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The UK’s Best Oil Remover for Driveways, Patios & Sandstone

This is our complete guide and review to the best oil remover for driveways, patios and sandstone in the UK right now.

Getting oil out of any stone is an absolute nightmare. That’s why you’re going to need the best oil spill removers in the business to get your driveway or patio looking great again.

Unsightly, oil stains on your driveway will typically drip out of your car, and on your patio, it’s generally from petrol lawnmowers or other garden tools. Regardless, leaving excess oil residue to fester is never a good idea.

We’ve spent years treating oil stains, and while the market’s constantly changing, there are a few brands that are always reliable.

In this guide, we’ll take a look at the following oil removers:

The best oil remover money can buy right now is HG’s Oil and Grease Stain Absorber. It soaks deep into just about any type of stone, crusting up for you to wipe clean.

As you can see, we’ve lined up different cleaners for oil spills based on different needs. Some are great at getting the odd unsightly oil stain out of your tarmac or concrete driveway, while others are better at cleaning up a natural stone. Some, meanwhile, are better for the environment – and others are just great value.

Our Best Oil Removers for Driveways

Keep reading for the full lowdown on how to clean those nasty oil stains from your driveway – and what’s the best driveway oil stain remover to buy right now.

#1. HG Oil & Grease Stain Absorber

HG Oil’s Grease and Stain Absorber will work on pretty much any stone surface – from block paving to cement and marble. It acts extremely quickly, and as the name suggests, it actively absorbs motor oil and similar spills out of the stone.

HG Tile and Natural Stone Oil and Grease Absorber

It’s easy to apply with a quick stir and a spoon onto the stain. It’ll then crust up, leaving you to clean oil off with a sponge or cloth quickly. You’ll get 250ml for just over £10.

#2. Resiblock Oil Remover

Resiblock Oil Remover is perfect for tackling oil stains on natural stone. This is a leading brand we have plenty of experience with and is easy to spray on and give a scrub with a stiff brush after a few minutes.

Resiblock Oil Remover

You get a litre of product for just over £25, and this oil cleaner can also be blasted clear with a power washer once you’re done dissolving dirt. Few oil leak cleaners are produced with sandstone in mind – so give this a look.

#3. Bond it Oil Stain Remover 1 Litre

Bond It Oil Remover is great for spot treatment and comes in the form of a powder – an absorbent material that you can just scatter on, leave to dry and then sweep off with a stiff brush.

Bond it Oil Stain Remove

It’s completely biodegradable, and you’ll get a full litre for less than £10. You should get around a square metre of coverage from this bottle, but it’s best used in small amounts.

#4. Inspired Oil Stain Remover

Inspired Stain Remover gives you 500ml of oil spill removal power for less than £6. It’s formulated with block paving and driveway concrete in mind and comes in a handy trigger bottle.

Inspired 500ml Oil Stain Remover

Just spray onto your fresh stain and leave for two minutes, then scrub. That should get much of the stain up, but there’s plenty left for a second coat for any remaining residue, highly recommended for more minor staining problems.

#5. Gunk Driveway Cleaner

Gunk Driveway Cleaner gives you a litre of product to get oil out of tough driveway materials, particularly concrete. Carefully apply to the stain and scrub for a few minutes, creating a foam. Then rinse, and leave to dry.

Gunk Driveway Concrete Cleaner

This driveway oil stain cleaner is abrasive stuff, so always wear safety gear. Auto experts develop it, so you know this’ll help remove motor oil with a little work. Dilute it, and it’ll work on tarmac.

#6. Everbuild Ready To Use Oil Remover

Everbuild’s Ready To Use Oil Remover is the best for tarmac on the market right now. There’s no need to dilute, and you’ll get a litre of product for under £9. You should get at least five square metres of coverage per bottle, which is pretty impressive.

Everbuild Oil Away Ready To Use Oil Remover

It’s a spray solution and will work well even on old stains on your driveway. Spray down and scrub for a few minutes with a brush and wait for results.

#7. Terminator-HSD Concrete Cleaner

Terminator HSD Concrete Cleaner is our top environmentally friendly pick. Great on concrete driveways, pavers and tarmac, this dissolving formula breaks down into your oil stains, separating it into water and carbon dioxide. Science aside, that means it won’t let the oil soak into the ground.

Terminator-HSD Concrete Cleaner

There’s no elbow grease or scrubbing needed here, but be aware you may have to give it four or five weeks to really work its magic.

Homemade Solutions for Removing Oil Stains

For our money, you’re going to get the best results on stubborn stains left by oil with a specialist driveway stain remover from your local hardware store or online. However, it’s possible to make an effective solution with a few household products. These are cheap but are going to need a good scrubbing.


a can of WD-40

Grab a paper towel stack and soak up a fresh spill. Then, spray with WD-40, leave for five minutes, and wipe. Then, take warm water and dish soap to it with a heavy-duty brush. Rinse with clean water.

Cat Litter

a tray full of cat litter

Soak up the worst of the spill, and sprinkle cat litter to coat. Stamp it down into the stain and leave it to sit overnight. Sweep off the cat litter, and repeat the process if need be.

Coca Cola

three bottles of coca cola

Similar to the cat litter process, soak up fresh oil stains and pour the fizzy pop over the mark, leaving overnight. Then, blast it with a hose the next day. Repeat if it remains, or grab a specialist cleaner.

This page finds out if Coca Cola can remove oil from a driveway.

Oven Cleaning Products

image of a mr muscle cleaning bottle

Oven cleaners can sometimes work on an affected area as they use a mild alkali. Alkali can be effective, but it doesn’t always come recommended. Try spraying a small amount to saturate the stain on your concrete driveways or garage floor, and leave for up to ten minutes. Then, power spray or hose off the remaining marks.

Baking Soda

a bowl full of baking soda

Sprinkle the baking soda (try a generous amount) on the oil stain and work in with a brush. You’ll then need to let it soak up for about half an hour before hosing back down again.


detergent being poured into a washing machine draw

Powdered laundry detergent is another of the household products that can be sprinkled over a stain, soaked a little with water, and left to work for a few minutes. Then, get scrubbing with a heavy-duty brush, and leave for an extra hour. After this, rinse down with water.

Getting Rid of Oil on a Concrete Driveway

a brush laying in some soapy water

To clean oil spills off a concrete driveway, many people will tell you that simply wiping up the spill with an old rag, then scrubbing with dish soap, baking soda, or even laundry detergent will work wonders. There’s never enough warm water and soap to get rid of the worst motor oil stains.

However, even with something as tough as a stiff nylon brush, soap and scrubbing will not do much for difficult stains. You need a specialist concrete cleaner to soak deep into the stone to lift older stains and larger spills.

How to Remove Oil Stains From a Sandstone Patio

a discoloured indian sandstone patio

Sandstone and other natural surfaces need specialist cleaning products. That’s because natural paving is highly porous. Oil is going to soak deeper into these types of stones, making it tougher to get out.

That’s why we recommend products such as those developed by HG and Resiblock, listed above. These are produced with deeper, more sensitive stones in mind. They have ultra-absorbent properties and make for less work. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for best results.


Can I remove an oil stain with a pressure washer?

It’s possible, but it’s a lot of work. If you decide to pressure wash an oil stain, chances are, you’re going to end up needing to clean the rest of your driveway. That’s more heavy scrubbing for you in the long term – you’re going to need a specialist oil cleaner for driveway stones.

Can bleach remove oil from driveway block paving?

The jury’s out – bleach can remove oil stains with a quick scrub and a rinse, but it doesn’t tend to be a recommended option. For the safest cleaning and to get stains from your driveway disappearing faster, again – go for the specialist car oil remover.

Last Word & Top Pick

oil on paving underneath a car

If you leave excess oil to stain your patio or driveway, it’s going to not only look terrible; it’s going to be a nightmare to clean up. To remove oil stains efficiently AND effectively, get a product made to remove oil stains, apply liberally to the area, scrub and rinse. Repeat the process, and you’ll find that stain fades more and more.

One thing’s for sure – you need to remove oil stains from your driveway or patio sooner rather than later. Whether you choose baking soda, dish soap, laundry detergent, cat litter or a mix of all the above is up to you. However, for the best results and least work, choose one of our top products listed above to remove oil stains from your stone.