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Can weeds grow through resin driveways?

Do Weeds Grow Through Resin Driveways?

Resin-bound surfaces are SUDS compliant, which means their permeable and porous nature allows natural drainage, making them the ideal environmentally friendly choice for a new driveway.

However, a common question we’re asked is; do weeds grow through resin driveways? The short answer is no! But tiny seedlings may be blown onto the driveway’s surface, which may result in small growths of surface weeds.

The beauty of resin bound driveways is that they can be maintained without worrying about the surface getting damaged. The driveway will last for years with little maintenance required, even in harsh weather conditions.

This is a headache for any homeowner, so it’s important you calculate the cost of your resin driveway and take into account these minor problems.

Once the driveway is down, that’s all well and good, but it still needs a level of maintenance and that’s what some customers forget.

Do Weeds Grow Through Resin Bound Driveways

Resin-bound surfacing is completely bound, which means that it’s weed resistant. Often resin-bound driveways are treated prior to being laid on the sub base to make them doubly resistant against new weed growth.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean you can relax! Small seeds from pesky outdoor plants may still find their way into any cracks and sprout up as soon as summer rolls around again. However, most unwanted weed growth can be prevented with regular brushing and jet washing; alternatively, you can use a commercial weed killer.

Moss and algae are persistent little blighters and can occur on your resin-bound stone. If your resin driveway is in the sun all day, this shouldn’t be a problem! On the other hand, moss and algae flourish in shaded damp or wet areas. They not only look unsightly but can cause resin driveways to become slippery.

3 Tips On How To Remove Moss From Resin Drive?

If you want to know how to clean resin driveways to remove moss, lichens and algae, below are three surefire solutions to get your resin driveway looking pristine!

1. Bleach

There are many ways to remove moss from your driveway and one of the best solutions is bleach, but be careful because it can discolour the bound stone surface if not used correctly. Mix about 20 ounces with 5 gallons of warm water in a garden sprayer before pouring it onto the area that needs cleaning.

Let this mixture sit for 15 minutes, then wash away using either soap and warm water (or even just hosing down!) After only 1-2 hours, most spots should turn yellow, at which point you may brush off any remaining with a stiff brush.

2. Use a jet wash

A frequent question we get asked is can you pressure wash resin driveways?

The good news is; that yes, you can use a pressure washer to remove moss and weeds from your resin-bound driveway, but precautions need to be taken.

  1. Spray with a flat nozzle to improve the precision of spraying the surface.
  2. Only use pressure up to 150 bar; excessive force could damage resin and shorten its lifespan!
  3. Make sure you only use cold water as boiling water will damage the chemical make-up of the resin-bound surface and result in loose stones.
  4. Position the nozzle about 20cm away to avoid damaging the driveway surface
  5. Sweep back and forth instead of concentrating directly on one spot

3. Buy a moss killer for resin drives.

Getting a moss and algae killer designed specifically for resin surfaces is another option to eliminate the problem. They are relatively cheap, costing between £10-£30; however, always follow the manufacturer’s instructions as most are concentrated and need diluting before use.

Using these products periodically will prevent regrowth and keep your resin driveway looking like new for years to come.

Last Word

Resin driveways are becoming a popular choice with homeowners due to their durability, stylish looks and low maintenance. Plus, installing a resin drive over an existing surface such as concrete means that there’s no need for expensive sub-base installation.

For the most part, they are weed-resistant; however, you may get the odd rogue weed appearing; these can be simply removed with regular brushing or cleaning with a pressure washer, so it should become a problem.

Please see our other comprehensive guides for more information on resin-bonded driveways and how they can be looked after. We’ll show you the best way to keep your investment protected so it will last for years without any worries!

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