Block Paving Maintenance | Helpful Tips for Great Paving

For your paving to perform at its optimum level, it needs regular cleaning and maintenance. And since your paving is an investment that you would want to protect, we recommend that you conduct a full cleaning and maintenance of your paving at least 3 time a year.

Cleaning Paving

pressure_washing north east.jpgWhen you’ve just gotten an area paved, you need to leave it alone for a few weeks to let it settle. Then, you can use a light pressured hose to clean the area and clear out any dust, dirt or sand. You should also treat the paved area with a weed killer a couple of times a year to prevent unwanted weed and algae growth.

Cleaning Dirt Build Up

You should sweep your paving regularly to avoid any build up of dirt. Also, if your paving material is light coloured, tire marks and car stains are more apparent so you would need to wash them out at least once a week. A beautiful paving and landscape can easily be rendered ugly if wear and tear is so apparent on your paving.

Generally, all you will need is a medium pressured hose to wash away grime and dirt. If you notice that some areas have joining sand cracking away, replace them as soon as you can. Keep in mind that high pressured washers should be avoided because pressure may end up damaging the surface of your paving.

Moss, Weeds and Algae

To clear off algae that have grown in and around your paving, use a garden variety stiff brush with a washing liquid and washing detergent. Make sure to choose non-bio detergents for this. Then just rinse out the area. If your paving has trees around it, or if the area is shaded, the growth of algae would be more prevalent, so you will need to clean the area often.

For cleaning out moss, you will need to scrape off the joints then treat the affected area with a quality moss killer. Applying a moss killer is best done during the summer to make sure that rain doesn’t wash out the application. After a few days, the moss killer should have taken effect and you can easily brush off the dead moss. A quality moss killer ill also help in preventing moss from growing back.

If you have large weeds that have grown in your paving, it is best to pull them out manually then apply a weed killer. For smaller weeds, you can just apply the weed killer directly then wait for a few days for the weeds to die out. You can then brush them off easily.


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