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How Much Does Crazy Paving Cost Per Square Metre?

First, if you’re considering diving into this unique style of paving, you’re probably wondering, “How much will crazy paving cost?” The cost of crazy paving is just as varied and multi-dimensional as the design.

How Much Does Crazy Paving Cost?

On average, if you’re hiring professionals to supply and install your crazy paving, the cost per square metre could range between £60 and £70 per square metre.

If you’ve fallen in love with with crazy paving created with natural stone, be ready to pay a little extra.

Cost Factors

Several factors influence the cost of your crazy paving project.

The Existing Driveway or Patio

The size of the space you want to pave is a crucial aspect. Naturally, the larger the area, the more materials you’ll need and the more time it’ll take to complete the project, which translates into higher installation costs.

The Material of the Stone

Materials form a significant chunk of the cost. Slate and other natural stones are common choices for crazy paving. The colour spectrum runs from the rich, earthy tones of russet, to the dark depth of onyx, to more delicate, creamy hues of bisque.

If you opt for premium materials, you could be looking at a higher price tag, but the end result can be worth the investment.

Comparison: Crazy Paving Vs Other Slabs

Comparing costs between different types of paving can be useful.

Paving Type
Cost (£ per sq/m)
Crazy Paving
Concrete Flagged Patio
Limestone Patio
Porcelain Slabs
Granite Patio
Slate Patio
Natural Stone
Block Paving
Yorkstone Patio
£100 – £150

Rough Costs To Crazy Pave

Crazy Driveways

Not limited to patios or garden paths, crazy paving can add personality to your driveway too. However, the demands of a driveway differ from a patio, so it’s essential to understand what that means for crazy paving.

Average Driveway Size (sq/m)
Cost (£ per sq/m)
Total Cost (£)
Cars Accommodated

If your crazy paving driveway is carrying vehicles, it should be laid on a 100mm thick bed of C20 concrete. This provides strength and durability to withstand the weight and movement of cars. 

Laying Crazy Paved Patios

Average Patio Size (sq/m)
Cost (£ per sq/m)
Total Cost (£)

Pros And Cons Of Crazy Paving

Crazy paving, with its blend of creativity, flexibility, and individuality, is a fantastic way to inject a personal touch into your outdoor spaces. 

Whether you’re aiming for a cosy, rustic vibe or a more upscale, elegant look, crazy paving allows you to break away from the monotony of uniform paving patterns and create a landscape that reflects your style and vision.


The most significant advantage of crazy paving is its unique character. It allows you to create a distinct personality in your outdoor space with various stone colours, types, and finishes.

A well-executed crazy paving project minimises the amount of visible mortar, leading to a solid and durable surface. And as far as planning permissions go, you usually won’t need to worry when laying a patio.


On the flip side, crazy paving can present a few challenges. For one, repairing it can be quite a task. If there are cracks or damage, it’s worth examining the underlying cause before attempting repairs.

From a contractor’s perspective, it takes more labour to lay a square metre of crazy paving than it does for ‘normal’ paving due to the irregular shapes of the stones. This could increase your labour costs if you’re hiring professionals to install crazy paving.

DIY Crazy Paving: Is It Cost-Effective?

With the right tools, materials, and a heavy dose of paving knowledge, crazy paving can be a great DIY project.

We sometimes get asked, is it hard to lay crazy paving and it can be you just need to have a well thought out plan before starting.

While professional installation could set you back between £50 and £70 per square metre, DIY could significantly reduce costs. 

However, be ready for a more labour-intensive project than laying standard paving due to the need to arrange the irregular shapes of the stones.

Alternatives To Crazy Paving

If crazy paving distinctive style doesn’t quite align with your style or practical requirements, there are several other paving options to consider.

Block Paving

Famous for its durability and versatility, block paving is a solid alternative. Comprising individual blocks in specific patterns offers a pleasing geometric look.

This article looks at block paving cost-wise, it can range widely from more affordable concrete blocks to pricier natural stone options. If a block becomes damaged, it can be individually replaced, simplifying repairs. But yeah we hear you, not nearly as exciting.

Concrete Patio Flags

For larger, uniform spaces, concrete patio flags offer an excellent choice. The even, regular shape of the flags lends a consistent flow and feel to your garden.

They are typically more affordable than natural paving options and can imitate various stone finishes, providing a bright and modern feel to your patio.

Where To Find Quality Paving Contractors

When it comes to transforming your outdoor space with crazy paving, choosing the right contractor will be a must. Some paving companies are way more experienced with this tricky paving installation.

Luckily, there are several trusted platforms where you can find experienced professionals.

Close up of irregular paving with geometric shapes

Websites such as Checkatrade and Rated People feature numerous contractors and customer reviews, allowing you to assess the quality of their work.

However, based on our experience and customer feedback, we recommend as an excellent platform for finding crazy paving specialists.

FAQs On Crazy Paving

What do you lay crazy paving on?

Based on our own experience when you lay crazy paving, the best base is a cementitious bed. It provides the ideal foundation for irregular stone shapes.

What sand to use for crazy paving?

Builder’s sand is generally the recommended choice for crazy paving. However, the type of stone material used can influence this choice.

How much does crazy paving weigh?

The weight of crazy paving largely depends on the materials used. However, we’ve generally found that a square metre of stone paving typically weighs 75 to 85 kilograms.

Can you create crazy paving from natural stone paving slabs?

You can create crazy paving from natural paving slabs. In our experience, natural stone provides a rich variety of colours and textures that enhance the look of crazy paving.


The average cost of crazy paving per square per metre depends on many variables: the type of stone you choose, the size of your area, and the condition of your existing landscape. 

But if you’re genuinely after something different and timeless, the cost of crazy paving can be viewed as an investment in originality and style. 

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