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Bostik Patio Grout Review – Is This Jointing Any Good?

If you’ve ever jointed your block paved drive or patio, you’ll know how many grouting options are available! How can anyone find the best grout for patio slabs, from cheap kiln-dried sands to polymeric fillers?

That’s where we come in. Our team has tried and tested just about every grout on the market, so let’s find out what this Bostik patio grout review offers.

Bostik Paving Grout Review – Our Experience

In over 15 years of laying professional block paving installations, we’ve had to find suitable joint fillers for all kinds of projects, from small slate patios to 4-car cobblestone driveways. We’ve developed a wisened understanding of which jointing compounds work best for just about any job! 

Choosing the suitable paving grout will depend on the type of stone you’re jointing. The weather conditions your installation will need to withstand, how you intend to clean your block paving and how common persistent weeds will likely be in the future.

We’ve got this process down to a science, which is why we’ve built such an excellent reputation in the trade, so rest assured that any recommendations we make have been thoroughly tried and tested and backed by 100s of happy customers!  

Introducing Bostik Grout

patio slabs with some leaves on them

Developed as a mess-free and easy-to-use alternative to traditional cement mortars, Bostik paving joint compound relies on a premixed formula that cures into rock-hard joints within a single day.

Bostik paving grout is cement-free, so it won’t stain your expensive natural stone blocks. Once set, your joints can be safely exposed to water (and even pressure washed) without the risk of sand loss or water pooling thanks to Bostik patio grout’s permeable drainage capabilities.

How We’ll Review This Paving Jointing Compound

We’ll closely examine Bostik paving grout’s claimed benefits, testing out this jointing compound’s durability, ease of use, visual appeal and how easy it is to maintain once applied.

What types of paving stones can Bostik paving grout be used with? How much will you need to buy to cover the average UK patio?

We’ll compare the Bostik jointing compound to the competition, focusing on its value for money and overall performance. By the end of this review, we’ll let you know whether Bostik patio grout is the best option for your next paving project.

Keep reading to see if Bostik paving grout is worth all this coverage! 

Product Overview

Bostik Patio Grout

Bostik jointing grout has been specially developed for use with just about any paving material in block-paved patios and drives with joints as wide as 30mm.

When brushed into dry joints, Bostik patio grout will cure in as little as 10 hours, forming a solid seal around concrete, stone and clay blocks, with built-in weed protection and a naturally porous finish.

How Does Bostik Patio Grout Work?

Bostik patio grout can be sprinkled directly onto dry, debris-free block paving and gently brushed into the joints with a soft broom. The compound can then be compacted with a stiff broom or pointing tool, with any excess material able to be brushed away from the surface.

Provided there’s been no rainfall during the curing process, you’ll find that Bostik paving grout will set into hardened joints that can be walked and driven on within 24 hours. At this point, your block paving can be safely cleaned as any water will safely drain away through the porous joints.  

Joints set with Bostik patio grout offer excellent weather resistance. Being unaffected by salt, ground frost and rainfall, ensure that your block paving isn’t exposed to frost or wet weather until the product has fully cured! 

The Benefits Of Using Bostik’s Product

Bostik jointing grout is one of the more versatile joint fillers we’ve used, being suited to various paving materials ranging from concrete slabs to natural stone blocks and terracotta tiles. 

Provided that your block paved drive has a joint depth of at least 25mm, Bostik paving grout can be safely used in paving with joints as wide as 30mm, offering long-lasting protection against erosion, frost, rainfall, weed growth, salt and of course footfall and vehicle use.

Bostik paving grout is incredibly easy-to-apply. With no prior mixing needed, the compound can be brushed directly into the joints and naturally cure when exposed to the air!  

Suitable for lots of different surfaces

furniture on a patio with steps and grass in the background

Whilst some popular patio grouts are specially designed for use only with certain kinds of the paver, Bostik joint filler can be used with various paving materials, with its cement-free formula preventing the risk of staining on your finished block paved drive.

With no harsh chemicals or added setting agents, you won’t need to worry about damaging or discolouring your natural stone tiles. As Bostik paving grout is fully permeable, it can be used in installations with regular rainfall.

We’ve used Bostik jointing compound with concrete slabs, slate, clay, terracotta and even sandstone, finding it to provide a solid and mess-free seal with excellent curb appeal! 

Long lasting

Unlike block paving featuring loose dried sand, joints filled with Bostik paving grout aren’t susceptible to sand loss and erosion, so they won’t need to be re-sanded regularly. 

Provided that you’ve waited for 10-48 hours to allow the compound to cure fully, joints set with Bostik patio grout will form a hard-wearing and solid structure, with no additional sealing required to provide complete protection against weed growth, erosion and rainfall.

We’ve found that joints filled with Bostik paving grout can last upwards of 5 years without suffering severe damage, provided that you’re regularly sweeping and cleaning the area, saving you loads on the regular re-sanding associated with a dry-sanded block paved patio! 

Easy to Use

someone laying block paving bricks

Bostik patio grout can be applied directly to block paved joints straight from the bag, with no specific preparations or added chemicals required. Sprinkle the compound onto the surface and brush the sand into place.

Once fully compacted, any excess can be safely swept away and then provided there’s no chance of rain for at least 10 hours, you can leave Bostik paving grout to cure all by itself fully! 

The resulting hardened joints are resistant to frost and salt, with a porous structure that allows water to safely drain away beneath the surface and a pesticide-free natural barrier that prevents weed growth with no need for any additional driveway or patio sealers.


Though the two colours that Bostik patio grout comes in do suit most paver styles, it would be nice to have a wider variety of options, and whilst a curing time of 10 hours is far from the longest wait time we’ve seen, there are a few products that dry much faster! 


We’ve only been able to find Bostik paving grout available in two colours. However, in fairness to Bostik, both complement the most popular styles of paving block, including concrete, slate, clay and terracotta.

Bostik paving compound can be found in:

  • Grey
  • Beige


In a block paving installation using 600mm x 600mm stones, with 10mm wide and 25mm deep joints, one 6kg bag of Bostik jointing compound will cover about 4.3 square metres.

Around three bags will be required to cover the average 12 square metre UK patio, though be sure to use bags with the same batch number to ensure that the colour is uniform! 

Bostik Alternatives

#1. Sika Setting Sand

Sika Setting Sand

Sika setting sand is cheaper than Bostik paving grout by weight and can be used in block paved drives with narrower joint widths of 2-5mm, though block paving set with this material will need to be soaked and left to cure for 24 hours before holding weight.

#2. Easy Joint Paving Compound

Easy Joint Paving Compound

The Easy Joint product is less expensive than Bostik joint filler and is available in 5 colours ranging from black to buff, it can also be used in block paving with joints as narrow as 3mm, and any excess compound can be safely stored for up to 12 months.

Where To Buy

Bostik jointing compound can is readily stocked by several online retailers, though it’s noticeably absent from some of the bigger named stores.

We’ve found Bostik paving grout stocked by:

  • Amazon
  • OnBuy
  • Konnec
  • eBay

Last Word 

a block paving path in between some grass

With no prior mixing required, Bostik jointing compound is easy to brush into place, and when applied to a dry and weed-free block paved drive, you’ll find that this grout will naturally cure in as little as 10 hours to form solid, weed and weather resistant joints! 

Maintaining block paving that uses this filler is straightforward, with the porous nature of the joints allowing for natural drainage that can be washed without harm, so if you’re on the hunt for a versatile jointing compound, we reckon Bostik patio grout is a good shout!