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The UK’s Best Limestone Sealer and Black Lime Enhancer

Limestone is one of the most striking styles of slab you can lay in your garden, but it needs very particular care. Therefore, finding the best limestone sealer on the market isn’t just about the price and availability – it’s about the enduring quality, too.

You’ll normally find that most natural stone sealers are great for any limestone surface. However, if you really want the best results, you may wish to go for specific limestone sealers.

Don’t always assume the cheapest option for sealing limestone is necessarily the best one, either! Here’s our guide to what you really need.

Our Expertise

We’ve overseen our fair share of limestone sealing in our years of trading. Here you’ll find out how to apply patio sealer.

and it’s absolutely true that limestone paving costs can be high and it then requires a fair bit of TLC. Some will tell you that it’s fairly similar to sandstone – yes, you can use some of the same natural and artificial stone products on these surfaces – but limestone weathers much differently.

Limestone is much more susceptible to sunlight, for example. Over the years, we have seen some truly stunning limestone surfaces bleach out through too much UV. The appearance of limestone can change very quickly, and we’ve learned how to combat this kind of wear and tear.

As with any porous surface, we highly recommend paving sealing to protect your limestone surface.

Below, we’ll take you through the top limestone sealant products that have proven fantastic at keeping this type of surface looking great.

Our Best Limestone Sealers

Our #1 Matt Look Sealer for Limestone Patios – Smartseal

This Smartseal Sealer is our number one choice in sealing products for limestone surfaces. It is completely water repellentstain-resistant, and will stop the nastiest moss and algae from messing up your stone’s appearance. It will easily last up to five years, meaning the only ongoing maintenance you should worry about is the odd clean and brush.

It only takes up to three hours to dry and can be easily applied with general painting rollers and sprayers. We’d advise a sprayer here to help save your back, but the choice is yours. You’ve got a choice of one litre, five litres and 25 litres – as well as a 100ml sample if you want to test it out.

Our Top Pick
Smartseal Natural Stone Sealer - Dry Finish – Impregnating, Durable, Clear Sealer for Sandstone, Limestone, Granite, Travertine & Slate - Easy to Apply SandStone Sealer Outdoor & Indoor Use (5 Litre)


  • Great sealant for limestone paving, granite, and more
  • One coat covers up to eight square metres
  • Completely waterproof after a day and a half
  • Completely invisible finish
  • Doesn’t harm the look of your stone


  • You’ll need to use it on a mild day – between 13 and 23 degrees outside.

#1. Best Wet Look Limestone Sealer – Stone Care 4 U

This Stonecare4u Essential (wet look) sealant is a little more affordable than our first option but still offers protection against oil, moss, algae, and more. However, if you read the bottle, it sets itself apart from other sealers with a stunning, glossy finish – or satin finish!

Available in either five or 25 litres, you can expect around four square metres of coverage per litre at least. Therefore, even with the smallest bottle, you’re getting great value for money in 20 square metres per purchase.

You’ll get instant protection after one coat, but that second coat will really give you the best lasting support.

What we really like about this limestone floor sealer is that it’s specifically designed for limestone surfaces. Some sealers (such as our top pick) work on a variety of stone surfaces, but SC4U has designed this with tricky limestone in mind.

Our 2nd Choice
Smartseal Natural Stone Sealer


  • Impregnating sealer – can boost the colour of your stone
  • Great limestone sealer for black or darker surfaces
  • Creates a dirt barrier – makes limestone easier to clean
  • You can add extra coats (more than two) for added gloss
  • Dries very quickly on average


  • Might not be the best for protection against stains

#2. Budget Sealer for Limestone – Azpects EASYSEAL

This Azpects Easy Seal Slate & Limestone paver sealer doubles up as a colour enhancer. Not only will it protect your stone surfaces against the sun’s rays, but it’ll also impregnate the pores and really bring out its true colours. In a five-litre bottle, you’ll get 25 square metres of coverage – that’s great value from a top brand.

As the bottle suggests, it’s designed for limestone as well as slate and gives you some impressive grip underfoot. Despite the low price tag, you can still expect impressive waterproofing, and it really won’t take long to dry. Lay it out on a mild day and leave overnight – it’s a weekend’s job, at most.

Azpects recommends using either a roller or a low-pressure sprayer here – and within three days, you’ll have a top-quality limestone seal.

Our 3rd Choice
Slate & Limestone Sealer 5Ltr


  • Free from solvents, so safe for all
  • The seal is completely invisible
  • Amazing on black limestone
  • Protects against water and greasy spills
  • Repels various nasty contaminants


  • Water-based – can create a milky effect.

#3. Best Black Limestone Sealant – Smartseal

Transform the look of your black limestone patio with Smartseal BLACK LIMESTONE SEALER. This solvent-based sealer and colour enhancer delivers an impressive jet-black finish to Limestone or slate while providing great coverage of around 4-8 square metres per litre depending on surface, whether it’s a first or second coat etc.

We could go on and on about the protection of Smartseal products from weed growth and moss, and we regularly do. We should also mention that this product is durable and hardwearing but what we really love is the colour enhancing properties of this sealant.

The results we’ve witnessed are outstanding with tired old dis-coloured driveways getting a completely new lease of life. Just be sure to apply when the temperature is between 12-23 degrees and no rain is heading your way.

Best Black Sealant
Smartseal Black Limestone Sealer


  • Superb colour enhancing finish
  • Excellent protection against moss and algae
  • Easy maintenance


  • Could work out pricey for large areas but worth every penny

#4. Water-Based (Solvent Free) Sealer – Sika

Sika’s Stone Protector is a low-cost limestone sealer for both interior and exterior limestone floors, as well as other stone surfaces. The fact it’s solvent-free means it’s safer to use around pets and children. It leaves a completely invisible layer and is very easy to apply – great for if you want to save money as well as time fumbling around!

Available in a five-litre bottle, Sika’s eco-friendly sealers will even protect your paving and patio against animal mess to an extent. It’s suggested that using a roller with this product is the way to go – there’s no need for bending.

Solvent Free
Sika Natural Stone Protector


  • Will dry easily in less than two hours
  • Protects well against staining
  • Won’t change the way your stone looks
  • Doesn’t contain VOCs
  • Extremely resistant against water spillage


  • As a water sealer, it might not provide the best results.

#5. The Top Limestone Grout Sealer – Essentials Perfect Grout

StoneCare4U’s Essential Perfect Grout Colour Sealer is a great all-around choice for grout protection – and it just so happens to have a limestone shade. With this affordable sealer, you’re both locking in the appearance of your grout as well as giving it an extra boost of colour. If your limestone’s outshining the grout, grab yourself a bottle.

Arriving in a 237ml bottle, used sparingly, you can expect up to 15 square metres of coverage. The size and width of your grout will make this vary, of course. However, we think this hard-wearing solution is fantastic value, and if you want to change to an alternative colour, there’s lots more where this came from. SC4U warns that it may stain limestone – use conservatively

Top Limestone Sealer
Essentials Perfect Grout


  • Protects dirt from getting deep into the grout
  • Colour perfectly fits most limestone
  • Great for walls as well as floors
  • Well-rated by industry pros
  • Gives you long-term protection


  • SC4U warns that it may stain limestone – use conservatively

What To Expect Sealing Limestone Paving

1) Looks Amazing

A truly excellent limestone floor sealant will do more than just seal the tiles; it should also enhance the natural colour of the stones! An impregnating sealer does more than just provide protection – it soaks down into the substrate, adding more to the depth of colour or tone. It’s effectively reducing the porosity. Darker coloured limestone, such as a black limestone surface, will benefit the most.

If you love the idea of a matt finish, then go for a natural look sealer. Stone sealers come in two main types – wet and matt – and natural limestone sealers will soak deeper into the substrate. Again, these are impregnating sealers. Glossy stone sealers add more seal to the top layer and focus on creating a shinier look. Matt finish isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, of course, which is why there’s a market for both sides.

2) You’ll Get Added Protection Against Stains

Stains can cause serious problems for porous surfaces such as limestone – they can get down deep and persist for years. Impregnating sealers can close up the treated surface of your most polished tile – it’s often more sensitive to staining than your average paving.

On the whole, you can expect a top limestone sealer to give you anywhere between five and ten years of protection. That’s because you’re adding more than just a stain-resistant barrier. It will prevent any grit, algae, moss or other natural nastiness from spoiling your slabs. Two coats (as SC4U recommends) is generally advisable if you want the best protection for stone surfaces (limestone being particularly sensitive!).

3) Less Cleaning

As an impregnating sealer you can expect an invisible sheen that’s easy to wipe off and clean. Limestone (and similar natural stone elsewhere) can be a real pain when it comes to cleaning time; instead of grabbing for the scrubbing brush, looking for a limestone sealer to make spraying and wiping a doddle in future.

For a guide on cleaning limestone paving that’s here.

4) Reduces Weeds

Most application instructions on the best limestone tile sealer will tell you that you must clear away dirt, greenery, weeds, moss and more before you start. If you leave anything behind, it’s going to get stuck under your seal. Grab a limestone or sandstone sealer that actually kills off the weeds, too – if you can – but focus on all the ways you can clear out that paving first.

5) Test Patch First

Some sealer products have tester bottles, and there’s a reason for that. Always try your sealer out on a small bit of surface before you cover the whole thing. Do so on a piece of tile or stone that’s unconnected – otherwise, undoing it all is going to give you major headaches. Check you’re happy with the sealer before you apply it to the rest of your stone.

6) Always Dry

Never apply the sealer on a wet surface. Generally, your sealer should be left for up to 24 hours to dry completely, too. Why? Even a little rain could spoil the whole project. Wet conditions simply won’t seal properly, and you will have to start all over again. Try and start your seal on a dry day, but not too hot – some sealers don’t do well under temperature pressure.

7) Avoid Using Water Sealer (Generally)

Although water-based stone sealers can work well, they are not as efficient as sealers developed with solvent. Since limestone and other natural surfaces such as marble, slate or granite are very porous, it makes sense to choose a solution that will bind properly into the pores. It means keeping the kids and the dog out of the way while you seal, but the results are worth it. The appearance of water seals differs greatly, too.

8) Droppings & Stains

Wipe down and weed out your surfaces to remove any mildew, algae, bird droppings, animal mess, oil stains, marks and otherwise. Once the sealer is on the limestone, these kinds of stains will remain on the stones permanently. That’s going to mean washing everything off, wasting money, and maybe even you having to lay the stones all over again.

9) Don’t Use More Than You Need

Always roll a brush over your sealer once any coat has been laid to ensure that it is even and that any excess sealer is removed. By adding too much sealer, your patio could end up looking patchy, lumpy or worse. Sadly, even with strong products, changing that look will be difficult once the sealer has dried. Go sparing on your stone sealer and try to go by bottle recommendations.

10) Don’t Double-Seal

Unless you actually know which sealer was used on a surface beforehand, you should never seal twice. That’s because you can never really trust two sealers to work together on the same surface. You could end up with patchiness, off-colour looks, or something worse that you need to remove completely. A good stone sealer is hard to get up again – that could be a blessing and a curse.

The Top Limestone Sealant Manufacturers

As mentioned, there are many stone sealer brands out there. We’ve already mentioned some of the bigger names out there – let’s take a look at them in a bit more detail.


Smartseal is a UK-based company that specialises in sealing, and coating products, for both outdoor and indoor surfaces. They have been in the business since 2005 and have a long client list that ranges from big companies to everyday homeowners. They deliver internationally and are well-known for their quality products and attentive customer service. 



Sika is a US company that specialises in sealing, repairing and restoring products, among many others. Some of their products include sealants, adhesives, insulation, and subfloor coverings.

Their sealants have been a popular choice for homeowners and professionals alike for over a century, according to their website. They continue to be in high demand to this day. We trust them with more than just limestone floor sealant.



Azpects is a UK-based brand that provides quality products for landscapers, both professional and amateur. They’ve been in the trade since 2009, with their EasyJoint line being one of the best-selling jointing aids across the country.

Azpects produces products that are easy for anyone to use but which always produce professional results. They’re also committed to value, meaning you generally get a lot of product for your money.



Otherwise known as SC4U, this company is a leading name in stone sealer products across polished surfaces, natural stone, quarry tiles and more. Their low-cost stone sealer products make it easy for entry-level professionals to get to grips with all kinds of natural and artificial stones.

We highly recommend SC4U above most stone brands, personally – if you see a sale on their website, take full advantage.


Last Word

Sealing limestone is always recommended – the appearance of limestone, while hard-wearing when cared for properly, is likely to suffer in extreme weather. Staining, moisture, regular foot traffic – it’s all going to wear your stone down. Whether you opt for a satin finish or a matt finish, a black limestone sealer, wet look or otherwise, it pays to look for the best stone sealers with sterling reputations.

A sealer is going to protect your slabs against weather, UV, staining and more. Nothing beats great-looking stone (sandstone, limestone, granite floors and more) – pair it up with modern decking, and you’ll have a great-looking garden that’s sealed and suitable to sit out in for years to come.

Our 1st Choice
Recommended Product

Smartseal’s Natural Stone Sealer is easily our top pick from this list, mainly thanks to the fact that it’s amazingly versatile. It’s a limestone paving sealer as well as a great all-around protector most natural flags.

We were really impressed with how easy and how quickly this product took to our limestone for a solvent-free stone sealer. It’s extremely quick to dry, and there are a few different bottle sizes if you’re looking at a bigger project than most. It’s also a highly effective black limestone sealer, as it won’t kill the look of your surface any time soon.

This stone sealer is well-priced, safe to use, and professionally recommended. Generally, we’d advise you to look for a solvent stone sealer for the best results – but this is honestly the top choice on our list of the best limestone sealers in the UK right now.

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