A Beautiful Drive Up Your Home

Newcastle Driveway Driveway created in brindle block paving with a charcoal boot kerb border

Newcastle Driveway

Driveway created in brindle block paving with a charcoal boot kerb border

A well-designed landscape in your home can truly be breathtaking. It can define the whole look of your home, or it can accentuate certain design feature of your house.

Your driveway’s landscaping is very important because it is the first thing that your guests and neighbors see. Before they even set foot on your property, they will already see your driveway landscape and this already defines what they think of your home.

Also, you will most probably be using your driveway everyday, several times a day. This means that aside from aesthetics, your driveway must also serve it’s actual purpose (which is to be driven on) efficiently.

In designing your driveway, you should consider the already existing landscape surrounding it, as well as your overall property design. A country themed driveway, for example, even if executed beautifully, can look out of place if your house has a more modern and minimalist theme.

You should also think about how your driveway makes your home accessible (or not). There are a lot of driveway designs and layouts that you can look to for inspiration when trying to decide what you want your driveway to look like.

One of the most important considerations for your driveway is what material to use. this will affect your driveway’s costs, its longevity, its appearance, its durability, its functionality, etc. There are a lot of materials available, and you’d want to choose a material that will look beautiful once designed and also withstand the wear and tear of driveway usage.

Also, think about what accessories you want in your driveway. A gate is a great accessory to have that adds to the overall look and also has a very important function. Lighting is also important. Think of ground lamps, solar lighting, etc. Lights can add a lot of beauty to your landscaping.

Here are a few considerations to remember for your driveway design:

  • The layout and design of your driveway
  • The size, width and length of your driveway; whether you need a single or double car driveway
  • The materials to be used for the driveway; like stone, asphalt, gravel, etc.
  • The costs for your chosen driveway materials
  • Other factors that may affect the cost for your driveway; such as intricate designs, needed drainage, slopes and curves, etc.
  • The size of your driveway in relation to your property’s layout
  • The design for your driveway, including the colors of the materials to be used to make a pattern and the edging decorations to keep the materials intact
  • Different choices if you want an asphalt driveway, including colored asphalt and stamped asphalt
  • Ideas for accentuating your driveway, like integral colors and adorning borders, pavers or bricks
  • Other factors when choosing landscape plants for the driveway, such as the accessibility for your vehicles, the pedestrian, overhang and climate
  • Lighting options for the driveway at night, positioning of the lights for safety as well as aesthetics
  • Electricity cost considerations for the driveway lights
  • Joints placed to prevent cracking, as well as these can be incorporated in different driveway designs
  • Innovative and fashionable gates design for residential driveways, as well as costs for the chosen gate

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