What are my Driveway Choices and Options?

driveway option

A quick look at some of the driveway options available to our customers Newcastle Driveway Driveway created in brindle block paving with a charcoal boot kerb border For images, video’a and the most popular driveways we install its here Everybody will differ in choice when it comes to home improvements; this is simply down to […]

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How to Lay a Driveway DIY


For all its not always cost effective to hire a great driveway company when doing it yourself, there’s still some real points to consider. The front of our house is the first thing people will see it’s well worth getting right. Laying your own driveway or patio is certianly not something we would recomend as […]

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How to Pressure Wash a Driveway or Paving Like a Pro!

Making your home look the best that it can look doesn’t stop at your front door. How well does your driveway look right now? I will give you a moment to go and check! Now that you’ve given it a look have you also looked up the cost of a professional service that will come […]

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Finish Your Garden or Patio In Style | The Definitive Guide

Sometimes we get started on a project and just do not have any idea how to really finish it off once we’ve gotten in to things.  Making a beautiful space in your garden or patio for relaxation or entertaining is really important in this hectic world that we live in.  Having a defined space that […]

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20 Tips How to Create a Simple Low Maintenance Garden

We would all love to have a beautiful and traditional English garden that everyone would be absolutely green with jealousy about but not all of us have the time it takes to turn that dream into a reality.  There is just a ton of work that goes into not only the planning of a garden of this […]

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14 Professional Tips on How to Choose a Landscaper

When you are looking for someone who will help to transform your garden spaces into something wonderful and beautiful you want to get yourself a good landscaper.  Landscapers are not one size fits all people and it might take you a while to find exactly what you are seeking in someone.  There are many reasons why you […]

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10 Great Tips to Consider When Landscaping Your Garden

Gardening and Landscaping can be both rewarding and challenging at the same time.  It helps to relax you and also brings value and beauty to the home that you live in. If you already have a garden in place perhaps it’s time to bring it up to date or even to make changes that will bring […]

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