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Dansand No Grow Review – Is This Paving Sand Any Good?

Dansand No Grow is a highly rated and versatile jointing compound made from high pH kiln dried sand, but how are you supposed to know whether that makes it the ideal patio grout for your block paving installation? 

Our professional team of block paving experts is here to break down the jargon and highlight the information you need to make an informed decision. So, let’s find out in this Dansand No Grow review whether it is a top-quality jointing compound.

Dansand Paving Review – What Qualifies Us

With over 15 years of professional experience installing block paved drives, patios and footpaths, you’d better believe that our team has tried their fair share of jointing compounds. Across every surface, from fancy chemical formulas to bog-standard dry sands, we’ve seen the lot! 

Reliability, weed prevention, durability and ease of use are the key things we look for when jointing block paving. As it’s our reputation on the line if we get these things wrong, you can rest assured that our recommendations have taken a lot of thought!  

Introducing Dansand No Grow

Dansand is one of the world’s leading specialists in the field of jointing sands, with their refined and kiln-dried silica sands being a popular choice in block paving projects across the globe.

Dansand No Grow is just one example of their excellent product range, an easy-to-use brush in jointing sand that uses organic minerals and a naturally high pH value to inhibit weed growth in block paving. It forms secure yet permeable joints, which harden in contact with water to produce tough elastic bonds that won’t crack under pressure!

How We’ll Review This Paving Jointing Compound

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Dansand No Grow claims to be easily applied to any block paved driveway or patio surface, to produce naturally long-lasting weed prevention, and to remain permeable to rainfall without losing its protective abilities, all whilst retailing for a pretty affordable price!

But is this block paving compound as durable as it seems? Or are there better ways to spend your money? 

We’ll test all of these claims, comparing Dansand No Grow’s application, durability and price to its closest competition, leaving you with a clear and balanced impression of where Dansand No Grow lands in the block paving compound market. 

Keep reading to see how Dansand No Grow holds up against the competition! 

Product Overview

Dansand NO Grow Joint Filling Sand, Natural

Environmentally friendly and suitable for all outdoor block paving installations, Dansand No Grow is specially designed to prevent weed growth between blocks and pavers through a combination of organic minerals and a naturally high pH value. 

With a simple brush in application, this jointing sand produces fully permeable joints in block paved driveways with no premixing or additional chemicals to worry about; just a little moisture will create solid joints!  

How Does Dansand No Grow Work?

Making sure your block paved driveway is entirely free from any existing weeds and debris, Dansand No Grow can be brushed into the lightly moistened joints between your patio pavers with a stiff broom. Just be sure to fully compact the sand with a good deal of pressure to ensure that the resulting joints are solid.

a brush moving sand off block paving

Thanks to this filler’s specially designed formula consisting of tiny beads of kiln-dried sand, you’ll find that its naturally nutrient-poor minerals work to suppress weed growth by drying out the seeds before they take root. Whilst still allowing for water drainage through the joints to help provide ample drainage to your block paving. 

The Benefits Of Dansand

Dansand No Grow’s primary benefit lies in its natural ability to prevent weeds from taking hold within block paving joints. Specially designed to be as fine as possible, Dansand No Grow is ideal for joints between 3-10mm and can be brushed into the space between your patio pavers with no added chemicals, then lightly wet to set into a hardened joint.

Less maintenance

With no more need for weekly weed-killer sprays, and a natural ability to allow rainfall and standing water to drain away beneath your block paving, Dansand No Grow requires almost no regular maintenance to ensure your block-paved patio remains clean, safe and structurally sound.

Sure, you may need to re-sand the joints every two years as the vibrations from cars or heavy footfall may loosen them over time, but with such a simple brush in application, you’ll have this job done in no time at all!

Value for money

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Although Dansand No Grow is more expensive up front than your average dry jointing sand, the long-lasting benefit of its hardened seal offers good value for money. 

By securing the joints in your block paving with this hard-setting filler, you’ll lose far less of the material over time, meaning you’ll save a fair bit on the cost of regularly re-sanding the joints in your block paved patio!

There’s also the benefit of Dansand No Grow’s natural weed-preventing abilities to account for, meaning you won’t need to fork out on a coat of patio sealer to fully protect your paving from unwanted organic pests and moss growth.

Environmentally friendly

Dansand No Grow uses no active pesticides or harmful chemicals to combat organic pests. This block paving filler prevents weed growth by simply drying out the seeds before they have a chance to germinate. 

This allows for targeted protection only from unwanted plant life, with the surrounding flowers and bushes in your garden and around your paving installation completely free from environmentally unsafe chemicals or growth-inhibiting compounds.


Although Dansand No Grow mainly provides excellent and cost-effective protection to the joints in block paving, its lack of any active pesticides will cause it to struggle in block-paved patios that suffer from excessive weed growth. 

We’ve also found that whilst this product’s incredible structure is excellent for paving joints between 3-10mm wide, it won’t provide enough stability in block-paved drives with joints wider than 10mm. 


Though Dansand No Grow offers excellent weed protection and structural stability, it’s only available in a natural beige stone. However, we’ve found that this shade will suit the most common block paving stones. You can look at other options and more paving grout colours here.

Dansand No Grow is also available in stone dust and dry sand varieties that lack the hardening capability of their polymeric filler but can be found in the following colours:

  • Beige
  • Buff
  • Grey


In a block paving installation with individual paver heights of at least 4cm and a joint width between 3-10 mm, one 20kg bag of Dansand No Grow will cover between 5-10 square metres. Meaning only 2-3 bags will be needed to cover an average two-car driveway of 20 square metres.

Dansand Alternatives

#1. Sika Fast Fix

Sika Fast Fix All Weather

One of the more commonly found jointing compounds, Sika’s Fast Fix for patios, is a little more expensive than Dansand No Grow by weight, with a premixed self-setting formula that will cure to form a solid yet permeable joint. Because of this, it can be used in installations with a joint width of over 10mm.

#2. Easy Joint Paving Compound

Easy Joint Paving Jointing Compound

Available in 5 colours ranging from black to beige, Easy Joint’s product is again more expensive than Dansand No Grow, so it may not be ideal for larger paving projects. Easy Joint does, however, benefit from a weatherproof formula that can be applied even during light rainfall. Its self-curing properties allow it to be used in installations with joint widths above 10mm. 

Where to Buy

Dansand No Grow is widely available from many popular DIY and hardware retailers, commonly found in 20kg bags that should cover around 5-10 square metres each.

We’ve found Dansand No Grow stocked by the following suppliers:

  • Wickes
  • Amazon
  • ManoMano
  • Status Homecare
  • OnBuy

Last Word 

hand brush laying on patio

We love how simple it is to apply Dansand No Grow, requiring only that you remove any existing weeds and lightly wet the joints between your blocks to produce tough yet elastic joints. The lack of harsh chemicals or curing times makes for a safe, fast and environmentally friendly way to protect any block paved drive for the long haul! 

Though its natural weed-inhibiting abilities are great for regular use, it will struggle in block-paved patios that experience excessive weed growth. This video shows the results after a few months. For joints more expansive than 10mm, we recommend looking elsewhere. Still, for its price, ease-of-use and low maintenance considerations, we recommend looking into Dansand No Grow for your next block paving project!