hours
3-4 Car Driveway
8-9 hours

Additional Costs

Oil Stain Removal
1 Patch
2 hours
Water Based Sealing
25 sq/m
2 hours
Resin Based Sealing
25 sq/m
3-4 hours

Pressure Washing Cost Calculator

Driveway cleaning costs and what you can expect to pay can be estimated before you book the work by finding the average rate charged by your chosen company. This can usually be found on their website or by requesting a quote, just be aware that this value will be an estimate and subject to change.

All companies will have an average charge per square metre that accounts for probable additional factors such as your location and labour costs, so use this alongside the measurements of your driveway to get a good idea of your pressure washing prices.

How to Measure a Driveway

For perfectly square or rectangular driveways, this is an easy task, just measure the length and the width of the area in metres and multiply the numbers together to find the size of your drive in square metres.

For example: Length – 10m x width – 5m = 50 square metres

For irregularly shaped drives, split the area up into squares, rectangles or triangles and calculate each measurement separately, then add up these values to find the total size in square metres.

  • To measure squares: length x width.
  • To measure rectangles: length x width.
  • To measure triangles: length x width ÷ 2

Pressure Washing Cost Factors

Though the driveway cleaning company you’ve chosen will have an average driveway cleaning cost per square metre, several additional factors can contribute to an increased pressure washing driveway cost. Let’s take a look at these factors in more detail and at which ones might increase the cost to clean your driveway. 

Condition of the driveway

A brand new driveway, or one that’s been regularly cleaned with no oil stains present or weed infestations, will take far less time, labour and hot water to clean to a professional standard, therefore expect to pay less. Also the size of your driveway, smaller driveways will need far less power washing which means the cost to clean it will also be less.

This can also be said for a cracked driveway with uneven pavers or eroded joints, as these factors will increase the time and effort needed to pressure wash a driveway properly.

How dirty is the driveway

Depending on your maintenance routine and location, a small driveway could be old and relatively clean, or if it’s well-used or under a tree line, it could be filthy and covered in muck.

Driveways in poor condition littered with oil stains that are slipping hazards, tire marks and other stains or scuffs will take much more effort and potentially additional tools and cleaning solutions to fully clean. Oil stain removal and other difficult stains may require a professional driveway clean and this will incur additional driveway cleaning costs on top of your initially quoted price per square metre but can make all the difference.

Type of driveway

When having a small driveway cleaned, flat, solid surfaces like concrete, resin and tarmac will take far less time to clean and be much easier to work with than paved areas that commonly feature many divots, joints and uneven surfaces where stains and muck can gather and settle.

Block paving, in particular, is often tricky to work with, as driveway cleaning sand-filled joints can easily lead to erosion, and there may well be a build up of dirt, weeds and moss growth already growing from these areas in this extensive driveway that will take extra time and effort to remove. Depending on the size of the overall job will also effect the hourly rate the company try to charge.

Who supplies the water?

This one’s important and can easily become a hidden cost if you’re not too careful.

Some local companies will turn up with their own water supply in the form of a container attached to a pickup truck. In this case, the single driveway cleaning cost will be included in their initial quote, though it will raise the average price per square metre compared to companies that don’t provide hot water.

Choosing a company with a lower driveway cleaning cost will often result in their crew using your home’s water, which may seem cheaper in the short term. But, considering pressure washers use between 7-10L of water per minute on average, it can leave you with a sizable personal water bill if your supply runs off a meter.

Stains and marks

Stubborn stains like surface grease, oil, brake fluid and tire marks won’t be easily removed using a power washer alone when having a driveway cleaned. Instead, they’ll need to be tackled separately for clean surfaces, often requiring targeted driveway cleaning methods to remove oil stains which won’t have been included in your quoted jet wash driveway price.

Most companies will have estimated costs for removing common stains like these, so it’s worth discussing the costs with them during the quotation process. Just remember that a pressure washer uses high pressure but can’t work miracles during the cleaning process and won’t wholly rid your drive of stubborn stains alone. In the same breath too much power and high pressure to remove tough stains and using the wrong nozzle can cause further damage to patio slabs which may lead to falling hazards which will mean additional costs, so you have to find the right balance. 

Where the water is flowing

If you’re power washing an extensive large sized driveway, and it’s been installed so that the water isn’t draining naturally from the surface area, it can take considerable time and effort washing a driveway as you have to sweep the water away from the paving slabs to an appropriate drain.

This will result in a much longer job, requiring more labour, higher overall cost and possibly even more water to complete, as you’ll likely need to rinse the entire drive an extra time with the jet washer to account for all the dirty water being swept back over the surface of the large driveway.


Similarly to our last point, driveways installed on an angle facing away from your property and towards an appropriate drain will be much easier to clean quickly than those with poor drainage considerations. Poor drainage can cause potential accidents due to loose features and this leads to additional services needing required and higher costs. 

For example, to have a sloped, solid medium sized driveway cleaned which is made from concrete with drainage channels installed won’t require much additional help to move all your dirty water away to an appropriate drain. In comparison, a flat paved small driveway with uneven pavers and no installed drainage channels will require workers to constantly sweep all that dirty water away as they jet wash the surface. After the jet wash, you should go over the paved driveway with kiln dried sand if required and sealing should also be done to prevent water penetration.

Where To Find Good Driveway Cleaners

Some people may be unaware that professional driveway cleaning crews operate up and down the country, and can easily be found, contacted and hired for their pressure washer services through the use of a few handy online directories.

So if you want your small sized driveway professionally cleaned, read on to find a driveway specialist!


Bark has been our preferred trades directory for many years to find a local tradesperson . We’ve often recommended their services as the easiest way to find professional tradespeople for any job you could think of. Find reliable driveway cleaners on Bark here.

Their website is incredibly easy to navigate; just enter the trade you require, your location and answer a few questions about the job you need doing. With this information alone, their international database will put you in contact with a list of suitable candidates in your immediate area. You can see past work and most professionals are happy to discuss your options, some also offer free quotes.

Yell has been one of the UK’s most popular directories since 1996, and whilst it doesn’t have quite as comprehensive of a database as Bark, it’s certainly a good tool to have as a backup.

Their website allows users to search for tradespeople by profession such as driveway cleaning, company or keyword, and with the addition of your postcode, they’ll provide the contact details for those closest to you.


Checkatrade is used by over 12 million people every year to hire professional tradespeople in their local area, and several UK trade unions back their site.

Like our other two recommended directories, Checkatrade allows users to search for local tradespeople by profession, company name or keyword and will use your postcode to suggest suitable businesses in your local area. Find your power washing expert today!


How do I clean my driveway myself?

This will depend on the level at which you’d like to clean your driveway, how often you intend to do so, and how dirty your concrete driveway is or is likely to become. If you have a concrete or tarmac drive with no serious oil or grease stains, it can be worth hiring a driveway pressure washer at a much cheaper rate than you’d spend on a professional crew to get the driveway clean. 

Alternatively, if you have a new drive and want to get into a regular maintenance routine, it may be worth purchasing your own power washers that you can use whenever you like rather than getting someone in for a professional clean. 

Suppose you’re not too bothered about having a driveway clean where it’s sparkling. In that case, it can be more cost-effective to do some DIY driveway cleaning and use targeted cleaners like bleach or salt to remove specific stains from the surface, or you can always use a driveway detergent, water and a stiff broom to scrub your drive clean, this will keep your total cost down and help you save money. 

How do you clean a driveway fast?

Cleaning your driveway doesn’t have to be a lengthy task, and if you want to clean your driveway fast, you can try a few methods to get the job done as quickly as possible.

Instead of a pressure washer on the concrete, you can try popping a bleach and water mixture into a pressure-operated weed killer sprayer and using this to coat any stains on your drive. Leave the mixture for half an hour or so to work, then scrub with a brush and pressure wash the surface clean.

A mixture of warm water, vinegar and dish soap can also make an effective DIY driveway cleaner, just coat your surface with this mixture and scrub any stains with a broom before power washing the excess away. Just be careful around paving and on your driveway cleaning project as vinegar can cause bleaching. You may also want to learn about sealing cost as this helps with longevity of larger driveways. 

Can you clean a driveway without a pressure washer?

It’s perfectly possible to clean a medium sized driveway without power washing or jet washing, though generally speaking, you will remove more dirt much faster by using some jet washers. Regular cleaning and sealing doesn’t have to be difficult. 

If you own your own jet washer, you can try making your own driveway clean. Diluted bleach can be used to remove dirt, mould and mildew, a vinegar and baking soda mixture can lift worn-in stains and kill weeds, whilst laundry detergent can soak up grease and oil spills. Just be careful when scrubbing your drive after using these cleaners and a power washing tool to avoid scratching the surface

Last Word

So, that should put you in an excellent position to start planning your next pressure wash driveway cleaning job and, more importantly, how much it will cost cleaning a driveway. 

Start by measuring your concrete or brick driveway in square metres, and consider the material your drive is made from alongside how dirty the surface is realistically before you power wash.

Search for a local professional driveway pressure wash cleaning crew using an online directory like Bark, and get a hold of their quoted price per square metre to estimate your overall driveway cleaning cost. You can also look for those who install a driveway gate if its something you have considered. 

Do a little research into whether each company uses their own cold water supply when cleaning a driveway with a pressure washer, especially if on a water meter and make sure to mention any serious stains you want to remove upfront. Finding out how much does it cost before starting can make the process a lot smoother.

By sticking to this driveway cleaning cost guide, you should be able to keep your driveway prices down whilst still receiving a top power wash job!

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