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Algon Review - Is This Cleaner Any Good?

We found Algon Organic Patio Cleaner to be a great choice as an all-around cleaner, but if you want to get the worst stains and greenery up, you might need to do a bit of scrubbing. 

If you require a safe cleaner that’s pet friendly and environmentally kind, this is likely to be the best value product out there for you.

Algon Organic Path and Patio Cleaner Concentrate 2.5l

Algon Organic Path and Patio does what it says on the bottle. Simply add three parts water to one part cleaner for the best results on a dry outdoor surface. 

Algon’s products are formulated to bring the natural colour out in your paving and, for the most part, the results are pretty impressive.

Algon Organic Path and Patio Review

Algon develops its formula for virtually any outdoor surface – block paving, concrete, decking; you name it – making it a solid path cleaner and general wash if you’re sick of having to purchase multiple bottles for different jobs. 

In our experience, it’s a fantastic product if you give it time to work, but as a cleaning product, it’s likely better for concrete slabs than really porous, natural stone.

Be warned, Algon themselves advise it might discolour metal surfaces, marble and galvanised areas.

Table of Contents

In this review, we’ll tell you:

  • Is it suitable for black mould, green algae and more?
  • How easy it is to apply
  • If we’re impressed by the results?
  • If there are any alternatives worth looking at?

Are you thinking of stocking up on Algon cleaner? Keep reading for the full breakdown.

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Easy to use

You can use either a garden sprayer or a soft broom to evenly apply Algon’s pet-safe cleaner to your surface evenly. You only need a small amount, and if it’s just a general clean you’re looking for, wait for weather conditions to hold off, apply with a watering can and leave. 

There’s no need for jet washing. Some reviews mention a white residue that fades over time.


For less than £10, you get 2.5 litres of concentrated cleaner, which should give you up to 60 square metres of coverage when you use a garden sprayer. Some cleaners give you more coverage for the price, but this isn’t a bad deal.

Is algon the best cleaner for green algae?

Algon is a great product that works well on light green algae and other nasties – moss, surface dirt, etc. – but you will need to give it some time to work. Work it in with a soft broom and leave it for a couple of weeks and you should start to see the worst algae, start to lift and move on.

Does algon kill moss?

Many Algon cleaner reviews are 5 stars and claim that this is an excellent product for getting rid of moss. In our experience, it does the job well after a while, but it’s going to take more than a few days to get the worst growths up and moving.

Non-toxic cleaner

All Algon reviews will tell you that this is a brilliant product for keeping pets and kids safe. It’s developed to be completely organic, which means it’s one of the kindest formulas for your garden in general. 

However, do keep your pets out of the way if you can – and there may be a temporary scorching effect on some greenery. Algon advises that run off from their cleaning formula won’t harm fish or plant life but take careful steps regardless.

Suitable for natural stone?

There’s nothing to say exactly what you can use Algon’s cleaner on, per se – just that you can use it on just about anything bar metal and marble. It’ll clean up the natural stone of some dirt, but for the best clean for natural stone patios, go for a specialist chemical that’ll soak right into the pores.

Value for money

Algon Organic Path Cleaner is, at less than £10, one of the cheapest solutions to buy outright. Its coverage is a little thinner than some, and there are similar products that make light work of moss, mould, etc., for a comparable price.

Other uses

You can use Algon’s general cleaning solutions on all kinds of things – garden sheds, plant pots, garden furniture and more. However, it’s always best to read the instructions before you do – we’d recommend you stick to stone for the best results.

Algon Stockists Near Me?

Algon’s Path Cleaner tends to be easy to find at most local garden centres and nurseries, of which there are too many to list here! It’s also available online, however, from:

  • Algon (direct from supplier)
  • Amazon
  • Longacres
  • Green-Tech

Algon Alternatives

Smartseal Patio Clean Xtreme

SmartSeal's Patio Clean Xtreme is an excellent product that's likely better for natural stone paving and anything highly porous. However, it's much more expensive than Algon's alternative, and it's not an organic mix. That said, it's fantastic for getting rid of nasty stuff such as black mould.

Wet & Forget

Wet & Forget is very similar in that you simply apply the formula and there’s no need to do any watering afterwards. You can also use it on virtually any outdoor surface, making it another jack of all trades. It’s more expensive than the Algon 20 litres but has a reasonable shelf life and is developed as a good product for the worst in unwanted plant life.

Patio Magic

Patio Magic is one of the biggest sellers in the United Kingdom and is likely to be Algon’s nearest rival as it’s both an all-around solution and it’s a very cheap purchase. However, again, you’re best off looking for a specialist cleaner for natural paving. This one makes a bigger deal out of killing lichens, which is excellent, and it’s still a solid biodegradable choice.

Jcb – Heavy Duty Cleaner

JCB’s Heavy Duty Cleaner is excellent value at 5 litres for less than £15, and it doubles as a good fungicidal wash. It’s just as easy to use as Algon 20 litre option, and at its best price, it tends to be better value. However, it’s pretty fierce stuff – its run off will kill more than moss, meaning the non-toxic Algon is the way to go if you want to keep pets etc., safe.

Should You Buy Algon?

Reviews of Algon’s cleaning product tend to be pretty glowing – there’s a lot of ‘5 stars’ from verified purchase reviews, and given that it’s so cheap, you’ll probably be keen to give it a try.

Should You Buy Algon?

We think it’s a solid purchase – it’ll work well on most green and slippery surfaces, with natural nasties disappearing after a few weeks. However, while it’s safe for pets and easy to use, go for one of the top rated chemicals to clean a patio if you have a polished or porous stone.

If you want a great cleaner that’ll tackle your decking, patio and more for less – and are just waiting for the right dry spell – go with the reviews and give Algon a try.