How Much is Block Paving

Well it’s a good question!

Block paving in our area doesn’t vary too much depending on whether it Newcastle you live or Sunderland or Durham. The main builder’s merchants that stock the concrete blocks used for the installations usually have depots across the region and tend to keep the prices the same.

When buying block paving for driveways or paths you can usually obtain a price over the phone if you know exactly which brick you would like.

PIC 7.jpegPrices can vary from anything from £12 per meter up to £30 per meter depending on the manufacturer, the quality and the builders merchant you have asked for the quotation.

This guide and any prices are based on the cost of just supplying the paving in our area, the North East. The further south you go towards the capital you can expect prices to increase sharply as will the price of the block paving installation.

How much is block paving fully installed?

This is the best question and the most important. The price of installation will vary greatly depending on the firm who you ask to quote for the paving. Like all tradesman you are going to have paving companies that charge a fair price for a fair job, and you’re going to have tradesman that are far to dear or far too cheap.

Cheap block paving Installers

driveway paving newcastle before (1).jpgIn our opinion there is far too much work goes into a professional driveway installation using block or cobble paving for it to be ruined by shoddy workmanship or cutting corners. The customers are paying for all the materials and it is heart breaking to see some jobs looking terrible after just 1 – 2 years. Just last week we visited an area of block paving in Newcastle that the customer had paid a cheap price for and it was just poor to say the least. The kerb were not set on concrete, the inset manhole cover tray was loose and the drive was basically a mess. The materials were all there but the contractor was a cheap tradesman looking for a quick payday. He only left the customer a mobile number which surprise surprise was turned off.

5 ways how to get quality and a good block paving price

  • driveway paving newcastle after (1).jpgAsk around. Visit some block paved driveways that are around and that you like the look of. Ask the homeowner who did the job, ask if they were pleased with all aspects of the paving companies or contractors work.
  • Ask the paving company for jobs sites and projects that have carried out. A good honest paving firm should be able to supply you with plenty of previous projects.
  • Check them out, see if they are registered contractors for approved manufacturers like Marshalls or Resiblock.
  • A quality block paving installer should not be able to start straight away. They nearly always have a queue, and you should be happy to wait for them to do your project. Anybody that wants to start your project straight away should be looked into
  • An address. This may sound stupid but any block paver who gives you a real address of where they work and where you can find them will have plenty of confidence in his work. If he says that he specialises in block paving in Sunderland that it’s more than reasonable to expect a Sunderland address.

Block Paving Installation Costs

Like explained earlier, costs of the blocks themselves will vary, but you should be looking to pay around £55 – £60 per meter for high quality block fully installed and all the rubbish took away.

The cost of skips and all the materials should be in the final quotation and you should have it in writing. Do not shy away from a company that charges VAT as this is also another great sign that they are established and trustworthy.

Our services cover Newcastle, Sunderland and Block paving in Durham, if you would like a free estimate from ourselves then please contact us here.

To speak to our team about your block paving it’s here.

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