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The Best Indian Sandstone Sealer – Matt & Wet Look Sealants Reviewed

Sealing Indian sandstone is not like sealing concrete products. The top Indian sandstone sealer products can bring the best out of your natural paving if you use the colour enhancers recommended below. But if you use a cheap and nasty all-purpose paving sealant, you can expect problems.

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After 30 years of installing natural stone, I know my customers. If you have Indian sandstone installed in your garden, you’ll be proud of it and want to protect it. It’s worth looking for the best Indian sandstone sealant.

There really are some rubbish sealers about, however, so be warned. We’ve sealed over 500 sandstone patios over the last decade alone, and in doing so, we’ve learned the best sandstone sealer products, which brands to use, and what products work best.

This guide is specifically for Indian sandstone sealants, so if you have laid or are getting installed them, we discuss our findings below.

Let’s examine what you must know about Indian sandstone paving and the best sealer picks.

#1. Best Wet Look Indian Sandstone Sealer And Colour Enhancer – Resiblock

As long as you want a sandstone sealer that enhances colours (wet look), then you cannot beat this product, in our opinion. Resiblock’s landmark wet-look finish sealer can do plenty to protect the natural colour of your sandstone while allowing you to prevent staining and algae damage along the way.

According to the marketing, this product, available in five litres, should give your sandstone up to five years of staining and colour locking.

Our Top Pick
Best Wet Look Indian Sandstone Sealer And Colour Enhancer - Resiblock


  • Adds a great sheen to the stones
  • Enhances natural colours
  • Long term resistance to staining
  • Offers quality protection against weed growth
  • A world-class sealant manufacturer
  • Over 68% rated this sealer 5 stars


  • Price reflects this is a very high end sealer
  • Up to 5 years protection, but not guaranteed

#2. Best Sandstone Sealer For Matt Look – Smartseal

Choose this sealant to protect your sandstone long term but keep the dry natural finish and minor colour changes.

Our 2nd Choice
Smartseal Natural Stone Sealer

If you prefer matt look patios made of Indian sandstone, then this product should protect your surfaces with that simple, natural look. As with the above pick, this material should give you some form of defence against the likes of dirt, rain, algae and more over five years. In two coats, you’re up and running. Suitable for sandstone paving as well as granite.

#3. Best Easy Apply Sealer – EasySeal

If you don’t want to spend a lot on sealing your Indian sandstone, this product will do an excellent job for the money.

Our 3rd Choice

We do like EasySeal’s product range a lot – and this natural stone sealer is ideal if you’re new to getting patios sealed in any shape or form. Manufactured with Indian sandstone in mind, this is easy enough to brush on or apply with a roller. It’s even likely to help make your ready-laid stone look like new with very little effort.

#4. Best Budget Sandstone Sealer – Smartseal

SmartSeal’s super-cheap Indian sandstone sealer is available in one-litre bottles all the way up to 25 litres.

Best Budget
Smartseal Natural Stone Sealer

This product offers a solvent-free natural stone sealer solution, perfect in two coats for other natural stone such as granite and slate. If you want to try natural stone sealing for the first time, and are unsure if the price on expensive sandstone sealer is worth the money, this is a great budget pick.

#5. Best For Tiny Jobs – Nassboards

For quick, easy and small areas.

Best Tiny Jobs

If you are dealing with a very small surface or a patio that doesn’t actually need that much sealing, this simple natural stone sealer solution is likely to tick the right boxes. It actually goes deeper than a lot of other patio surface sealants. Definitely worth a look, though may not be too useful for bigger jobs.

Firstly – Should You Seal Indian Sandstone?

Sealing any sandstone is not crucial, but the whole point of a natural stone sealer is protection. Indian sandstone is, truthfully, pretty expensive, and it will wear down over time.

Natural stones like this don’t do well without some protection. Of course, if you’d prefer not to, that’s your prerogative. However, sealing your natural stone means you also get plenty of assistance in fighting algae growth and stains left by bird droppings, for example. Regular maintenance is a great idea to keep it looking its best, especially if you care about the colour of your patio or paving slabs.

How Often Should You Seal Indian Sandstone?

Sealing Indian sandstone regularly will naturally give it the best protection. However, the biggest sealer manufacturers will answer this question differently, as it differs from product to product.

Resiblock, for example, is a leading brand, and their Indian sandstone sealer is recommended for recoating once every five years. SmartSeal, another manufacturer, has a leading product with similar timescales, advising that you can expect protection for ‘up to’ five years.

StoneCare4U explains that the average coat should occur every three years. However, this is for natural stone paving in general. Universal Sealants advises us to expect’ long-lasting protection’ from their products.

So – it really is a matter of checking the exact product you buy. The above companies are recognised as market leaders, and we highly recommend their advice.

Can I Use Any Natural Paving Stone Sealer?

Generally, bigger manufacturers offer natural stone sealer products for various paving materials, including Indian stone. Brands such as SmartSeal and StoneCare4U provide stone sealers that protect various external paving options—provided they are natural.

Indian Sandstone Patio

Brands such as Resiblock provide sealer solutions specifically named after Indian sandstone, but you can use them on various natural stone paving. Resiblock, in particular, is explicit that you can’t use this sealer on surfaces such as concrete, clay, asphalt, or internal floors.

In our experience and research, most natural stone sealers for external paving will help protect Indian sandstone. However, you should always check the manufacturer’s recommendations before you apply.

What Is Colour Enhancement?

Indian paving slabs look great the same day they are installed, but year-round, and beyond that, most forms of stone will weather down, fade, or lose their looks and colours.

Therefore, colour enhancement aims to lock in the look so that the natural appearance lasts longer than if left on its own. What’s more, as the name suggests, it boosts the colour potential, too. UV, for example, is likely to drain colour over time, and the sunlight barrier in the formula helps to stop this.

Of course, in this guide, we’re only looking at sealers and stone protection suitable for Indian sandstone. Are you after colour enhancement? You might want to check out the best patio sealers to provide that wet look or enhance your Indian sandstone.

What Does Wet Look Mean?

The wet look in seal stone paving means giving your natural stone an extra glossy shine, sometimes creating a velvety look.

This can create a vivid, eye-catching look, though naturally, it’s not always the best option for everyone. A matt look is the better option if you prefer your stone or patio laid with a truly ‘natural’ finish.

Does Matt Look Mean No Difference in Appearance?

Not necessarily. If you choose a matt-look sealer, the desired effect is largely natural. Effectively, a matt-look sealer will help most forms of natural stone retain that ‘authentic’ look across years of use and potential weathering.

indian sandstone patio

One of the bigger benefits of matt sealer once completely dry is the protection you’ll receive against rain and other elements. No – the look of your stone won’t change dramatically, but if you’re keen to preserve the natural look of stone, this will likely be a good choice.

Best Indian Sandstone Sealant Manufacturers

As mentioned, there are many stone sealer brands out there. We’ve already mentioned some of the bigger names out there – let’s look at them in more detail.


Resiblock’s sandstone paving sealer reportedly offers a coat that lasts five years, maximum. Moreover, it will provide surface strength against stains from the initial application onwards. The big selling point of this product is that it offers a colour enhancer, and the coat lasts longer than you might expect from other manufacturers.

See manufacturers website


SmartSeal is a name in Indian stone sealer that is best applied when wet; it’s generally a name you can trust. In fact, their sandstone sealer offers a protective cover for various other types of surfaces, too. SmartSeal’s impregnating sealers retail because they are safe and easy to use. A further selling point the manufacturer puts forward is its sealing speed.

See manufacturers website


Stonecare4U, or SC4U, offers a wide range of sealers. Even if you don’t have Indian sandstone, you’ll likely find something in their online range to protect your paving against the elements.

Offering a wide range of natural stone products, SC4U’s main line appears to be an environmentally friendly natural stone sealer product.

See manufacturers website

Universal Sealants

As a brand, Universal Sealants pretty much does what its name suggests. However, if you are looking for an Indian sandstone sealer, their sealer for these stones will only take around an hour to dry fully. The brand claims to offer the most advanced products of their type, protecting against dirt, oil, and more.

See manufacturers website

Picking a top sealant manufacturer is just the start. To get the most out of these high-quality products, it’s also wise to master how to seal a patio effectively.


Last Word

Choosing the best natural stone sealer for your sandstone patio can be difficult. However, suppose you really want something that will resist regular pressure washing, help lock out algae, and be easy enough to lay down with a roller or brush. In that case, the products we list above will help your Indian paving slabs.

As always, read the product descriptions on any sealing products you intend to use. As explained, not all sealers work the same way, with some offering longer coverage than others. 

Our 1st Choice
Recommended Product

All the sandstone sealers above will do a good job, as these are the best sorted by application, appearance and budget. We chose the Indian sandstone sealant from Resiblock based on our extensive experience with this sealer and all products created by this company.

It may be more expensive than other choices, but we feel it’s worth the extra money.

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