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What’s the UK’s Best Patio Black Spot Remover? – 2024 Reviews

This is our review of the best patio block spot remover in 2024.

Are you noticing nasty black spots on your patio? They are actually common, but that doesn’t mean you should put up with the unsightly look they leave behind. Plants and weeds carry all sorts of growth across your garden; unfortunately, one is lichen.

Lichen is responsible for those black spots on the patio, which will withstand even intensive pressure washing. They can also take a couple of years to start showing up, which is why you should treat your block paving ASAP.

Having spent years between us fitting and cleaning patios and paving, black spots are some of the most common problems we come across. We learned quickly that, in most cases, a jet wash alone isn’t going to cut the mustard.

So, we’ve done our research. Below are seven of the best black spot cleaners on the market right now – including our personal favourite. These products work wonders on heavy lichen and dull-looking surface dirt.

It works great on paving of all types and ages, making it THE standout choice.

We’re going to take a look at the following products:

Our Best Patio Black Spot Removers

But what is the best patio black spot preventer that also kills moss and algae? What if you’re looking for an intensive black spot preventer that protects even the most porous natural stone? Or, you might be looking for a cleaning solution that’s easy on the budget. Don’t worry—we have you covered.

Keep reading for the complete lowdown, and after the reviews, we’ll explain more what those horrible black spots actually mean.

#1. Pro-Kleen Ultimate Black Spot Remover

Pro-Kleen’s Ultimate Patio Black Spot Remover is our top choice for several reasons. Number one is that it intensively cleans even big, sprawling messes. It’s great for older patio slabs and stones that have suffering from black spots for years!

All you’ll need is a quick treatment, generally up to four hours, and rinse – it helps to revitalise dull, dirty stone that’s gone forgotten about. There’s no need to dilute, and it’s a universal no more black spot treatment – it works on natural and artificial slabs.

Pro-Kleen Ultimate Black Spot Remover

Load up a pressure or garden sprayer with Pro-Kleen and you can cover up to 25 square metres of paving and patio in a five-litre bottle. It’s a must-buy if your stone’s going unsealed or untreated, too – get yourself some protection.

#2. Patio Black Spot Remover (Natural Stone) 

Patio Black Spot Remover does what it says on the bottle – and this four-litre product will easily cover up to 20 square metres of your stone. Natural paving needs special care – and this patio black spot remover for Indian sandstone (and others) gets to work within two hours of application.

Not only that, but this solution is also perfect for bringing out the original colour in your natural paving (in the same time, it takes for the black spot to disappear). It’s also an excellent choice for getting up green algae and white spots in your stone.

Patio Black Spot Remover

It’s a ready-mix, meaning you won’t have to water it down. Ensure you have a pump sprayer to hand that’s five or seven litres in volume to get it spread out. You can top it up with a black spot preventer from the same brand a year after covering, too.

#3. Patio Black Spot Remover

This Patio Black Spot Remover for artificial stone comes from the same manufacturer as our second pick. Like its sister bottle, it contains four litres of cleaner, enough to clear up to 20 square metres of patio and paving.

As the name suggests, you should avoid using this patio cleaner on natural stone. On man-made slabs, all you need is a two-hour pump-up spray and a rinse. That’s more than enough to lift black and white spots, as well as red and green algae. The added bonus is that this remover can also bring out tons of colour!

Patio Black Spot Remover

We really like this line because it does a great job in around two hours – a clean patio with no need for elbow grease. As with the above pick, it’ll need a pump sprayer that’s either five or seven litres in size.

#4. Spear and Jackson 5L Black Spot Remover

The Spear and Jackson 5L Black Spot Remover is perfect for simple slabs and stones! If your concrete looks dull and you have stubborn areas chock full of black spots, this great-value bottle will get to work in under four hours. It’ll cover up to 25 square metres, which is great for small to medium-sized back gardens.

It works great on various stones but is particularly good at breathing life into older concrete slabs. It’s ready to use, which means there’s no need to water down. It’s one of the easiest-to-use picks, ready to spray when you are.

Spear and Jackson 5L Black Spot Remover

Spray it over your black spots through either a garden can or a sprayer – your choice. It’s done well for us in the past on deep stains, too. As with all patio cleaning products, do make sure aquatic life and pets are well out of the way.

#5. One Chem 2 x 5L Black Spot Remover

One Chem’s Patio Black Spot Remover is powerful and potent, and it arrives in a convenient twin pack at a great price. Alongside black spots and lichen, you’re likely to encounter ground-in moss on your slabs. One Chem’s mix is some of the most powerful we’ve seen working on garden stonework, meaning it’ll lift nasty moss, lichen, and deep staining.

Each bottle of cleaning fluid gives you 25 square metres of coverage – more than enough for your average garden patio. Apply to your slabs with your choice of sprayer, and within two to four hours, the formula’s soaked in and ready to blast off with a pressure washer.

One Chem 2 x 5L Black Spot Remover

You can rely on this black lichen lifter even if the paving’s a little damp. We also like the fact that it’s a universal, neat solution. Load up a can or a sprayer and you’re good to go.

#6. Blackjack Black Spot Lichen Remover

This Blackjack Black Spot Lichen Remover is a dual stain remover and nuisance lifter! Moss is just as much of a problem for patio owners as black spots – and Blackjack’s lichen remover will get those gnarly lumps up and out of the way for you, too.

Boasting a pleasant floral scent, don’t be fooled – this is high-grade cleaning power packed into a small bottle! Diluting 2:1, this product works brilliantly to lift most natural nasties in up to an hour. It’s the fastest-acting product on our list by far, and we’d definitely recommend it if your patio has more than just lichen and direct sunlight to worry about.

Blackjack Surface Technology Ltd

It can be applied twice over if need be, and it’s a universal cleaner – no need to go hunting down any special artificial blends, this product overs the lot with no complaints.

What is a Patio Black Spot?

Patio black spot is lichen spore. These spores are carried around in the wind and by various plants you may have to grow in your garden. However, the black marks lichen is known for creating don’t always appear immediately. In fact, some people might not see black lichen spots on their slabs until a couple of years after the initial infection!

Black spot infects all kinds of outdoor hard surfaces, and their shelf life can withstand water pressure washer cleaning and the occasional blast of a garden hose. That’s because it can sink deep into your stone – very pervasive.

Why it Needs Removing

Patio black spots only get more unsightly and spread further the longer you leave them. Your garden stonework is at risk of growing duller and more dotted the longer you leave your patio without treatment. The longer black lichen is given to sink into your stone’s pores, the more challenging it is to remove. On the whole, patio black spots will need more than a stiff broom to get out.

Why You Should Consider Effective Patio Black Spot Removers

It’ll Bring Out The Best in Older Paving

The best-rated patio black spot remover will remove ground dirt and black spots from even the oldest garden stonework. While pressure washing can only do so much, a great black spot remover will work deeply into stone pores and lift anything nasty, ready for removal.

It Can Restore Natural Colours

Speaking of restoration, top black spot cleaner remover can also help to promote the original colour in natural stone. This, again, is a result of the deep impregnation of stone pores. Just as patio sealers can revitalise duller paving, so can cleaners – it’ll eliminate hidden nasties covering up your beautiful garden stonework.

It Can Prevent Nastiness From Coming Back

Not all cleaner products prevent or cure; however, the best will give you additional protection. You can often use a patio black spot preventer a few months after the remover to ensure the look lasts longer. Unfortunately, lichen, algae and moss will always be threats, so arm yourself.

It’s a Better Long-Term Solution Than a Pressure Wash Alone

Yes, a power washer will remove green mould, dirt and more on the surface. But that’s just it – power or pressure washing with water or even detergent will only scrape off the top layer. If you really want a long-term solution without needing further treatment every other weekend, look for a reliable cleaner.

What to Look For When Choosing Black Spot Preventer


The presence of chemicals should tell you that a product is good for getting things clean. However, chemicals and bleaches can, of course, damage your lawn and pose a threat to pets. You should also consider looking for cleaners with ingredients that can be applied neat or ready to go. Some chemicals will need diluting for safety and effectiveness.

Pet Friendly

As you can imagine, anything too chock-full of chemicals will hardly be healthy for Fido. If you’re likely to struggle to keep your pup off the paving while you apply your cleaner, look for organic and/or biodegradable solutions. Though some opinions may vary regarding how effective they are compared to chemical solutions, these are safe.

Easy to Use

Different cleaners require different tools. Can you easily use your chosen cleaner with a watering can, or do you need a heavy-duty pump sprayer? Can you coat and go, or do you need to make sure everything is power washed down? Always read the label, the marketing blurb, and opinions online—some cleaners are easier to work with than others.

Value for Money

These products often come in five-litre volumes, meaning you can expect around 20 square metres of coverage. Therefore, you can use this as a guide to pricing – but always check what the bottle has to say. Some cleaners can vary in terms of concentration and potency and even in terms of working time. Add all of this together, and then go ahead and compare costs.

How to Use

As you might imagine, different surfaces need different levels of care and attention. But what’s the difference between treating sandstone for black spots, for example, and doing the same with basic concrete?

  • Concrete is perhaps less sensitive than polished surfaces but needs a powerful cleaning solution to remove nasty black spots. In some cases, bleach might even do the job. Be careful using too much, as colours can fade quickly in artificial stone.
  • Sandstone varies from case to case. An Indian sandstone patio will likely need a specialist black spot remover to help preserve the colour for years. Try not to use bleach or chemical-based removers that aren’t specialised for sandstone.
  • Polished surfaces can be a nightmare to clean, mainly because they are so susceptible to marking. You need a concentrated, specially formulated blend to protect the finish and remove those nasty spots from the pores. Sealing is a must here, too.
  • Granite and similar natural paving stone need specialist cleaners because they are so porous. Neat solutions may work best here, but some natural stones can be delicate. In any case, we’d advise against going hell for leather with the pressure washer.


Can you leave black spot remover on overnight?

Yes, but only in some cases. Some Pro-Kleen products are fine to leave overnight, whereas others must be washed off a couple of hours after application. Read the label and follow the manufacturer’s advice.

Does bleach remove black spots on patios?

Bleach can be a great patio black spot remover but can damage lawns and greenery. It’s also hardly safe to use around pets and children. It can also cause fading in artificial slabs and stones. You’re best off looking for specialist black spot removers.

Are black spot removers safe?

Yes, providing you follow the instructions correctly and keep pets and children out of the way if they’re chemical-based. You should also rinse any chemical spot removers carefully, too – so nothing lingers behind.

How do I prevent black spots?

Make sure to invest in a specialist patio black spot preventer and remover. These solutions work similarly to removers in that they soak deep into your stone. You should also consider using a patio or paving sealer for added protection.

Last Word & Top Pick

Whether you have a small patio or a more extensive stone setup, patio black spot removal can be hard work. However, as you can see, there are lots of great cleaner products to help get deep black spots up and away.

Black marks from lichen won’t go away on their own, so arm yourself with the best patio black spot cleaner from one of our trusted, tested brands above.