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Can You Put Gravel In Between Crazy Paving?

If you’re looking for something different to go with your crazy paving, you may wonder, can you put gravel in between crazy paving? The answer is yes; you can put gravel between crazy paving because it offers stability, reduces weed growth and gives the design more depth.

Read our guide on laying crazy paving and see what you can expect from the process.

Pros And Cons Of Using Gravel On Crazy Paving Gaps 

Below is a list of some benefits and drawbacks you can expect from gravel when laying it in between crazy paving. Crazy paving is not cheap, so you want it professionally grouted, but gravel is an option.


Affordable material

One of the main benefits of using gravel is its affordability, attracting many people to it. Paving installed is costly, so if you can save money on other expenses, people will do so, and gravel is one of those options. It’s far less expensive than materials such as stone or brick.

Easy to install

Another significant aspect of gravel is that it’s relatively easy to install, and you don’t need to be a professional; it is perfect for any DIYer. You can quickly spread and level it with minimal effort wherever you place it. You only need a thin layer, as too much can cause sinking or stones to shift.

Natural look

Depending on your garden style, gravel can offer a natural look compared to pointing. If you place it right with the correct amount, it can look like a home in top-end gardens. It’s certainly a choice to enhance the appeal of a garden.

Range of sizes & colours

Another attractive option for potential customers is the wide range of colours and sizes that it comes in. If you are after a colourful, vibrant garden, there are shades of greens, yellows and pinks. You really can get any colour nowadays! 

You can get grey, brown and black if you want a more muted option. It all depends on the garden you want. If it’s eye-catching, opt for a more colourful option, but if you want the gravel to go unnoticed and fade into the background, choose something more subtle. 


It doesn’t look great compared to pointing. 

This is up for debate, but some argue that gravel doesn’t look as good as pointing between the crazy paving. This is because it may need more structure and uniformity compared to pointing. 

Gravel will blow away.

You can’t just lay gravel down and expect it to stay there for years. It needs to be adequately secured down, which can be done through a geotextile membrane, preventing it from mixing with the soil. Doing this ensures that the gravel stays in place, and there’ll be no shift when high winds and rain picks up.

Edging may be required.

If you opt for gravel, you may also need to incorporate edging. It offers another layer of sturdiness to keep the gravel in place when the weather deteriorates. You can use many options and materials, from pebbles and timber sleepers.

It all depends on what sort of look you’re going for with your garden. Edging is also helpful provides a barrier against erosion, and adds an extra dimension to the overall look of your crazy paving garden.

Sealing becomes difficult.

If you want to seal the crazy paving, gravel is not the best option.